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Jordan Hooker  JDW💍💕 #makeup2mud 💋 goodtimesonly ⋙workhard•ridefast•stayhumble•bekind⋘ ATX♥FastHouseCrew

A successful woman is one who can build a strong foundation from the bricks that are thrown at her. Mindset girrrrrrrrrl.🌤// 📸 @thereal.365 #makeup2mud #fasthouse #fhbadbabes

I love flaminglin with you🌴🌻💕🦆 I’m so so proud of you and your new adventure today!! Crush it babes🇺🇸 #adventurebuddy #duckexhibit

MOOD: bright orange FH jersey, feet off the pegs, throwin sass and screams over jumps.🧡🦊💥🍊I LOVE PLAYING ON MY SCOOT!// thanks📸!! @d1_coach_k you da best for snagging the shots and playing with us today!!! #makeup2mud #fhbadbabes #motochick #fasthouse #chivette

I lost a bit of my confidence lately. Working on getting comfortable on a new bike, working on jumping bigger jumps and holding more throttle longer, and working on settling big changes at work. I realized though each of these things that I am WORKING ON are new. It’s not what I am used to and not what I have been comfortable. Chances for growth and GROWING PAINS are going to be part of it. It’s all in my perspective and attitude though. I can sit here and whine, complain and hate it but what is that going to do? How does that help? Nahhhhhh girl. Commit to that jump and go clear it, if you don’t make it at least you tried and now you know how much faster you need to go next time. If you aren’t getting the results you want from the opportunities from work, step back and evaluate to readjust. Put your heart into whatever it is and keep that smile. You’ll make it through and shine twice as bright👑💗 // @caffeineandgasoline.dn

You’ll catch me busting my ass👑 but not busting my knees!! @asterisk_usa @fasthouse_ @murphys_mx 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 #fhbadbabes #asteriskusa

Pigtails and sunflowers and @fasthouse_ crew🌻👸🏼✊swipe⬅️⬅️⬅️ shout out to these kids for pushing me on the track and the smiles off the track @thereal.365 @thereal.316 @murphys_mx #fasthouse #fhbadbabes #vonzipper @vonzipper #makeup2mud #motochick #motocross #yamaha

Screaminnnnn💜😈🔊purple gear y’all heeeeeear //🎥 @thereal.365 #fasthouse #fhbadbabes #motochick #motocross #makeup2mud @fasthouse_ @vonzipper @murphys_mx

More to hold than just handlebars💕💍 @johnej805 6.19.18 #stealinghislastname

@fasthouse_ has me allllllllllll smiles❤️ so damn lucky to have such a genuine and supportive moto family!! Thank you thank you thank you for all that you do @aubriekalexander !! New jerseys = soop cute😍 #fasthouse #fhbadbabes #motochick #makeup2mud #chivette #happygirl

Failure defeats losers. Failure inspires winners.♥️ @fasthouse_ ♥️ #fasthouse #chivette #fhbadbabes #motochick #makeup2mud

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