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Saturday morning joys 🥞 Pancakes and PJs ❤️#viviandluluandedie #leveret #leveretclothing #leveretlegend #sponsered

Papas are best at doing things that make Mamas' heart stop 😬 and kiddos' hearts soar 😄. They are counting the hours until it's the weekend and Papa can take them long boarding again! #papaloveshislittleladies #ittybittyedie

Viv had so much fun taking over @jonaspauleyewear for the day! If you missed it, go check out their page and stories. I have exciting news! @jonaspauleyewear is offering a 10% discount for the next 24 hrs with code HopeFeathers10. It will be available until 11:59 PM (EST) Friday July 21st! #viviandlulu #JPEinstagramtakeover

Puppy kisses 😍 Even Chester loves Vivi's glasses! Vivienne will be taking over @jonaspauleyewear today! She will take you on an adventure and tell you all the things she loves about her glasses! So stop by, watch her stories throughout the day, and say hi! #vivilovie #JPEinstagramtakeover

This giant cornfield was the "backyard" of the apartment we lived in when the big girls were babies. I remember watching the most glorious sunsets over fields of green and being astonished at how quickly corn sprouts up and grows tall! Last night, we went back for a walk and I was astonished at how quickly my little crop of Johnson girls has grown! ❤️🌽🌿 #viviandluluandedie

Someone came to our home the other day and noticed the lack of printed photos on our walls. He assumed with the volume of photos I take that I would print hundreds to hang in frames... but I'm terrible at it 🙈 This photo though, I'm going to wallpaper a whole room with it 😍 Or at least print it life size so I can kiss them sweetie cheekies all the time 😘#viviandluluandedie #allthehashtagsinalltheworldcannotexpressmyloveforthem❤️

On Tuesdays, we have a tradition- we go to @cfabloomington for a free chicken biscuit (yum and thanks!) and then head to @mallofamerica for the @sealifemn aquarium. We spend a good 20-30 mins just watching the sharks. And it's Lulu's favorite day of the week! Can't wait to throw her one heck of a shark 4th birthday party in a couple weeks! Her only request is "sharks with lots of blood" 😂 Which totally cracks me up because she thinks sharks are "just so adorable!" & "the cutest things ever!" And they absolutely are adorable on her shark dress from @pnwkidsco ❤️🦈 #lululovessharks #lovielulu

Heard it was #nationalicecreamday and I'm certainly not one to miss out on fake Instagram holidays! So I whipped up some ice cream sandwiches and got the cheesiest most excited grins on these two. Lulu said, "I've never tasted anything so utterly delicious! You sure are a good cooker, Mama!" 😂 #lulusays #viviandlulu

Vivi picked out and bought her very first vinyl. She walked right up and said "do you have any swing music?" and used $2 of allowance to purchase it. She loves my record player and has already claimed it when I die so she can swing dance with her husband 🙄 So of course we had to don our matching pjs from @leveretclothing and listen to her new Glenn Miller record before bed ❤️ #mamalovesherlittleladies #viviandluluandedie #leveret #leveretclothing #leveretlegend #sponsered

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