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~little late but..~ What I’m thankful for....
1. I am extremely thankful for all my friends and family (@nevadabarrelracer @meet.my.horses @_annacoen_ @racing.appy @barrels.on.stormy @barrel_racer1003 @barrelracingsorrel @michelle_youngblood13 @illinoisequine @camryn.masera @callista.price @i_picklo.02_ @s.yd.n.e.y @ayden_george @the_ashton_padon @mac10___ @my_bay_bear )
2. I am thankful for all my sponsors who help me down the road and support me while I go through this surgery (@ranch_dressn
@reins_n_things )
3. I am thankful for all my followers who support me, who love me when I am at my worst and who helped this account grow!
4.i am thankful for this amazing horse! He makes me smile even when he’s a butt😂 He keeps me going during my bad days and when everyone has doubts in me, he pushes me! He may not be the best of the best, but a lot of people who say they have horses better than 7 have never experienced a bond I have with him! When we don’t win, when we hit a barrel or pole, when he acts up (which he does a lot😂💀) I never lose faith in him! He is my heart, he is my soul!

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Got my doe yesterday!! Big bodied and nice meat!! Hopefully will get another one today or tomorrow💕
*Comments are fixing to be turned off because some people are immature and like to call people names because of how they live and eat😊 please message me privately, instead of making yourself look dumb and uneducated!*

Should I post the whole thing on YouTube?🤔

You can stop drooling now🤤😍

I am going out of town ALL WEEK for thanksgiving. So I will not be on, hopefully I will have some service to post but I might not. •
ALSO.... I am going hunting meaning I will shot something so if you don’t like that stuff please don’t look at my account for a while cuz I will post it! Hate on me all you want but I’m giving y’all a warning. Hunting is natural and no we don’t leave it or just use a few things, my whole family uses the whole animal. If any of those post gets out of hand I will turn the comments off and block/report those people.
Thank you and have a nice Thanksgiving and please be safe💕

The reason it hurts so much to separate is because our souls are connected

I miss this horse so much!! It’s not the same not seeing him every morning and every night. It’s not the same not going to the barn after a bad day and him running up to me at the gate. This horse has my heart💕 I will forever love him! I just want these 6 months to be up already!!



Okay... I’m a bar person y’all😂💀 •
So I can’t decide soooo.... WE HAVE 5 WINNERS!!

I love EVERYONES edits and I had like 10 peoples in my camera role😂 I decided to pick 5 so I can do a different one each time!!

Hey look!!! It’s me jerking on Cashs mouth and I’m a barrel racer jumping!! Oooo scary

Ahh winter is here😍

Short people jumping on a 16hh horse🤷🏼‍♀️😂

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