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WILKS  Former National & World Champion and World Record holder Drug Free Powetlifting TRUST IN GOD ALWAYS BE GRATEFUL Colon Cancer 2010 Mark 10:42-45

5 Weeks Post Adductor Tear. 225lbs!! Had to switch to Conventional. (there it is Tom!). Saw Ortho Today and both are Ecstatic with Progress! Squatting and Deadlifting up to where I start recruiting the adductors. Point is, Know your body. Do your homework. Don't just listen to what the Doctor says. Video courtesy of my daughter Charlotte. #HEREWEGO, #FEARLESS, #STAYINYOURFAITH, #MASSIRON, #PROUDDADDY, #LIFTHEAVYSTUFF, #CANCERSTILLSUCKS, #CHARLOTTESLEMONADESTAND, #COPSFORKIDSWITHCANCER

3 Weeks after a Torn Adductor. My second Deadlift workout! Everything slow. Moving forward thank God. So no competition til spring now. We all have set backs, it truly is how we handle them. Not getting derailed and staying focused on what really matters. I have Always been a Believer that something Good happens out of everything! Getting Medically cleared a few weeks ago!! Being Grateful and thanking God Every single day! #STAYINYOURFAITH, #FEARLESS, #WEGOTTHIS, #FAMILYROCKS, #CANCERSTILLSUCKS, #PROUDDADDY

CONGRATULATIONS To Charlotte, Jackie, Kenzie and Kylie! Charlotte's Lemonade stand Raised almost $6K! Final #s are in! I'M SO PROUD OF THEM! COPS FOR KIDS WITH CANCER Gives a $5K gift to local families with a Child Fighting. After meeting a local child fighting cancer, Charlotte's goal was $5K! SPECIAL THANKS TO All the Parents, Grandparents and Family members, to Glen Hardy and HARDYS RESTAURANT, to Mark Pelligrini and CLUB-EX, to Tom and Kenny at MASS IRON and all those who bought T-SHIRTS and supported this WONDERFUL CAUSE. 👕❤️💯. The girls had a sleepover the night before and were already talking about next year's event! THANK YOU! 🙏❤️.. #CHARLOTTESLEMONADESTAND, #COPSFORKIDSWITHCANCER, #STAYINYOURFAITH, #WEDIDTHIS, # ANYTHINGFORCANCERAWARENESS, #CANCERSUCKS,


Torn Adductor. So getting ready for RPS October Deadlift Meet, this happened! Exceptionally Rare. Isolated Adductor Magnus Completely torn . (other two are intact). Awaiting Ortho plan. Since it's below the pelvic bone,? Surgery. Being a Sumo deadlifter and Hamstring dominant lifter, it's puzzling. No break in form. No matter what, it's time to train Conventional when I'm able. Still gotta get training done. ROM, staying active and stretching which I always do. HERE WE GO!! 💪💯! Always Thank God for your Blessings! #STAYINYOURFAITH!, #ONELEGUP, #NEVERGIVEUP, #WEGOTTHIS, #CANCERSTILLSUCKS, #NEVERTOOOLD, #ONEPROUDDADDY

ONE WEEK AWAY!! CHARLOTTE'S LEMONADE STAND!! Helping Local Families with a Child Fighting Cancer!! By Coming out to enjoy Lemonade. We would love to see you! , Donating online @COPSFORKIDSWITHCANCER.ORG (please type 'Charlotte's lemonade' under message). You are helping these local kids and their families. Charlotte and her friends Jackie, Kenzie and Kylie (2nd Graders) are looking forward to the Second Annual Event! God Bless all those who are fighting and those who have fought this awful opponent. 🙏❤️ #LETSDOTHIS #COPSFORKIDSWITHCANCER, #STAYINYOURFAITH, # FEARLESS, #CANCERSUCKS, #CHARLOTTESLEMONADESTAND

When it's your BIRTHDAY! and your daughter takes you to her favorite restaurant!! Go Fiestas!! 🍴Mexican 🇲🇽.#GRATEFUL, #ANYTHINGFORMYDAUGHTER, #FAMILYROCKS, #NONOTANOTHERBIRTHDAY,

Deficit training with bands. Yup! Getting back! Feeling Great! MASS IRON. New Hardcore Gym! Power Racks, MonoLift! Absolutely Most Incredible Single Split Leg Press WITH BANDS! Oh Here WE GO! 💪💯❤️ #FEARLESS, #LETSDOTHIS, #ALWAYSBETHANKFUL, #STAYINYOURFAITH, #CANCERSUCKS!! #COPSFORKIDSWITHCANCER!! 🎗️❤️🎗️❤️🎗️❤️

Maddie, a local girl and her family were awarded a financial gift from Cops for Kids With Cancer (CFKWC) this past month. Maddie is a Warrior fighting cancer. She's pictured here with Charlotte of Charlotte's Lemonade and her friend Danica. CFKWC has given almost $3 MILLION DOLLARS since it's inception in 2002. Charlotte's Lemonade Stand which raised $3 last year is August 18th. Go to CopsforKidsWithCancer.Org for information on how to donate. Please be sure type 'Charlotte's Lemonade" in the message box. God Bless. 🍋❤️🙏

CHARLOTTE'S LEMONADE for KIDS WITH CANCER!! Charlotte's own T-shirt design. "Daddy, get it"?" THE GOAL IS TO KILL CANCER " This was my daughters own vision last year, when she was 7 years old. These shirts are for sale. $15. Every Cent goes to COPS FOR KIDS WITH CANCER!! PLEASE READ MY PREVIOUS POST! THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS 🙏❤️ DM if interested in buying one.

CHARLOTTE'S LEMONADE STAND.. for COPS FOR KIDS WITH CANCER!!PLEASE READ! Cops For Kids With Cancer is Federally recognized and GIVES 94% OF ITS DONATIONS to LOCAL FAMILIES with a Child Fighting Cancer!! They have given over $3 MILLION DOLLARS!! Please help Charlotte help Local families! You can donate online.
Go to CopsforKidsWithCancer.Org and click 'donate' and please be sure in 'message' to type "Charlotte's Lemonade"! C'mon by!! Drink 🍋❤️. Buy one of Charlotte's own design T-shirt.
We all know someone touched by cancer. And we can all make a difference with our local families. God Bless. 🙏❤️
T-shirts will be sold at Hardys Restaurant 740 N. Main Street, West Bridgewater and CLUB-EX 649 Oak St East Bridgewater starting July 15. DM me with any questions please.

FATHERS DAY.. No Words Needed.. ❤️

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