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Hope University  Hello! We are students from SMU, SUTD, @hope.kaplan, @hope.nus, @hope.sim, @hope.sit, @hopenasalle, @hopeuni.nyc & NS guys from @sonsandrifles!✨

Frustrated by a cyclist hogging the lane? 🚲 Unhappy with an army boy sitting on the reserved seat? Angry with your private-hire driver? 😡 Take a picture. Record them. Make them famous. 📸

Inspired by real-life incidents, @hopesingapore presents 'Viral' - a comedy-drama that takes a witty look into some of Singapore's most trending stories. This Easter, discover the truths behind the unforgiving world of the internet.

Chased out because you didn't order food/drinks? Laptop died because there's no power source? Exceeded data limit watching lectures? Sweating and all sticky because it is so hot? We're here for you.

With finals around the corner, MUGGATHON RETURNS! ⠀

📅 20th April
Study rooms: C801, 802, 806, 807

📅 27th April
Study rooms: C806, 807

📅 4th May
Study rooms: C801, 802
Destress rooms: C806, 807

Stay tuned to @hopeuni for more details and pssst bring along your lg and friends too!! 😉

Hello Hope Uni! It’s that time of the year again when we start calling for volunteers for camp 🤙🏼 If you received from last year’s camp and want to give up some of your time, treasure and talent to make this year’s camp even better, come be a part of our planning this year!!! Don’t worry if you’ve never served before, all we want is a willing heart 💛

Be a blessing and sign up to volunteer at
*link also in bio!

Wishing y’all all the best for your submissions and finals!! *trading our reputation for your viewing pleasure

Planting churches is our calling. Let us reach out to the lost in our campuses with courage and confidence! 😊

What’s your plans for the weekend? For us, we are gathered together in our spiritual families to learn about God’s word and to fellowship 👍🏻😆

Let us rejoice over the 19 lives who declared their personal faith and commitment to God publicly! Congratulations to all our brothers and sisters who made the decision to get water baptised 🙌🏼🎉✨

Discipleship is not an event we attend, but a lifestyle we live out. Today we learnt that discipleship is God’s call for every Christ follower, it’s not about where we are today, but who we can become in Him tomorrow.

“As a Lifegroup, we want to become God-fearing men that place the Bible as the ultimate authority in our lives, to experience life transformations and fulfil the Great Commission together! We are also very assured that God’s greatest gift, His presence, is with us as we do His work! #hopeisbettertogether” – Nigel, NS-Discipline

Real disciples, make disciples. When Jesus carried the cross up on Calvary, He knew the cost and He was willing to pay the price.

As we consider and count the cost of discipleship, let us still choose– to pay the price. Our answers will be a resounding “Yes” to it because Jesus is worth it. We would give our all because He first gave His all. #ThankYouLord #OurLivesBelongToHim 🙌🏼

These are our familiar friendly ushers who welcome us Home weekly!!

Sherman (most left), the Chief Usher of today’s team shared with us “In this ministry, discipleship happens when we empower our ushers to take the lead. The experienced ushers will accompany and teach the new ushers as they serve during service, and after serving, we will always share our experiences and feedback on areas we can improve. We continually grow as a team because we want to make you guys feel at Home when you are at church!” 😊🏠

Aaaaaaand it's a wrap for 2019's Un(i)prepared - we were thrilled to see everyone enjoying themselves during this networking session. Beyond the prizes won and yummy food, many connections were made!
Thank you, seniors and organising commitee for availing your time, talent and resources to bless our brothers and sisters as they step into a new chapter of their lives.

To the freshies: All the best for your uni applications!
We sincerely hope that you'll get into a course that best fits you! 💪🏻

Stay tuned as we bring you more updates on our very own Hope Uni human library coming up on 14 March 2019! ☺️

1️⃣ day more to Un(i)Prepared!

🤓 Find advice about courses, modules, hall life, culture - anything and everything about uni!
🎁 Win prizes such as the Wireless earpiece, KOI gift cards and Capitaland mall vouchers in our grand draw.
👉🏼 Grab your friends along and mingle with friendly seniors from various schools and faculties in our multi-uni open house.

First 80 sign ups receive an exclusive goodie bag: https://tinyurl.com/uniprepared2019

See you there 👋🏻

Still feeling UnPrepared? Come for Un(i)Prepared, our multi-uni open house that will be happening in 3️⃣ DAYS!

We will be giving an exclusive goodie bag to the first 80 sign ups. Psst... it contains some uni must-haves. Hurry sign up before it’s too late! https://tinyurl.com/uniprepared2019

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