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Hoshi  Hi! I'm Hoshi! I was born on Oct. 15, 2015 in Denver, and I now live in Santa Fe. I'm a happy girl, and I love to sleep, eat, and play all day! 🐶🐾

Happy birthday to my amazing dad!! He is the best dad in the whole wide world. Now I have to share him with my sister, but he has so much love to give, so I don’t mind. Happy birthday Dad!! 💝🛍🎁🎈🎉

Getting a bunch of love from my sister and my dad! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Now that sister is getting bigger, she is getting more comfortable with me. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
She gives me some nice pets, but sometimes she pinches my floppy lips! I try giving her kisses on her cheeks but she always gets shy and turns away.

I am the best food catcher ever! At least that’s what my grandpa says. Check me out! I can go high, low, left, and right. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
What about you? Can you catch your treats? Show me your videos! #catchingtreatslikeaboss @heavysaintmastiff

Happy Monday friends! I don’t want to start the day and neither does mom. I just want to lay around with her all day. She has to go to this thing called “work”, but as for me I’m going to take a couple of naps, watch the baby play, bark at some squirrels, watch after my chickens, clean the kitchen floor. I’m so busy! What are you doing on this Monday morning?

With all of my studies, I have become very wise at my young age of almost 3 years old. Let me share some of my new found wisdom with you.
Persistence in life is key. If you stare at your parents long enough from a distance, they will give you a treat. If you sit by the door long enough, they will let you out. If you cry loud enough, they will give you a toy. Never give up.

Good morning friends! I’m just romping around the willow garden on this lovely Friday morning. And oh coarse, staying out of trouble!! Haha! My mom doesn’t believe it...

Here’s some Hoshi wisdom for your Sunday morning... “You’re only as smelly as your parents allow you to be.” That’s what I tell my mom when she says that I’m smelly. So there. 👅🐶
#wisdom #droppingwisdombombs #smartypants #hoshiswordsofwisdom #wordsofwisdom #wordstoliveby #sundaymorning #sundayfunday

It’s Friday, it’s Friday!! Yes!! Time to party!! What are your weekend plans?

My baby sister is finally old enough that she is interested in playing with me! And I crack her up just by being my silly self! More videos and pics to come soon!!

It’s Sunday funday friends!! I’m taking a break in the willow garden and am enjoying the beautiful day!

I love taking trips with my family! Me and little sister get to snuggle in the back seat! 🐶❤️👶🏼🚙🌲⛰

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