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Birgit Jones  As well as the Hop Barn we also have Applegarth in Cleobury. I'll be sharing pictures of that too. Both dog friendly self catering accommodation.

Reflections on a crisp autumn day #wellesleycollege

Really looking forward to this! @sopranomomma

Two heavy horses left our village to go to play their part in WW1. They never returned. Maybe before they left they were able to enjoy these very fields just as Buddy and Sally do today. #lestweforget #lessonsfromthepast

I love happy guests! ❤️💚❤️🧡 #Applegarth #shropshire

Looking into some interesting recipes for that there pumpkin 🎃 #shropshire #HopBarn

Bringing the birds to the door #shropshire #HopBarn

Rupert and Sherly watching Ice Age

We visited Hartlebury Castle https://hartleburycastle.com/ today and came across this little gem. What a wonderful place to visit! So much to see and very nicely presented too.

Got some Worcester Black pears 🍐 if anyone would like some. I hate to see them go to waste.

Sharp frost last night. Opened the window to hear the geese on the pond squawking, the crows cawing and the cows bellows along with the chatter of smaller birds, the occasional dog barking #morningsounds #nofilter #shropshire

First hard frost of the season #shropshire #nofilter

I find the wine making process fascinating. This is grape juice from our vine. I meant to bottle and pasteurise it but couldn’t do it fast enough and it started fermenting. So I put it into demijohns and it’s keeping me entertained. It’s the wild yeast but it smelled ok and tasted pretty good before it went into the demijohn. No added sugar. That was on 11th October. It was quite active for a week then it quietened down a few days. Now it’s pretty active again. Wondering if it’s a second ferment. The other thing I find interesting is that I have four demijohns on the go and they are all behaving differently even though all the juice came from the same bucketful. Wondering if I’m making wine or vinegar? It’s an interesting experiment anyway.

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