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Hosico Cat  Hi, I'm Hosico! Boy, Scottish straight. 🐈 I am 3 years old. I like to eat🍗, to sleep💤 and to play🎯, a bit shy. 😨

Fish! Okay, now look at the camera 📷🐡

I love all of you ❤️

I'm here just taking a stroll, stretching my paws 🐾

Purritos! 🐱🌮

It’s Monday... 😬

Finally a TV app for lazy cats! This is my new favorite app 👉 @neverthink.tv and look who it is on the AWWW channel! 😻

Happy Caturday! ⚽️

Я прошел профилактическое обследование в ветеринарном центре ЗООВЕТ @zoovet_veterinary 👩🏼‍⚕️ Держался молодцом, сказали, что я полностью здоров! www.zoovet.ru ❤️
I’ve done a prophylactic check up in veterinary center ZOOVET! I was a good boy, they said I’m totally healthy ❤️

Russia 5-0 Saudi Arabia!!! 🎉🇷🇺 Ole ole ole oleeeeee!!! Today it’s gonna be the opening of 2018 FIFA World Cup, that gonna be held in my country, Russia! Comment below, which team are you going to support 🏆⚽️ #WorldCup #Russia #WeLiveFootball

This photo is very cute, isn't it? 💖

С Днём России! 🇷🇺 Russia Day! 🎉

You have the day off today? 🥁