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HOPE International  HOPE International Development Agency. Creating self-reliance among the world's poorest families, Vancouver (HQ) and worldwide #HOPEaroundtheworld

On Giving Tuesday, give gifts from HOPE International Development Agency's GIFTS OF HOPE catalogue and change lives.

Give children shelter, education, food, and a bright future.

Help families grow enough food year after year.

Make it possible for men and women to generate sustainable incomes that enable their families to become self-reliant.

Help give communities clean water that will transform lives.

Be a part of transforming lives!

See our bio for more information.

See what is happening in Nepal!

Coming soon to your City.

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An old friend, and a new one, visit the office.


On April 21 we hosted the largest event in the history of HOPE International Development Agency in #Vancouver.

Those who joined us, we want to say Thank You! ...thank you for being part of change in Nepal. ...thank you for recognizing the potential in people like Sancha Maya and bringing her hope. ...thank you for transforming her life, her family's life and the lives of her entire community.


HOPE in Nepal



Are you here?


"If we help each other, we will all be stronger"

We're so excited to share this film with you, it beautifully shows the effect of transforming lives for the benefit of entire communities in Nepal.

See the link in our bio to find out where to see HOPE in Nepal, starting in Vancouver on April 21!


Clean water has arrived to this community in #Guatelmala and (almost) everyone is excited by the news!

#HOPEaroundtheworld 📷: @michelemphotog

"For these women it's a dream come true to come out of poverty"

A nice behind the scenes moment from the upcoming film about #Nepal we'll be premiering in Vancouver and then across Canada

Learn more in our bio.



Every family needs clean water.

According to the United Nations, more than 663 million people do not have a safe water supply close to home, spending long hours trekking to distant sources and coping with the negative health impacts of using contaminated water.

World Water Day means something different to people depending on where they live, like #Ethiopia, where access to clean water is a major issue in the southern region of the country.

It is likely that no mother, father, or child living in a rural village in southern Ethiopia is concerned with World Water Day or its promotion. Their concern is centered around the question of whether they will have water today, and if they do, will it make them sick again.

Our concern, at HOPE International Development Agency, is the same as theirs. Clean water is a crucial part of lifting families out of poverty.

Every family needs clean water.


With the support of generous donors in Canada, over the past year 1,000 people in 5 communities in Mindanao, #Philippines now have access to a nearby source of clean water.
Three of the water systems are also providing clean water to schools and daycare centres (in addition to community taps). The teachers and students are happy to have water taps for drinking, washing, toilets, and gardens. Teachers are also excited that children now arrive at school on time, as they don't have to fetch water far away from their home before school.


Today and everyday, HOPE International stands with all women because we believe all people should have the opportunity to build a better life. This amazing woman in #Nepal has changed her life, her family’s life, and will change lives throughout her community.

Everyday we see more and more examples of amazing women like her around the world. You can join us to learn more about her story and other stories of hope in Nepal, begining on April 21 at the Vancouver Convention Centre and other dates & locations over the next few months.

Click the link in our profile for more information, or for an opportunity to support women around the world everywhere that HOPE International is working.

#womensday #internationalwomensday
#HOPEAroundtheWorld 📷: @chow5466

See why this family is smiling!

Leading with the #Vancouver Film Premiere and Dinner on April 21, we will have events across the country to tell their story.

Work began in #Nepal in 2015 after an earthquake devastated the country. We've been working with families in Nepal, but more can be done to help thousands of families rebuild their lives and livelihoods.

#HOPEinnepal #HOPEaroundtheworld 📷: @chow5466

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