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This is Corynnas mom. I know Corynna would want me to share a young aspiring makeup artists Brooke Silcox new YouTube channel and video. She reminds me of Corynnas excitement for all things makeup! Corynna always wanted a YouTube channel but didn't have the energy to do it as she declined! Check her out!

Today Corynna went home to the Lord at 9:47am. She was very clear and instructed when this time came to say exactly this...."I won my battle with Mitochondrial Disease. I went home. Earth is our temporary home and God let's our family have us for a while". Thank you all for your continued love and support.

It's mito Christmas today! So thank for for the incredible thing that happened <3

Yes I'm holding a kangaroo. It took a nap on me. So cute! I I couldn't believe it it. .

Besides my boo he's my best guy friend. We haven't talked lately but it never matters. Still the same. He's pretty awesome (; @dowler_brady25

OMG I got the naked 3 palette. I love rose colors like that so it's for my early Christmas. <3

That's right. In my honor November 25 is mito awareness day In my town. That's right. I can't believe it I cried. Haha it's incredible <3 #mitoawareness #mito

This is my amazing hospice nurse heather. I couldn't get one better. She fights for me abd gets things done when need be. (;

This is the Facebook my mom runs with updates along our journey. Thank you for support <3

My amazing hair stylist who has Already gone above and beyond got my name!!!!! Tattooed. That's hard core. Another person got a tattoo that I'll post later. @stefsonset I still can't believe it. I love you more than you know. And I would love if you have free time for you to come visit. This leads to my next news. Hospice said wee now think I have "days to weeks" I'm going with with week, god willing. I'm having my most up go the weekend after Christmas. 30&1. I will my. Chrismaas. When the timre for me to home (heaven) Is here I will have someone tell everyone here since so manny have be following me I want my legacy to be partly raising mito so if anybody would share my page it'd be the world to me <3

Tired of selfies with my boo? Too bad. I'm not. I'm really declining Especically my lungs. It's clear I may not be conscious much longer so we are moving Christmas for me to the week after thanks giving. I think it's the 4&5. Just thought you guys would like to know. Thank you for all the support I decide abd feel so loved and blessed <3

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