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HotTub Limo  The mid-Atlantic's premiere fully bearded band.

@aaronrodgers12 you should come to @clarendongrill tonight... Scotch on us. Joe can tell you about the dream he had about you. 😳

Hot Tub Limo 🐐#sorryjoecomfort #gopackgo #forrestherenooneelseinthisbandcares

Made a cup holder. Long ride down to @hardtimesrockson and worth every second. Next up touching instruments and standing / moving. Hopefully well.

#interneting #dyi #e350 #homeimprovement #vanliving

Headed to Hard Times Cafe Four Mile Fork! Fredericksburg VA
@ffjdavis thought this phone was a back up camera at 90mph. 😘 Justin you’re fired. @burleyoak @leprousofficial @bumpinugliesmusic
#whyamiallowedtointernet #animalplanet #loudnoisesonstage #mensa #aarp #reachingnewaudiences #justinyourenotfired

A beautiful day for music and food and a great cause! All day today @jcourseywillis @dellfoxxcompany @devonstar1212 @smokerattleandroll

You know... cuz we have an 11am load in tomorrow. Decisions never were our strongest attribute.

@whitlowsonwilson is blowing up with impressively mediocre but loudly executed musics at 10.

@ptmcrabs we are coming for you. @jetty_dock_bar had its way with us. Now we will eat scrapple and refuel. This evening we will be on our best behavior. Honest. 9:30.

We are at the Jerry dock bar tonight at 830 slinging sound waves and terrible life advice. Surprises may be in store.
@rmhannon3 you Sonofa this thing sounds amazing without touching a knob. Like one could ever doubt the immaculate tonal wisdom of @bryan_ewald.
@prsguitars always on top and somehow better every day. I’ll shut up now.

Happy effing bday to the best human we have met. @ffjdavis In the passenger seat tonight. Headed to @thebarn.easton for some good old fashioned musikery. 9-1. @wawa later #wheresnancy #happybirthdayjut #bananas #effyoujustinyourefired

@clarendongrill tonight Arlington VA! 10-130. We all have matching shark mesh tanks so... there is that. Putting on a dash of some #sexpanther just to make sure the dance floor is packed.

#hottublimo #sexappeal #clarendongrille

A ridiculously happy 4/20! Would not have expected any less than this masterpiece. If you are a fan of guitar wizardry, sound, and supporting uncompromising dedication and artistic integrity do yourself a favor and give this a spin. It is on all the music areas of the internets. Buy it too. Masterfully done @emilwerstler You have refreshed the world’s ear balls. @lostentry @prsguitars
#verlorener #emilwerstler #guitar #holyhell

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