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Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam  The Hortus in Amsterdam is one of the oldest botanic gardens in Europe. A green oasis in the middle of the city. #hortusamsterdam

For your #foliagefriday πŸƒ The leaves of the Dioon spinolosum Dyer. With heights up to 15 meters it is one of the largest cycad species in the world. The large seeds are eaten in Mexico, but they need to be grinded and washed several times to get rid of all the toxic ingredients so they are safe to eat.

Tonight we had our annual #whitenight dinner. Always a great way to start the summer. Thank you all, dear friends, neighbours and partners for joining us this evening! Hope to see you a lot this year πŸ’š

Calliandra emarginata, the beautiful pink powder puff is flowering again in our tropical greenhouse.πŸ’• It is native to Honduras, Guatemala, and South Mexico. Let us take you to the tropics!

The very very pink flowers of Rosemary willowherb (Chamerion angustifolium). πŸ’• Very pretty, but we actually should focus on the roots, because in the tougher days of need, they were eaten. Like black salsify or asparagus.

Tonight we had another beautiful @theconsciousclub Summer session. Deep guided meditation underneath the travellers palm. Good for some beautiful journeys!

Aahh the thick smell of lavender! πŸ’œπŸ’œ True Lavender or Lavendula angustifolia is native to the Mediterranean. Its scent has been attributed several medicinal benefits.

Strolling through our subtropical greenhouse by @louiseottesen in our#sundayshare

One of our favourite tree spots is underneath our beautiful, monumental hickory tree (Carya laciniosa). Should you have read the Signature of all things by @elizabeth_gilbert_writer , you might have recognised it in the last pages of the book! A beautiful #sundayshare by @vickyscheick

Linum usitatissimum or commonly known as linseed, is part of our food exhibition. It is a food and fiber crop, used to make linen, and the seeds are used for linseed oil.

Flowering season in our desert greenhouse! Although they flower at night, you can be lucky enough to see the fresh white flowers in de the morning! πŸ’š

Our medicinal herb garden is so full of flowers and green leaves these days. It is not hard to understand plants are good for your health! πŸ’šπŸ’š

Warm days? Cool down beneath our green foliage and between the ancient dicksonias.

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