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hookgrip store  Main account is @hookgrip -- this account is for the hookgrip store. Our email is support@hookgrip.com if you need to get in touch.

Contest time! We have four 18”x12” signed @max_lang_weightlifting 156kg snatch sequence posters. This is going to be a quick (3+ hours!) and simple contest.

1. Comment any hookgrip store order number that was placed under your name.
2. The four top-level comments that have the most likes at 9:30 PM ET will win the posters plus free shipping anywhere in the world. However we will only ship to the shipping address on the order number you write. So you need to be able to receive the shipment there. One poster max per address/person/household/etc.
3. While I think most of them might be asleep, a like from Max counts for 25 and from anyone else in this session at 2017 Euros counts for 10.

Good luck!

TV guys are doing great work getting these shots for us — 2016 Olympic silver medalist Choe Hyo Sim snatching 105kg in the OG colorway blue/white hookgrip knee sleeves! It’s been over five years now that we’ve been carrying these and it’s our oldest non shirt/poster product!

@muattar_nabieva58 representing at the 2018 Asian Games. Also thanks to the TV guys for listening to our request to zoom in on the knee sleeves 💖💖💖.

Doing some prototyping. The production will be blue exterior, white interior and white 3D logo — ie, swap the colors except the logo. This test was just to see the shade of blue in person. Thoughts?

Limited quantity promo at the hookgrip booth at the AO2! @hookgripusa flags are $1 with coupon code MURICA (you have to say it) and a $15 minimum purchase not including the flag. #datfloor

Reversible 3.0 wrist wraps now in stock. They’re the same as the 2.0 but the string has been switched from cotton to poly to make the wrap more durable while not sacrificing friction for holding power. Cotton is great for friction but it wears out faster than poly/nylon (same thing in lifting straps). As always, wrist wraps are $15/pair. #hookgripstore

Russian knee wraps now available both with and without velcro in 11 different varieties. Lengths are 2m or 3.5m and prices start at $19/pair for the 2m. #hookgrip #hookgripstore

The 8 male HKGRP tank options and color ways! The top row was just restocked (mostly) and the bottom row is new colorways. The left side two are triblends and most others are 50/50. Lots of other tees/tanks were also restocked earlier tonight!
Just another side note, we have a bunch of new items going up tomorrow as well so if you’re interested in Adidas shoes (new ones, not vintage), female tanks, pink belts or new sequence tees then you should wait a day to order 😃.

@katevibert PRing her C&J with 126kg/278lb with a hookgrip flag over her shoulder! Thank you so much to owners of gyms/garages — we see hundreds of videos every month with our flags in the background. The support from the WLing community for our work is not unnoticed and it’s always very appreciated!

@decembersymone snatching 82kg at the 2018 Arnold in a pair of HG socks! If you lifted at the 2018 Junior Nationals, 2018 Arnold/AO1, 2018 Europeans or 2018 Pan Ams in a hookgrip store item (thumb tape excluded), comment here with the competition, the session and what you wore. You can’t comment for someone else, it must be the same person commenting as will be in the video!
We will send you a free edited video within two weeks, assuming that we have it! Check the comments for more information on which sessions we have videos of. Note that we’ll do a separate contest for 2018 USAW Senior Nationals. Contest entries to end in about 24ish hours from now!

This cart is our current stock of Polish training shorts, 3/4 pants and full length pants. The bottom shelf is small+xs, second shelf is medium and so on — with the left side being shorts and the right side being pants (the black bins have some stock). As you can see, lots of spots are missing or are quite low!
The good news is that we have another order on the way which should arrive in the first week of June and it should have a restock of all sizes/cuts. In addition, as per customer feedback, we have shortened the length of the shorts by a bit. The bad news is that our price increased as the supplier is working to scale production so we aren’t out of stock so often. Therefore, prices will go up about $5-7/per in line with our cost increase when the new shipment arrives. However, if your size is in stock, we recommend grabbing it now if it’s something you’ve been eyeing! #hookgripstore

@kris10pope snatching 90kg in white knee sleeves that might look like HG knee sleeves at first, but they have the @barbellsandbowssquad bow logo on them — it’s the first product in what we hope will be many in collaboration with athletes. These are the same sleeves that Kristin has been using in the snatch for awhile now.
These knee sleeves are available on the Barbells and Bows store although we just did a small initial air shipment over — more sleeves will be arriving soon in case your size is out of stock. Swipe to get a better look at the logo and stay tuned for more athlete collaborations! #hookgripstore #barbellsandbows

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