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HMBR  All I'm out here trying to do is express myselfff ☄️ "Rolling thru life to roll over and die"

We went and visited our favorite gas station attendant everrrrr by our old place ❤❤❤❤❤#lovethisguy


Vibes 💫always #margottenenbaum

Last nights sunset 🌞

So kind of a cool lil story- my nephew found this dandelion growing thru the bottom of a toy 4 wheeler that had been sitting for a few weeks in the yard. It seems this dandelion longed to feel the sun so damn much it pushed and pushed and pushed until it's stem was long enough to grow thru the bottom of that annoying man made machinery. I was truly touched and in awe once again of the majesty and magic of Mother Nature and all her brilliant children. I was inspired by it. We all can push and push and push and overcome whatever obstacle sits before us to finally feel that beloved sun on our faces. ❤❤❤❤❤

It's the sisco brothers 😍


My ❤

Missing my baby. I've been away from home and it's the longest time we've ever spent apart. ❤❤ my little dream.

Cleaning out my photo album and I wondered why I never posted these. I like them and I love that dress. 🌸

I love this.

This is my special person. The one human in this whole world that knows me to the very core of my soul. As I know his. Of course being this close with another human isn't always easy, in fact it can feel down right impossible at times - but there's nothing like being able to be 100% yourself even at your worst, ugliest, grumpiest, most fucked up moments when everyone else wouldn't want to be around and deal with your shit. That's love. That's an intertwining of humans souls. That's us. and even when it's not easy it's still real and vivid and messy and hilarious and stupid and peaceful and vibrant.and it's everything to me.

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