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So I was just randomly looking through my dm’s and some dude just sent me this clip from when I was 19 years old in the movie “akeelah and the bee!” Hahahahaha god damn you, younger me!! Fuck You for doing all this cheap half ass acting shit! It’s all coming back to haunt me! 😂😂 negro YOU KNEW we were gonna be a famous rapper one day... how could you do this to us?! #fuckmarcus

Oh shit 👀 😈 @bustarhymes

If you in it for the cheese, this is real trap music and you go’n be a dead mouse 🧀 @undercoverprodigy 📷 @directedbysterling

You’ve been the backbone of my career for 7 years and I’m forever grateful. Thank you @jrizzle182 I love you unconditionally. I couldn’t have asked for a better friend and business partner. FOR ANYONE READING THIS, GO FIND YO’SELF A JAMMIE, ASAP! That’s the key to life!

I know this is random as hell, but I did my very FIRST BACKFLIP EVER. I have been trying to overcome the fear of backflips my WHOLE life because I’ve always wanted to be a ninja, lowkey. I told myself that today was the day that it was going to happen, and I fuckin did that shit 🙏 I’m high off of life right now. It’s the little things that make me happy 😎😂 now I gotta master it on flat ground lol. Shout out to @shotbykyle and @nicktucker for helping haha. PS. New music video is on the way...I didn’t forget that I’m still a rapper

Behind scenes of “you should’ve known” is out on Youtube. Link in bio!

I wanna take my Los Angeles fans out! Let’s go do something fun, and IM PAYING FOR IT! I wanna give back to you because you’ve been supporting me so strongly through my career. Drop a comment and let me know what YOU think is a dope activity that I can take y’all out for. I’m serious! If you like any of the ideas I suggested in the video, then let me know! I’ll update you all soon on what activity is chosen! I love you all

Here’s a funny fact. The Instrumental on this song was inspired by a score called “This Land” from the Lion King. When I heard it, I was like YO, if I made a song over an orchestra like that, it would probably be dope. At the start and ending of the song, you can definitely hear the “lost and confused Simba” vibes. link in bio

Link in bio

It’s one of those gloomy nights. The calm before the storm. Its best to just let the keys express how I’m feelin

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