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17 year-old @harrison_maurus (77kg, @hookgripusa) clean and jerking 186kg/410lb at the 2017 Pan Ams to earn the bronze in the C&J! While this is not quite on the level of his 192kg Youth World Record / Senior American Record from the 2017 Youth Worlds (where he became World Champion) back in April, it is still the 2nd heaviest C&J that he's ever made in competition and he made it quite easily.

17 year-old Xiao Qiming (62kg, @hookgripchn) snatching 137kg/302lb at the 2017 Asian Juniors in Kathmandu. About 2.2x bodyweight!

@chogan25 (53kg, @hookgripusa) clean and jerking 107kg/236lb to take silver in the C&J and total at the 2017 Pan Ams! She also snatched 86kg (silver medal as well) which is just 1kg under the senior American record. And her 193kg total improves on her prior 190kg total and it puts her projected placement at the 2017 Worlds to be about 10th place which all but locks up a spot on the 2017 USAW Senior world team competing in Anaheim in December.

@yoang_ (77kg, @hookgripusa) clean and jerking 188kg/414.5lb to take silver in the C&J and total at the 2017 Pan Ams! This is also just 2kg under Chad Vaughn's old long-standing AR of 190kg and 4kg under Harrison Maurus' recent 192kg senior American record/Youth World Record from April.

37 year-old Alexandra Escobar (58kg, @hookgripecu) clean and jerking 117kg/258lb at the 2017 Pan Ams where she won with 94/117/211 for her first senior Pan Am title since 2013 (she's won many in her career). She's also a 4x Olympian for Ecuador including 4th place finishes in 2008 and 2016!

20 year-old Yuan Yuting (69kg, @hookgripchn) snatching 105kg/231lb/1ilya at the 2017 Asian Juniors in Nepal where she won easily. To those of you who will comment something about how she looks like a boy because she has short hair, I recommend zooming in on her tshirt sleeve for some life advice.

@neisi_dajomes (75kg, @hookgripecu) snatching a new Junior Pan American record 110kg/242lb at the 2017 Senior Pan Ams which she won easily. She also is the 2016 and 2017 Junior World Champion and she's still just 19 years old with 1.5 years of junior eligibility left! #riri

14 year-old @oliviachardon_ (48kg, @hookgripusa) clean and jerking 81kg/178.6lb to set a new U15 American record in the C&J by 7kg! And she also broke the U15 records in the snatch (62kg) and total (143kg). She also holds all the records (59/75/134) in the U15 44kg group, watch out for her over the next few (10-15 we mean) years!

19 year-old @mesohassona (94kg, Qatar) clean and jerking 210kg/463lb at the 2017 Asian Juniors! He also won the 2017 Junior World title as an 85kg lifter about a month ago.

@weskitts22 (105kg, @hookgripusa) snatching a new senior American record 175kg/385lb! This breaks his 174kg lift from the 2016 American Open and he placed in 2nd in the snatch and total at the 2017 Pan Ams!

Tag the person you want doing this dance the next time you make a big lift. Credit: @rreisfernando's coach, Luis López aka @cubanolpo.

@rreisfernando (+105kg, @hookgripbra) setting a new senior Pan American record with 198kg/436lb in the snatch! This breaks Shane Hamman's 197.5kg record from the 2002 World Championships! While Reis was lifting as an extra lifter due to some issues with his federation which meant he couldn't place or win medals, we were told that he could set Pan American records, so this lift should count as a record.

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