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Robert Seldon 

As we speak out for the true symbol of American #patriotism and independence, the #wildhorse, let us remember the first person who spoke to us about them, an actor, writer, director, producer named #TomLaughlin who died December 16, 2013, but brought us "Billy Jack," and alerted us to the horrors that befall the wild horses! WE need a hero! WE need a voice in Congress who will speak out loudly for the #horses! Who is that voice? HE must be mainstream, accepted as clearheaded, and probably reasonably #conservative. Horse people are not hotheads, but rather are the backbone of America! Let us be thought of that way. Are independent, small ranchers the problem or is it the corporate ranchers, most of whom have never even sat on a saddle?!? Time to reword our statements! Time to create new and unexpected alliances! Time to truly save the "Wild Horses" of America!!!! Bob & Cheri Seldon #HorsePAC

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