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Everyone else might be at #Coachella but I'm just on this train trying to figure out where this burley brunette is headed. Lucky for him, he doesn’t have to go all the way to the desert for a show stopping performance. And I promise mine will be much more intimate. #LoveOnTop #LoveOnBottom #LoveInTheMiddle #LiterallyAnywhereYouWantIt #Beychella #HotDudesReading

Dios maldito! Barcelona always knows how to bring the heat but this Spanish stallion just took things up to a whole new level. And judging by that espresso cup, I'd say he's on the market for a steamy, little pick-me-up. No need for the double-shot this time around though - I've already got what it takes to keep you up all night right here #JustCallMeTheBarista #AndGrindUpOnMe #HotDudesReading

I spy with my little eye... America’s culinary cutie #queereye’s @antoni. While he may keep it simple in the kitchen, I'm guessing he's saving the complicated stuff for more private chambers. Anyone that can keep a hungry pack of firemen satisfied with their hotdog recipe must have a secret sauce. #MaybeItsTheBuns? #hotdudesreading

Well toss me a couple sea shells and call me Ariel because this guy is giving me major Prince Eric vibes. As long as I don’t flounder (see what I did there?) my way through an introduction - I’ll be whisking him off this bus in no time and showing him where things are better. #YouWantThingamaBoobs #IGotTwo #hotdudesreading #hdrfangram

Hope this sporty stud didn't notice I'm out of breath from racing to catch him on the train. I may be slightly out of shape considering my only exercise is usually running to and from the door for my food delivery, but I’m sure we still have plenty in common. It may not be on the treadmill, but still, I prefer to move fast. #JustDoMe #Hotdudesreading #HDRfangram

With hair like that you can tell this thoughtful dude knows it's all in the details. While we wait for spring to catch up outside, the two of us can heat things up inside. I'll start by taking off that scarf and then just like a bird I'll work my way south to quench my thirst. #MigrateToHydrate #HotDudesReading #hdrfangram

Holy smokes, it’s a holy Sunday fam. Is this guy a communion wafer? Because, l sure aint worthy to receive him. This angel from above is so enthralled by Deep Work, a book about staying focused in a world full of distractions, it has me thinkin about all of the sinful things I’d like to turn his focus towards instead. Though, coincidentally, my main idea is also about workin deep. And I'm on a mission for #SomethingOtherThanMissionary #hotdudesreading #HDRfangram

Just heard ANOTHER snow storm is heading to the east coast, but I’m not paying it any mind, thanks to this sexy Spring Breaker. Time to switch on my SAD lamp, sink into bed and dream about vacationing with him…getting close, gripping the pole and stroking with all my might...and that’s just us kayaking. Wait till I get to the surfboarding part. #GraininOnThatWood #HDRfangram #hotdudesreading

Inspired by the Oscars, I channeled my inner thespian the other night by pretending this pleasantly pensive babe and I were acting out my favorite scenes from the winning movies. We dressed in army fatigues for Dunkirk and played in the bathtub for The Shape Of Water. But the breakout performance really came when I dusted off my Italian skills and conjured up my school teacher fantasies during my not-so-critically-acclaimed depiction of Call Me By Your Name. #AndCallMeByMyName #OrByAnyNameReally #PleaseJustCallMe #hotdudesreading #HDRfangram

I’ve never been one of those people that can meditate without getting bored, and judging from this Brooklyn babe’s book he has the same problem. You want to learn to relax? I’ve got the universal solution right here. A little bit of bubble bath and candles should do the trick. #RubberDuckMe #HotDudesReading

They say you can tell a lot about a man by looking at his shoes. So should I go w/ the scruffy stud in the work boots, or the stylish suitor rocking the loafers? Rough and rugged, or suave and sophisticated? I really should get me a man who can do both, but beggars can’t be choosers so I guess two will do. #ButNotAtOnce #UnlessTheyreIntoIt #HotDudesReading #HDRfangram

It's the dead of winter, and I was waiting on this platform daydreaming of a getaway to Miami for some Vitamin D when this bundled-up Brooklyn boy walked by. He's giving me other ideas... Forget flying south — I’ll just take him home to warm up under my sun lamp. That way, we’ll both get some much deserved D. #SharingIsCaring #hotdudesreading

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