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Sebastian Rich  Photographer of war and occasionally peace with a bit of scribbling from Bars,Bedrooms and Trenches thrown in every now and then.

Mother and daughter rural Ethiopia.
Photography by Sebastian Rich.

SCRIBBLINGS FROM BARS BEDROOMS AND TRENCHES.. The Space Between The Sky and Dreams. (A photographer’s guilt) By Sebastian Rich; Helmand Province Afghanistan. Asleep but not A world between the sky and dreams
I wake in the grip of guilt with the secret that I hide in sleep all to well.
Safe in slumber unborn in day, a secret between the sky and waking thoughts of shame.
I capture the anguish of a mother’s scream, a child left with just a memory of confusion, a wife who screams in the night to a torn, lost and broken body she cannot claim.
I stare but do not touch the men who gave so much. I follow like a brutish dog with no weapon at my side save the sharp tongue of one who has not died.
Eyes that have seen thru me and beyond the sham of ego I call self.
Eyes begging release from pain gaze into the sky I share from somewhere deep inside.
I survive - a curse on the soldier or Marine I choose to record or erase.
They die most horribly or minds tormented, for what has been seen cannot be unseen rotting any future innocent smile should they survive.
In between the sky and dreams I can hear the tears from a thousand eyes tumble to my pillow.
Again I wake in doubt and guilt, I think my secret safe, but they know, how they know.
A world between the sky and dreams secrets safe in slumber, unborn in day.
A coward behind a lens, a life on the backs of better men.
Sebastian Rich Afghanistan
Photo: courtesy NBC News

An ex child soldier back home in his community with the fantastic help from UNICEF and their comprehensive support programmes.
Photography for @unicefsouthsudan by Sebastian Rich


The Day Before I Died
By Sebastian Rich

I imagine what you are doing, I feel you by my side,
The evening when I left you, I wish I'd never cried,
Your shoulders heavy with guilt, confusion sadness too,
Your last words echoed inside my head "Just get out, just go “
With no kiss to be remembered on some unhappy distant day,
“Just get out just go”
So I sit here looking out on a bloodied Afghan plain,
I cry the tears of loss that water my selfish soul into forgotten sand.
Bitter shadows at the edge of me, torn bodies of Afghanistan the dead laughing at the stain
The pain and joy, the curse of memory can I be a man
You are with me every second; Do you somehow know that too
I go to bed and all I feel is you.
The morning comes with desperate hope of your warm breath upon my neck
I turn to feel the cold lonely space with an empty kiss – I scream, where the fuck are you. “Just get out just go”

Sebastian Rich


You all know me as a conflict Photographer but got to do some fun stuff ! So on my website www.sebastianrichphotography.com I am starting a series titled ‘Women With Ink’
This image is of Suzzane Neita a personal trainer living and working in london.
If you want a spot on my site and you have great ink give me a shout.

By Sebastian Rich
The aphrodisiac of war and ridiculous sham of peace are divided by a flimsy partition of tissue in the mind.
War sorts the piss and shit of men causing an eclectic mix of,invulnerability, immortality,cruelty,arousal,and melancholy that is never left behind .
I want to live, love and die behind the flak jacket of my camera,in a shit-hole of my own choosing and not in the senseless mediocrity and insanity of routine.
No one ever lied to me within the sound of gunfire.
A world of man,a world of lies, a world that I will surely leave with no regret behind..

The fascinating people one briefly meets. A Cappuccino, a mutual passion for tattoos then the camera frame is empty and I continue reading my book.
Photography Sebastian Rich

FROM MY ARCHIVE Images we don’t want to see. An elderly couple in their final embrace.
Executed and left to rot in the basement of their family home for no other reason than a different faith. Uzdol former Yugoslavia.

House to house fighting Kabul province Afghanistan #. Photography Sebastian Rich

Images we don’t want to see !
A baby girl hit by a phosphorous grenade in a Taliban attack on her village in Afghanistan. She did not survive.
Photography Sebastian Rich.

Images we don’t want to see. Severe acute malnutrition in Bichi , Kano province Nigeria.
Photography Sebastian Rich

The images we don’t want to see ! Severe acute malnutrition in Afghanistan. Apart from the obvious horror the mothers face always haunts me.
Photography Sebastian Rich.

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