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Horace  My name's Horace, and I'm 100% frenchie. Currently recovering from doggy meningitis #fightlikeafrenchie Kingdom of The North - 綾埠

Burt has his own bone!!! But wants mine!! Unlucky pal

What the hell is this in the under growth?

Check out my loud toy @grrlgenius_ driving Horace mad, 不不不 I felt inspired after your toy destruction vid

When my rents decorate, I make a den in the dust sheets, all I want is a teepee!

Quick update, Horace at home doing well, he has the worst smells comming from, well we know were!!! he did not want to be in this picture, as he wants to work on his muscle mass 不不

A big shout out to my brother, he is in hospital again, pancreatitis this time! My poor brother getting all sorts

What? It exploded. It happens. Look it up #innocentface #pupper #bert #frenchiesofinstagram

So my bed started moving #littlebrothers!

Burt here, I'm looking out for my brother Horace coming home, he doing well, lost at lot of facial muscles do to mastication, but it did not stop him eating his steak, might be home tomorrow #fightlikeafrenchie

Burt here, my big brother is in hospital as his muscle mastication in his jaw is very inflamed, my parents rushed him to Wear referrals who saved his life last time. He only 4 and been through so much, I hope he comes home soon. He will be having chemo again, and strong steroids #frightlikeafrenchie

Steak Thursday

Albert!!! @grrlgenius_ got me that!!

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