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Got his second bath today💕 I did ride him and he did awesome!!! Also I'm sorry I've been posting about Jackson so much. 7 goes to the vet tomorrow so hopefully more pictures of him and I haven't ridden Cash much! I sorry y'all😂

Cuz... I wasn't at the barn and I had to clean my room because I go back to prison tomorrow😭 so y'all get BLEU😍 I'm going out to ride later so... yup yup

7 last night💕 He looks super bulk in this picture😂 follow @eventingmydonkey for amazing pictures of her and Kit Kat😍

Just a video of 7 after I cleaned his ear💕😍 also my @ranch_dressn snapchat take over was a success!!! I had a blast and I hope y'all liked it too💖

Sprayed Jackson down💕

With all the hate that's going around with Jackson this is what I'm gonna do😂 I'm going to turn the comments off when I post Jackson when it gets out of hand. If you want to hate please DM me about it😂 also.... everyone's wondering about 7..... well.... HES PERFECTLY FINE😂 (gotcha) He's going to the vet Monday because we think he's been hurting plus there is something in his ear and we want it looked at. I'm not riding him cuz I don't want, if he's hurting, to make anything worse for him. He's out in the pasture till Monday and then we'll see!!💕

Well I'll be!! It took me 3 mins to catch him (new record) then I saddled him to see what he would do. Smelt the saddle pad and saddle, didn't care! He has not once bucked or anything!! I also have a bit in his mouth (took it like a dream😍) I just wish someone here so I get hop on😂 (I have been laying myself over so he gets use to it but he doesn't mind at all😂)

Okay... my last post... answering some questions😂
1. Yes, Jackson is over weigh!
2. He is EXTREMELY lazy (why he's hitting the pole)
3. We aren't hurting so no need for "poor donkey"
4. Before ALL that was videoed, it was like an hour us working with him and doing all that stuff!
5. He's not scared!

Should I add audio🤔😂 thanks @barrelracingsorrel for helping me!!


@fiercefallon this is amazing😍 this song is mine and Vegas' but it also goes so well with this😍

Late night post but oh well🤷🏼‍♀️ Did my first "riding lesson" today (it was my cousin who has never ridden before) Cash only wanted to trot sooo that's what we did😂

My @wildrosebraidedtack Cross😍 it's so beautiful❤️

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