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My little scooter gang! Practicing how long the scoot is to Vivi's school for next week. Note to self, next time don't let baby Edith ride. As adorable as she is on her scooter, she's bringing down our average. 1.5 hrs for a 1 mile commute probably isn't worth it 😂 #viviandluluandedie

Y'all it all snuck up on me! All of the sudden this girl is starting Kindergarten next week and has her first lose tooth! She can't wait for the tooth fairy to come through that little pink door and put "$286 bucks" under her pillow. Dream on child 😂 But just so I know, what is the going rate for a tooth these days? A quarter might seem cheap, but it buys a gumball and is therefore GOLD in her eyes! #vivilovie

I promised to keep you all updated about the auction for my dear friend @jenjacobs and her family. Jen is a wife and the mother of 4 young children, ranging in age from 9 months-6 years old. She was recently diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer and due to the location of the tumor, it is inoperable. There are almost 150 small shops who have donated to the @forjenjacobs auction. I have contributed a family photo session to those local in the twin cities. The auction will begin this Friday, 8/25 and run until Wednesday, 8/30. Don't forget to follow @forjenjacobs for updates and for the actual Instagram auction! 100% of proceeds from the auction will go to Jen and her family, to help with medical expenses, travel and general living costs of a family of 6.

It's no secret that I love taking photos to capture memories. But I also love to make mini videos to remember the fun as well. Here is a snippet of our camping weekend where we relaxed, drank La Croix, and giggled as a family all weekend long 😍 #hopefeathersminivideos

Because summer isn't over yet 😉 #viviandluluandedie #mylittlebathingbeauties

My three tiny girlfriends are back ☺And our home is once again filled with laughter and three colorful little (read: BIG) personalities. Amazing how quiet it was when they were at Grandmas 😂 #viviandluluandedie

My little girl squad is hanging at Grandma's all day. If you had a day to yourself, what would you to? Trying to think outside my cleaning, photo editing, target and starbucks usual "mom vacation" options 😂 #viviandluluandedie

That time Lulu grabbed my hat and watch and coffee and declared she was Mama. Then Vivi said all she was missing was my camera 😂 They have me all figured out! #lovielulu

And if you love that @danielwellington each as much as me, I have fun news! From Aug 15-28 for each DW watch purchased, you will receive a complimentary strap of their choice! And you can use code HOPEFEATHERS for 15% off! #danielwellington #ad

I love sunshine and summer but cool, crisp weather and plaids will always have my heart ❤️ So will Edith and her baby blues and bonnet head #ittybittyedie

We may have forgotten Edith's swimsuit bottoms and swim diaper while camping, but at least we didn't forget our @mustelausa Mineral Sunscreen Stick and After-Sun Spray. She was soggy and filthy, but at least she still got to play and be as crazy as her sisters 😂 #viviandluluandedie #mymustelamoments #sponsored

Spent the weekend looking up into a sky of sparkling diamonds sitting beside a fire of glowing embers snuggled up next to my babies and my love. Spending time away from home is always so refreshing! ⭐️

Mornings while camping start early. They are quiet and cold and spent snuggling by a fire, eating hot oatmeal and sipping steaming coffee while watching the sunrise. Little sis (who everyone called a boy all weekend 😂) looks up to big sis and waddles after her copying every move in admiration. Our first morning home after is also quiet. The girls play with toys so dearly missed from our weekend away while I sip steaming coffee on the couch. Not quite the same. No lovely sunrise. No fleece clad babes. But it's still good to be home. Also good because Vivi threw up in her bed last night instead of all over us all in the tent. So I'll say it's perfect timing to be back 😝 She just wanted to make sure I didn't put off starting all that laundry 😏 #viviandedie #cheerstoyoumonday☕️

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