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The Homie miguel 🇲🇽🇬🇺Verified  Radio personality,BayArea,Cali raised. phx.LA.SF 👪@j.ro_b #dadlife @cmctv 🎥 mon-fri 6p-10p 🥋Jujitsu Round5🏈Raiders🏀warriors youtube "We are MandJ"

Salute🙌🙌🙌🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 brorha, outs will deserved. The Bay area is proud!!!!
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THANK YOU MY KING JESUS CHRIST!!! WE WON “VIDEO OF THE YEAR” • yes “WE” because i couldn’t have done this without my team @cinemagiants who held me down! thank you @karolg @jbalvin @nickyjampr for allowing me to be a part of this epic project!!! Wow! I can’t believe it!!! Thank you @jessyterrero for your guidance and support! @leslieterrero for beating me up to be better! Isabel for producing the hell out of this! @gabysotoset for building the dopest set for me! @mikkodp for killing the camera! @youngchang1111 for 1st ADing the hell out of it!! @natalia_beauty for making everyone look great!!! Wow...we did it!!


What an amazing weekend. My little guy was baptized and celebrated with great hearts that love him. It meant a lot to @j.ro_b and I, we want our son to be close with God. Thank you to his nina's @1103caro , @_martharod10_ and nino's @dweezyoo7 , @eddie_rod0307. Mario Joseph Barrozo you're in great hands son. We love you my son.

This was my wife's Valentine's yesterday. He stoled her from me again. His shirt said it all. I my little guy I'm so glad it's friday and I get to be with mami and him all weekend.

I would like to say HAPPY VALENTINE'S to the best valentines ever. I love you with all my heart and soul. Everyday were celebrated love and I'm thankful to have you in my life as my wife. You are the greatest mom and wife. I love you now drinko since more wine and let's celebrate...

Today 2/12/90..... 29 years ago the bay legend @mchammer released his third album Please Hammer Don’t Hurt ‘Em. Had the smash "you can't touch this" Btw 'here comes the hammer' video was a short movie... uh oh uh oh here comes the hammer.. #mchammer #canttouchthis #bay #bayarea #legend #oaktown #oakland

My happy little guy is ready for his baptism. I love you my papa. #myson #daddysboy #gerberbaby #babyboy #gerberphotosearch2019


My beautiful son, you can't Copying everything you see mommy do, .like the sexy crawl lol. My little angel of a son, I'm so happy you came in my life and made everyday better. You and mommy are the ultimate happiness in my life. I love you buddy. #mandjplusone #mandjforeternity #mandjsquad #myson #daddysbestfriend #daddysboy #gerberphotosearch2019 #gerberbaby

Sitting here at work slappin some Pun on his passing anniversary. 19 years ago today. Definitely top 5 best for sure. He is #1 on my list, he had BARS for days. If you aint up on Pun, go hit youtube and listen to "capital punishment" NOW!!!!! #bigpun #hiphop #lyrics #music

Come see what our family is about. You will enjoy your time working out getting your fitness and mind right.
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Whatever you choose for self defense or fitness, make sure you’re enjoying yourself. There is no better satisfaction than being able to release some stress with like minded folks.
Do yourself a favor and find yourself an amazing Muay Thai/Jiu Jitsu academy. Walk in, sign up and show up! There is a better you waiting.... #MuayThai #ThaiBoxing #BJJ #JiuJitsu #NoGi #Judo #Yoga #Boxing #Kickboxing #wrestling #SanLeandro #NorCal #CheckMat

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