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WILKS  Former National & World Champion and World Record holder Drug Free Powetlifting TRUST IN GOD ALWAYS BE GRATEFUL Colon Cancer 2010 Mark 10:42-45

Maddie, a local girl and her family were awarded a financial gift from Cops for Kids With Cancer (CFKWC) this past month. Maddie is a Warrior fighting cancer. She's pictured here with Charlotte of Charlotte's Lemonade and her friend Danica. CFKWC has given almost $3 MILLION DOLLARS since it's inception in 2002. Charlotte's Lemonade Stand which raised $3 last year is August 18th. Go to CopsforKidsWithCancer.Org for information on how to donate. Please be sure type 'Charlotte's Lemonade" in the message box. God Bless. 🍋❤️🙏

CHARLOTTE'S LEMONADE for KIDS WITH CANCER!! Charlotte's own T-shirt design. "Daddy, get it"?" THE GOAL IS TO KILL CANCER " This was my daughters own vision last year, when she was 7 years old. These shirts are for sale. $15. Every Cent goes to COPS FOR KIDS WITH CANCER!! PLEASE READ MY PREVIOUS POST! THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS 🙏❤️ DM if interested in buying one.

CHARLOTTE'S LEMONADE STAND.. for COPS FOR KIDS WITH CANCER!!PLEASE READ! Cops For Kids With Cancer is Federally recognized and GIVES 94% OF ITS DONATIONS to LOCAL FAMILIES with a Child Fighting Cancer!! They have given over $3 MILLION DOLLARS!! Please help Charlotte help Local families! You can donate online.
Go to CopsforKidsWithCancer.Org and click 'donate' and please be sure in 'message' to type "Charlotte's Lemonade"! C'mon by!! Drink 🍋❤️. Buy one of Charlotte's own design T-shirt.
We all know someone touched by cancer. And we can all make a difference with our local families. God Bless. 🙏❤️
T-shirts will be sold at Hardys Restaurant 740 N. Main Street, West Bridgewater and CLUB-EX 649 Oak St East Bridgewater starting July 15. DM me with any questions please.

FATHERS DAY.. No Words Needed.. ❤️

Where does your strength come from? You need to be strong for yourself and your family and You better be strong in your Faith. Quick update on my health. I have advanced Crohns disease. Which does not mean diarrhea. I have arthritis, I'm on life long blood thinners with a filter in my abdomen to catch blood clots as a result of Crohns. I'm currently on oral Chemotherapy and high dose Prednisone awaiting insurance approval of medications that I shud have been already. I have a Wonderful Precious 8 year old daughter Charlotte. I have been out of work for uncontrollable Seizures and a stroke and brain surgery after a vascular tumor was removed. I'M NOT Complaining !! I Know where MY STRENGTH Comes from.. DO YOU?? ASK YOURSELF? You can't rely on ANYONE ELSE!! What do you draw strength from. What gets you out of bed? To take care of the one's you love? Even simple things like the gym? A Post to maybe get some to dig in your soul and think. Where does your strength come from? ❤️💯💪#STAYINYOURFAITH, ##WEGOTTHIS, #FEARLESS, #FAMILYISEVERYTHING, #ALWAYSBETHANKFUL, #GRATEFUL

Update for friends and family. God Bless you all for the texts, emails and calls (for those that have my #), crohns has gone to a new level with new complications. Started newer meds including oral chemo with piggyback Infusions starting soon. I'm in great hands. No sympathy needed. PHIL 4:6 BE careful for nothing (don't be stressed) #STAYINYOURFAITH, ##NOCRYIN #WEGOTTHIS, #CANCERSTILLSUCKS

Crohns disease has me on the shelf for a bit. Been out of commission. Appreciate the dms. Only a temporary stumble. Hopefully be out and getting at it. Don't like weight loss, that I can do without. Bigger things in life though. Missed the services to my dear 90 yr old roommate June, who passed this last week. Wonderful woman, always entertaining and a love for GOD which we shud all have.
I will be catching up on IG. I didn't forget you all. Thanks for the continued support. Shout out to my new Salve Regina Nursing Grad Friends. Update on Charlotte's Cancer Charity soon #STAYINYOURFAITH, #FEARLESS, #NURSESROCK, #STAYPOSITIVE, #CANCERSUCKS, #CHARLOTTESLEMONADESTAND

CONGRATULATIONS To My Beautiful Niece Brianna!! High Honors Graduate in Nursing from Salve Regina University! An. AMAZING BRIGHT YOUNG WOMAN who balanced working, Clinical rotation, studying, family, which is so important, and a relationship with a smart young man, Rich. Bree is following in the footsteps of my late Wonderful Mom, a great Role Model who helped me decide to go into Medicine. God Bless my niece and all those fantastic future Nurses who will make a difference!!! # NURSESROCK, #FEARLESS, #WORLDCHANGERS, #STAYINYOURFAITH, #FAMILYISEVERYTHING

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to my Mom in Heaven. Mothers day does not get easier without you. You had such an impact on all of us. You have been in God's Hands now. Thank you for the guidance, thank you for Loving me and showing me Family isn't just a word. #STAYINYOURFAITH, #ALWAYSBETHANKFUL, #ALWAYSLOVEYOURMOM, # RESPECT IS EVERYTHING, #CANCERSUCKS

THANK YOU NURSES. HAPPY NURSES WEEK. Thank you too all the Nurses for what you do. Your integrity, your incredible durability and toughness. Most have no idea what you go through. I personally do both as a patient and Clinician. From the bottom of my heart, Thank you. GOD BLESS YOU ALL. 🙏❤️

HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY to my DAD! 81 years young. My mentor, my idol, the Greatest Role Model I could possibly ask for. A strict disciplinarian, an Amazing Father with a Thundering Velvet hand. Supported me through everything. Told me like it was when I needed to hear it and let me know when he was proud. A Wonderful loving caring Grandfather. My dad, the most Incredible Husband to my mom, God rest her soul. Happy birthday Dad. I Love You! #PROUDSON, #GRATEFUL, #STAYINYOURFAITH, #DADDYDIDNTRAISENODUMMY, ❤️🎗️

Charlotte's FIRST REDSOX GAME! Such a great time! Redsox Win! She met pitcher Chris Sale and got his autograph. Amazing game and day!!! #GRATEFUL, #GOREDSOX, #ALWAYSBETHANKFUL, #PROUDDADDY

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