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Hoof Hearted Brewery & Kitchen  Dabbling in the Dank & Dark arts.

Were going all-in this week with some hot new cans for y'allz - WEDNESDAY we unveil 4pks of a brand new beer & our🔥collab-o w/ the boiz @barreledsouls called ♣♦"Holding Heavy"♥♠ 9% Imp Stout w/ bourbon-soaked almonds, vanilla, cacao nibz, and vanilla. We'll also release sumdat nü-knew "Don't Microwave It, Don't Boil It" Sour IPA w/ raspberry, vanilla, and milk sugar brought to you yrs truly and our partners in crime over at @dssolvr 😚
SATURDAY marks the slickest event and beer release yet and we be call'n it HAZARD AT HOOFY! Starting at noon, we'll be selling 4pks of a brand new Double Dry Hopped IPA titled "Dorks of Hazard" in honor of the homeboi @dudleyclips and in collaboration w/ the badboiz down at @embassy_ohio 👊 Come thru for a sick old-school skate competition loaded w/ Cbus legends, sick merchandise (including a limited run of decks designed by @thomlessner ), killer vendors and even better vibes. DJ'd by the infamous @andrewjeffreywright w/ beer flowing outside in the back parking lot, this is by far the coolest thing you'll do all weekend - we promise #neilblender #dokuuu #embassyskateboards #hazardathoofy

Tailpipin' IPA with Gewurztraminer White Wine Grapes is back on draft at our Columbus location!!! This bad boi is packed to capacity with citra, comet, motueka, centennial, and equinox hops!
#morehopsthanbrains #moregrapesthangrain #getsum

Do you have a birthday, wedding, baby shower, graduation, Tae Kwon Do belt ceremony, business meeting, charitable fund raiser or any kind of celebration to plan? We host private parties with catering and bar packages available. We can take some stress out of the process so you can enjoy the festivities. Holler at us fam at info@hoofheartedkitchen.com #dancingontheceiling #partydojo

HAZARD AT HOOF HEARTED all 80’s Skate Jam/Contest in the parking lot at Hoof Hearted! Free to enter! Saturday 8/18/18.

10:00am Beer and Brunch 
12:00pm Skate Sesh/Practice
1:30pm Street Contest (80’s style obstacles)
2:15pm Launch Ramp & High Ollie Contest

Radical prizes and giveaways and a Street Market of artists and venders plus a brand new can release of ‘Dorks of Hazard’ #DDH #IPA
MC’d by the legendary @andrewjefferywright Sponsors/Artists: @embassy_ohio @minisupernorthmarket @smellycurb @santacruzskateboards @nikesb @independenttrucks @dudleyclips @andrewjeffreywright @drawbhell @gen_ifr @joeysxworld @broccoli_boy @roseluardo @thomlessner

Holdin court?! Naw we’re Holdin Heavy playerzzz. A brand new Imperial Stout brewed in collaboration with our homies @barreledsouls These Maine-iacs came down here to the heart of it all and we threw some Cacao Nibs, ‘Nilla, and a boat load of Bourbon soaked toasted almonds into this 9% monster. On tap now. #holdincourt #lasttimeicheckeditsstilltheweekend #onaccountofweresodangstupid #shesabigbourbondrinker

Cans 4 Dayz mofoz! Brand new DIPA "Drop the Fries" brewed milk sugar, vanilla, and 100 lbs of the finest french'd🍟fries. Killer crisp batch of Florida Room + a new batch of $60 Nachos that's rippin! Let's riiiide #lasttimeicheckeditsstilltheweekend #clubparadise #weekendathoofys

We'll be posted up at @thedailygrowler this Saturday We be slangin HH beers, #HoofHeartedCoffee + some beer and coffee cocktails as part of our collaborative #StimulusandRecession event. Getchyo 🍑 out here! #speedball #goinupanddownlikeanelevatoroperator

Where's the beef?! Today we be droppin some killer 4pks including the premier of "Drop The Fries!" DIPA brewed w/ french fries+cacao nibs+vanilla+milk sugar. Smokin new batches of Florida Room and $60 Nachos be packin the cooler as well. Lezzz partyyy #clarapeller #doesitsmell #noitstank #plusititch #pilsnerlifestyle

“Friday Night Flights & Bites” is now and it’s all that. #asseenincolumbus #getsome

We gotz dem nü “Key Bump” TRIPA & “Are We Having Fun Yet?” cans! @hoofheartedrunningclub will be running tonight at 6PM on what looks to be killer weather!!!

4 courses 4 Beers, 25 doll hairs. Oh weeee, we back at it again wiff da Flights and Bites fam!
This Friday just like ery Friday we out here droppin a new 4 course menz like it’s hawt!

You been askin’ and we’re here’n ta tell ya buddy buddy. SAT and SUN 12pm-sellout. Poolside exclusive. @highrollerlobsterco kickin it poolside this weekend playerzzz. #sunsoutbunsout #lobstermaineaxxx #lobstertour2018 #whatsitgonnatakeforustoputyouinabrandnewlobsterrolltoday #bluebill

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