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The Hounds of Havas Chicago  hello, yes, this is dog


I Heart Mediaballs

Our religious views? In dog we trust.

Name: Margot
Age: ~3 years
Breed: Jack Russell / Mini-Australian Shepard (aka a rescue that has not been on Maury yet)
Accounts: Kmart & MHL
Fun Fact: I have Heterochromia (one blue eye, one brown eye)
Favorite thing about being an office dog: Cheez-its @the.annex and Goldfish at the mothership

Lexi is v ~*art*~

...when an office crush walks by mid-meeting and you can't help but stare

Dear Elisa, next time you want to call a girl out, at her place of employment, for "more greys"...don't. #kthxbye #JojosNoNos @teximex_e

Ball$ to the walls

...except cats. Definitely no cats here.

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