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Honor Yoga Hoboken  Bringing friendly yoga to your community to honor your mind, honor your body, and honor your self. Click the link for our Intro Offer


Wednesday's Class Offerings:
9:30 am- Roots with @blonde_stormtrooper
12:15 pm- Meditation with @jessgiga
5:30 pm- Prenatal with @irish.lullaby
5:45 pm- Meditation with @jessgiga
6:45 pm- Flow with @allliecat
7:00 pm- Aerial Roots with @cz_0830
8:00 pm- Restore with @allliecat
See you then!

"Yoga does not change the way we see things, it transforms the person who sees." - B.K.S Iyengar
Tonight's class offerings:
5:30 pm- Roots with @blonde_stormtrooper
7:00 pm- Meditation with @blonde_stormtrooper
7:45 pm- Flow with @blonde_stormtrooper
8:00 pm- Aerial Roots with @jessgiga

Today's class offerings:
9:30- Roots with @blonde_stormtrooper
12:15- Meditation with @jessgiga
5:15- Aerial Roots with @youmetrapeze
6:30- Roots with @yogagrrrl
6:45- Power with @yogajengi
7:45- Aerial Flow with @youmetrapeze
Come have a good day with us!

Sunday's Class Offerings:
8:45 am- Roots with @joshansley
9:00 am- Aerial Flow with @yogajengi
10:15 am- Flow with @joshansley
10:30 am- Aerial Roots with @yogajengi
11:45 am- Prenatal with @yogajengi
6:15 pm- Restore with @1jes5
7:30 pm- Meditation with @1jes5

Saturday's Class Offerings:
8:00 am- Meditation with @julie.bottini
8:45 am- Flow with @julie.bottini
9:00 am- Aerial Roots with @jessgiga
10:00 am- Power with @julie.bottini
10:15 am- Roots with @yogagrrrl
See you in the morning!

There's still time to get your introductory offer of 30 days of unlimited yoga (traditional, aerial and meditation) for $49! Your first class is free, why not give @jessicanamit 's Flow tonight at 5:30 a try! •

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Come join us for a relaxing Aerial Restore class this morning at 9:15 with @montanacibs !! You'll be sure to be leaving feeling this happy! If aerial isn't your thing we also have a 9:30 flow class! You'll also leave Melanie's Flow with a smile that big! •
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Happy Moon Day! On this day in 1969 we had our first man on the moon! (Feeling inspired by @bloominglotusjewelry for this post!)
Tonight's Class Offerings are:
5:30 pm- Flow with @yogagirlswagger
7:00 pm- Meditation with @yogagirlswagger
7:45 pm- Aerial Roots with @jessgiga
8:00 pm- Roots with @mandyogaglow
See you on your mats!

Come align your chakras with us today!
Today's Class Offerings:
9:30- Roots with @blonde_stormtrooper
12:15- Meditation with @jessgiga
5:30- Prenatal with @irish.lullaby
5:45- Meditation with @jessgiga
6:45- Flow with @allliecat
7:00- Aerial Roots with @cz_0830
8:00- Restore with @allliecat
See you there!

"The quieter you become the more you can hear." - Ram Dass
Today's Class Offerings:
9:15 am- Aerial Roots with @youmetrapeze
9:30 am- Flow with @yogajengi
5:30 pm- Roots with @blonde_stormtrooper
7:00 pm- Meditation @blonde_stormtrooper
7:45 pm- Flow with @blonde_stormtrooper
8:00 pm- Aerial Roots with @jessgiga
See you there!

Here at Honor we like to use Monday Meditation to set a tone of mindfulness for your week! Come check us out at 12:15 for lunch time meditation. Come as you are on your lunch break and give your mind a workout while the body relaxes. Hope to see you there! •

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