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The latest release of the Marvel’s upcoming Thor: Ragnarok new trailer has generated over 25 million views! Fans around the world are super excited and start the countdown to the release of the movie. Today, Hot Toys is delighted to introduce this highly anticipated Thor: Ragnarok Cosbaby (S) Bobble-head Collectible series as the new additions to the Cosbaby collection.

The Thor: Ragnarok Cosbaby series stands about 10.5 – 15cm tall includes Thor, Roadworn Thor, Gladiator Thor, Gladiator Hulk, Loki, Hela and Valkyrie. Hela and Valkyrie; Gladiator Thor, Gladiator Hulk and Loki’s helmet with metallic finishing are only available in their respective collectible sets!
These lovely Cosbaby bobble-heads are armed with their unique weapons! Get the full line of Thor: Ragnarok now before it’s gone!

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Highlighting one of the most iconic scenes from Star Wars: A New Hope, Luke Skywalker and Han Solo were disguised as Stormtroopers to save Princess Leia in the film. And today, Hot Toys is delighted to continue to expand our Cosbaby line up and introduce the Luke Skywalker & Han Solo (Stormtrooper Disguise Version) Cosbaby Set.
With each Cosbaby standing approximately 12cm tall with figure base, the set consists of Luke Skywalker and Han Solo in their disguised Stormtrooper outfits from the memorable movie scene. The pair is specially crafted with soft velvet hair and equipped with bobble-head function.
This Cosbaby set is just too fun to resist! Make sure you add it to your Star Wars Cosbaby collection today!
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Remember first seeing the Sandtrooper riding on a Dewback on the desert of Tatooine from Star Wars: A New Hope? It’s such an unforgettable scene from the film and today, Hot Toys is turning them into miniature form and introducing one of our latest Cosbaby productions – the Sandtrooper & Dewback Cosbaby Bobble-Head Collectible Set!

Measuring at about 20cm tall with figure base and include bobble-head function, this Cosbaby Collectible Set features the classic Sandtrooper with a surivial backpack on his back riding on the saddle of the amazing Dewback!

Travel with Sandtrooper and Dewback today across the Star Wars galaxy. Be sure to pick them up from us when you have the chance!

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Star Wars Cosbabies are always beloved by fans around the world! Today, Hot Toys has specifically chosen the fan-favorite bounty hunter and dedicating the new Cosbaby bobble-head based on this his early appearance on screen.

This Boba Fett Cosbaby features his classic look from the Star Wars Holiday Special animation equipped with blue and yellow Mandolorian armor, a blaster rifle and a jetpack on his back! This little Boba Fett stands about 13cm tall with figure base and comes with bobble-head function as well!

Summer is here! Let the holiday mood begins and don’t miss the chance to bring home the Boba Fett (Animation Version) Cosbaby!
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Hot Toys’ large size Cosbabies have been popular among our fans with their “big” charm, and now we are elated to introduce two of the most iconic droids of the Star Wars galaxy, R2-D2 & C-3PO, to expand our Cosbaby (L) series collection!

R2-D2 and C-3PO Bobble-Head Cosbabies stand approximately 17cm and 25cm tall with bases respectively. They are specially crafted based on the legendary blockbuster Star Wars: A New Hope.
Star Wars fanatics will definitely be obsessed with these two unforgettable droids in their collection. Get them in pair as they are great friends and companions with each other.
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Fans will definitely recall the scene in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 when Yondu, Rocket and Groot did 700 jumps to get to Ego’s planet and it certainly brought us a lot of laughters. .
Dedicated to Marvel fans, Hot Toys is delighted to introduce the Rocket, Groot & Yondu (Space Traveling Version) Cosbaby (S) Bobble-Head Collectible Set specially designed based on this playful scene from the movie. .
The latest “Space-Traveling” Cosbaby collectible set features three mini Guardians and fully capturing their animated facial expressions while performing the 700 jumps. These characters are about 10-12cm tall except Groot about 4cm in height.
This extremely adorable and fun collectible set will absolutely make an amusing addition to your Cosbaby collection. Get them before it’s gone!
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“Okay, let's see what this thing can do.” Fans beloved Iron Man Mark II has been a mind-blowing armor as it’s the blueprint for later Iron Man designs. As the successor of Mark I, Mark II went through massive upgrades, mostly noticeable by its appearance. It’s the only Iron Man armor with pure-silver plates and also the first suit with a streamline and sleek design. Today, Hot Toys is delighted to unveil the 1/6th scale Mark II collectible figure as the latest addition to our MMS Diecast Series!

Made with diecast materials, the 1/6th scale Mark II is beautifully designed in reference to its appearance in Iron Man featuring a helmeted head sculpt with authentic likeness of Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark in the movie, an interchangeable helmeted head with LED light-up eyes, an distinctive streamlined design with pure silver-colored armor, interchangeable armor parts, and a LED light-up figure stand.
Moreover, a Special Edition will be available for selected markets which will include an additional holographic Iron Man Mark III miniature collectible!

This absolutely stunning Mark II collectible figure is a must-have for any Iron Man collector to place alongside with your Iron Man collection!
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“It's not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me.” Batman Begins marks the beginning of one of the best superhero trilogy of all times. Fans around the world are fond of the story of Batman, his path to stop crimes in Gotham City, and of course, the Batsuit. Directed by world renowned filmmaker Christopher Nolan and starred the fan-favorite actor Christian Bale, the Dark Knight trilogy has gone on to become a timeless classic for Batman fans worldwide.
Given the immense popularity, Hot Toys is pleased to officially introduce the 1/4th scale Batman from Batman Begins today!
The incredibly detailed Batman collectible figure stands about 47 cm tall. It features a newly developed head sculpt with astonishing likeness of Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne, an alternate Batman head with 3 interchangeable lower faces, meticulously tailored and highly detailed Batsuit, a detachable climbing harness and wearable balaclava, a magnetic attachable cape, an assortments of Batman gadgets and accessories, as well as a specially designed Batman Begins themed figure stand.
The 1/4th scale Batman collectible figure is such a timeless masterpiece, it is definitely a treasure for all Batman fans. Pre-order now before it’s too late!

