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@sobirov_f2020 (94kg, @hkgrpuzbekistan, 19 y/o) clean and jerking 210kg/463lb at the 2017 JWWC where he went 180/210/390 and won the Junior World title for the 2nd year in a row! Check out his fight for this max attempt!

@neisi_dajomes (75kg, @hookgripecu, 19 y/o) clean and jerking 134kg/295lb/1.27ilya at the 2017 JWWC! She won the title of World Champion for the second year in a row, going 108/134/242.

@iammasanori9723 (69kg, @hkgrpjapan, 20 y/o) snatching a Japanese Junior record of 147kg/324lb to win the snatch gold at the 2017 JWWC! This gave him a 9kg lead over CJ Cummings going into the C&J.

@sobirov_f2020 (94kg, @hkgrpuzbekistan, 19 y/o) snatching 180kg/397lb at the JWWC where he won the title for the 2nd year in a row! He did 180/210/390 for a competition PR snatch and total -- and at a light body weight of 92.86!

@simonmartirosyan doing a 190kg/419lb wat dat is Clean and Jerk. He followed it up with a 210kg/463lb C&J. He is competing this meet as a 105+ so he'll compete on Friday -- he goes back and forth between 105 and 105+ depending on the other competition at the meet.

20 year-old @maddy.myers1 (63kg, @hookgripusa) clean and jerking a new Junior American Record of 122kg/269lb at the 2017 Junior Worlds! This also set a Junior American Record in the total with 213kg, beating her own 209kg total from April 2016. This was shot at too slow of a frame rate for super smooth slow mo, but we included a slow mo version anyway.

18 year-old Huang Ting (63kg, @hookgripchn) clean and jerking 134kg/295.4lb at the 2017 Junior Worlds where she won with 105/134/239 to become Junior World Champion! This adds to her 2015 Youth World title and 2016 Asian Junior title. This was shot at too slow of a frame rate for super smooth slow mo, but we included a slow mo version anyway.

@rebeka_koha (58kg, @hookgripbaltic/Latvia, 19 y/o) clean and jerking 120kg/265lb to win the 2017 Junior World title!

Some highlights from @mesohassona (85kg, Qatar, 19 y/o) in the training hall -- first, a 260kg/573lb back squat and then a 200kg/441lb clean and jerk. He competes on Tuesday at 5:30pm Tokyo time in the 85a session and he's a favorite to win. And black/red Antas from @hookgripstore too!

18 year-old Wang Hao (56kg, @hookgripchn) snatching 120kg/265lb -- or about 2.14x bodyweight -- to win the snatch by 11kg at the 2017 Junior Worlds. He also won the C&J bronze and overall gold in his int'l debut. Note that this wasn't shot at a high enough frame rate for smooth slow motion, so you'll see some warping when he's moving fast.

@neisi_dajomes (75kg, Ecuador, 19 y/o) back squatting 170kg/375lb for 2 and then @albita58_ (58kg, Spain, 19 y/o) front squatting 120kg/265lb for 2 in training today at the 2017 Junior World Championship in Tokyo!

Nouha Landoulsi (53kg, Tunisia, 19 y/o) back squatting 135kg and 150kg/331lb in the training hall at the 2017 JWWC in Tokyo. She is atop the 53kg entry list with a 203kg entry total. In 2014, she took 3rd at the Youth Olympic Games for her biggest int'l accomplishment -- although she has won lots of Youth, Junior and Senior titles at the continental level in Africa.

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