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What a beautiful horse! That mane too though πŸ˜β €
β€’β €
πŸ“·: @skripnik.photographer

Such a beautiful horse 😍 Do you recognize the girl?β €

Tag a small friend πŸ‘―β€β™€οΈβ €
β€’β €
πŸ“·: @drsatorita

A beautiful Percheron horse 😍

How often do you hug your horse? ❀⠀
β€’β €
πŸ“·: @dreamwithhorses

Gorgeous little foal ❀⠀

Horses on a plane βœˆπŸ΄β €
β€’β €
πŸ“·: @lazcarintl

APHA stallion ❀⠀
β€’β €
πŸ“·: @holleyunderhill

Arabian foal ❀⠀
β€’β €
πŸ“·: @alshakhourafarm

Just stunning ❀⠀
β€’β €
πŸ“·: @stajnia.neptuno.konie.preβ €

Who likes a braided forelock?
πŸ“·: @vau_chen

Beautiful artwork from @raphaelmacek 🐴

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