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Lindsey Rachelle 

Howard (Howiebooboo, Boobear, HoDo, How Now) had the greatest, most loving, loyal, affectionate, over-the-top, infectious spirit, and will be so greatly missed, but I know he will have a lasting impact on everyone that he got to love over the years. He was the toughest dog whose spirit absolutely never wavered. When he was diagnosed with bone cancer (at around 4 years old) and he became a tripawd and given a year to live, no one knew what to expect, but Howard didn’t miss a beat and hopped around with ears flopping and a smile on his face for another two and a half years. He was a true best friend and will forever live on as a model of perseverance, optimism, silliness, gratitude, and unabashed love.

Thanks to everyone who supported Howard on this amazing journey and helped to give Howard extra time to sit on laps, get butt scratches and tummy rubs, chase squirrels, and give lots of extra, drooly kisses.

The video was taken the day Howie passed away. Although his body was starting to fail him, his spirit never did. He will be greatly missed, always remembered, and forever loved.

Awfully presumptions, iOS! 🤦‍♀️

Howard loved his Christmas ornament! #rottie #rottweilersofig #tripawd

Howard trying hard to be part of Cards Against Humanity #tripawd #rottie #rottweilersofig

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Saturday with my favorite guy. @hoppinghoward #rottie 😍

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