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“I'm putting together a team of people with special abilities.” Ahead of Justice League’s release in about 3 months, the highly anticipated blockbuster has already gained a huge buzz globally. As the continuation of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Batman is awakened and inspired by Superman’s selfless sacrifice, he is determined to form a league with Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg and the Flash to fight for justice against their new enemy and maintain peace on Earth.
With Batman as one of the most popular characters in DC Comics, Hot Toys is proud to present to fans our latest 1/6th scale Batman (Tactical Batsuit Version) collectible figure prior to the release of Justice League!

Meticulously crafted based on the image of Ben Affleck as Batman/ Bruce Wayne in Justice League, the figure showcase the never-before-seen Tactical Batsuit with visible upgrades. The 1/6th scale Batman figure features a masked head sculpt, 3 interchangeable eye pieces and 3 lower faces capturing Ben Affleck’s facial expressions, 2 interchangeable goggles, a newly developed body portraying Batman’s muscular body, intricately detailed Tactical Batsuit, an array of Batman gadgets, and a specially designed Justice League themed figure stand.

A Special Edition will be available for selected markets which includes an additional Human Mother Box as bonus accessory.

Unite the league today with Batman. Pre-order now and make sure you don’t pass up on such an impressive collectible figure.

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Today, Hot Toys is delighted to celebrate the 10th anniversary collaboration between our two incredibly talented painting artist and head sculptor at Hot Toys – JC. Hong and Yulli.
It all started 10 years ago when Mr. JC. Hong and Miss Yulli collaborated together to crafted their first 1/6th scale The Joker collectible figure, fans were fascinated with the figure and it has received an overwhelming response. Thereafter, Hot Toys’ Joker collection has become one of the most iconic masterpieces.

To commemorate the milestone, Hot Toys is proud to present the all-new 1/4th scale collectible figure of The Joker by JC. Hong and Yulli as a celebration of their 10th anniversary. This Joker is yet another momentous collaboration between the two phenomenal artists, demonstrating the best workmanship and it’s the perfect figure to recreate those memorable movie scenes portrayed by Heath Ledger and add to your treasured collection.
Specially crafted based on Heath Ledger as the Joker in Batman: The Dark Knight, the figure stands approximately 47cm tall, it features a stunningly detailed head sculpt of The Joker in full make-up, extremely elaborated costumes expertly tailored for the 1/4th scale body to maximize screen authenticity, and a combination of weapons and accessories.
Furthermore, a Special Edition only available in selected markets will include an additional interchangeable gradient dual-faced head sculpt based on the appearances of the actor Heath Ledger and his “transformation” into the Joker as a special item to celebrate the 10th year anniversary of JC. & Yulli at Hot Toys, as well as the legacy of Heath Ledger as this beloved supervillain!

This is an extraordinary and magnificent collectible figure of The Joker that will be destined to be a holy grail in many Hot Toys fans’ collection!

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“And now, I give you your Incredible...” Stomping into theatre this Fall, the Incredible Hulk will be dueling against his former ally the Mighty Thor in the eagerly awaited blockbuster Thor: Ragnarok! The super powerful Hulk appears to be monstrous wearing the Gladiator outfit and wielding brutal looking weapons on the alien planet of Sakaar. The vicious battle will surely be a deadly combat!

Today the incredible Hulk is smashing in as Hot Toys is ecstatic to introduce the all-new 1/6th scale Gladiator Hulk collectible figure!
Crafted based on Hulk’s appearance in the upcoming screenplay Thor: Ragnarok, the Gladiator Hulk figure comes with a newly developed and an interchangeable head sculpts with separate rolling eyeballs, capturing his screaming and angry facial expression with impressive likeness. The figure also features a specially painted muscular body showing detailed skin texture and tendons, a detachable gladiator helmet with real fur, a detachable hair piece, the highly detailed gladiator armor, war hammer and battle axe. ⚒
Start your Thor: Ragnarok collection today and don’t miss the chance to bring home this incredible green giant! ⚒
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Beloved by Marvel fans, the God of Thunder, Thor, is returning to the big screen in November! Following series of events in Avengers: Age of Ultron, Thor is captured and imprisoned as captive forced to fight against his former fellow Avenger Hulk. Meanwhile, the dangerously powerful Hela has emerged to seek vengeance against Thor’s home world of Asgard!
Today, Hot Toys is pleased to present the new 1/6th scale Roadworn Thor collectible figure as an Exclusive item only available in selected markets.
The figure captured impressive likenesses of Thor portrayed by Chris Hemsworth in Thor: Ragnarok featuring a newly painted head sculpt, an intricately tailored new armor, a metal Mjolnir, a blue-colored LED light-up Mjolnir with lightning effect accessory that can be attached to the weapon, and a Thor: Ragnarok themed figure stand.
Additionally, the most distinctive feature of this collectible figure is the Surtur’s skull that can be magnetically attached to the back of the figure along with a metal chain!
Pre-order now and feast your eyes on the impressive 1/6th Roadworn Thor collectible figure. This is sure to be a great addition to your Marvel collection.
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