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Lin 🦄💘  •Fat, queer, feminist; living my best life •Endometrial cancer survivor •Mentally & chronically ill •ISFP •Cannabis, nature, & animals 🎗🎀🐶🐱🛀🏽💨🌎❤️🏳️‍🌈🔐


I’ve been struggling with an autoimmune response for a little while now, and since Wednesday it’s been really bad. .
Extreme fatigue - more sleep than being awake. Muscle and joint pain and inflammation. I have abdominal adhesions from my hysterectomy that are inflamed by obstructed bowel issues that are a result of the pelvic radiation I went through. I have nausea and dizziness which results in very little appetite, headaches, and sensitivity to light, sound, and the cold weather. I can’t focus or concentrate, so I withdraw from my relationships because I can’t communicate properly. (It’s taking me all day to get this caption written out, but I have always thought it’s important to share the ups and downs with transparency.) .
I’ve been listening to my body, and just getting the rest I need - but I would be lying if I said it wasn’t frustrating that I don’t get a say. Missing my family and friends, missing work, missing life in general because my body demands a time out is hard. .
So, I’m just doing my best to take it day by day, to be gentle with myself, and to remember that this is temporary. I’m grateful to have people in my life that love me, understand, check on me and help take care of me.

Be nicer to yourself, you’re doing the best you can and you’re doing a great job. 💐 #giveyourselfcredit #iknowitshard #youredoinggreat #keepgoing #onedayatatime #livenow #embracethemoment #staypositive #gratefulheart

Big chunk of thca after work. It helps everything - the muscle tension, pain and nausea; as well as the stress and anxiety I’ve been struggling with. Incredibly grateful for cannabis, and for quality and trustworthy processors and shops like @columbia.concentrates and @fweedomsea. ⚡️💛 #thca #mymedicine #cannabiscommunity #cannabisismedicine #cannabisissafer #fuckcancer #chronicpainsucks #mentalhealthmatters #gratefulheart

Beautiful and thoughtful. Just like my niece that gave it to me, and like her sister that it honors. 💜🦌 #always #patronus #love #family #sentimental #grievingtogether #growingtogether #gratefulheart

A month ago we were gifted tickets to have dinner and see the show last night at @zinzanni_sea. Yesterday afternoon life took a left turn and went a little haywire with some emergency family stuff that almost stopped us from making it. We did end up getting there though; the food was delicious, and the performers were amazing... Then we ended up having to leave early due to a small medical issue I was having. .
But you know what? We enjoyed the hell out of what we got to experience, and embraced every good moment together. Life is like that. Not every day will be good all the way through, so you have to just grab what you can, embrace it, and enjoy it. ⚡️💫

Big Sleep is a jelly bomb full of lavender, chamomile and neroli. Herbal and soft in scent, super moisturizing, with very calming and relaxing effects. 💙🛀🏽 #lushbath #lush #lavender #jellybomb #relax #breathe #gratefulheart

Albert Walker thca and Hell’s Fire OG together in one dab. Serene and sedated, mind and body high and delicious flavor. Both of these were birthday gifts from people I love, and both of these were processed by people I love at @columbia.concentrates. I am so grateful! 😍💛✨ #cannabiscommunity #seattlecannabis #cannabisismedicine #mymedicine #thca #terps #fuckcancer #embracethemoment #family #love #gratefulheart

Guess who was released from the hospital on my birthday! Best gift ever! @katrina_flowergarden @tamezrosa67 😍🎉🙏🏼 . .
Seriously though, I want to say thank you to *everyone* for all of the sweet birthday love, and kindness. ❤️ . .
I am so grateful I was able to take another trip around the sun. Life is precious, I try to embrace every good moment and I don’t take a single second for granted. 🙏🏼 .
My favorite days are the ones just like this: days spent laughing and making memories with the beautiful people that I am lucky enough to have in my life. My friends and my family are what fill my heart up with love, joy, and gratitude. 💗

#fbf 📆 to the night @wootraptor, @farleypop and I had our November @bellspastries monthly macaron sesh. We loved trying these and we had some varying opinions and favorites; my favorite being the caramel apple. But, the best part was definitely laughing until we cried, and just being fucking silly together. 🤪 I love my friends and I’m so grateful for the time we spend together. 🥧👯‍♀️💘 #bellspastriesmmc #macarons #pies #seattleeats #sweetnseattle #bestfriends #bestmemories #gratefulheart

If you’re playing AC:PC too, swipe to get my friend code. 🐶🐸🐰🐻 #animalcrossing #animalcrossingpocketcamp #acpc #adultcrosser #letsplay #gratefulheart

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