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Stephanie  Lover of Jesus, Nick's bride, momma to 3 daughters & 3 son-n-loves and Honey to 4 grandkids. I'm thankful for the grace upon grace God has shown me.


Grinny πŸ’— Honey πŸ’— Lollie .
I'm still alive and well. We didn't drive to Texas and get massacred by a crazy woman with a chainsaw. (Although, Lydia keeps telling me I'm upping my chances for that likelihood to happen if I keep traipsing all over the country staying with strangers) #kids #whatdotheyknow
But if these cups could talk after what all they've heard over the past 48 hours. πŸ™ˆπŸ™ŠπŸ˜¬πŸ˜ We have laughed til we cried, we have cried til we laughed, we've praised Jesus for all He's done and encouraged each other about what He is still yet to do. We've shared story after story of gratitude for our husbands the Lord has blessed us with and how honored we are to be the mothers to our children. And of course the grandkids. Ohh the grandkids.
These ladies have been the sweetest gift. A grace upon grace-water to your soul-extra whip cream with a cherry on top kind of gift. I mean, when you find yourself at 2am on Amazon together buying matching reading glasses and they are just as excited and giddy as you are about it, you know you've found keepers. #grinnyhoneylollie

We're coming for you @oldmcdonaldswife! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ #nextstoptexas #grinnyhoneylollie

I take my t-shirts seriously.
It also helps to have souls sisters who appreciate your wisdom and life choices.
πŸš—πŸ‘­πŸ‘ πŸ° #texasbound #grinnyhoneylollie

When California girls include a visit to The Chapel during their Mississippi travels and they bring their sweet 90 year old great-Grandma Dessie who shows up wearing a top just like one you have yourself. πŸ‘― And their Uncle Danny obliges your need for multiple pics and silly faces without even batting an eye. .
Y'all come back ANYTIME @laurenkenzieb πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›

Today was for Covenant Commitments, COUSINS!!, Cake, Cutie pie aunts and all day Car trips to get there and back. (Oh.. and arm Candy. Because mine was sho looking good.πŸ‘€ #hubbahubba) .
Megan, we're so happy for you and Kyle! πŸ’•πŸ’•#bowlsbeygetswild

Headin to a weddin with my forever boyfriend. ❀️ #nickieandstephanie #honeyandthepreacher

Oh hey. Just me and Ollie here. My plant. He got his name because he used to have long, slender, swooping "arms" that looked like an octopus. (Swipe to see) And then, like everyone else who hangs around here for more than 10 minutes...he got fluffy. πŸ™ŠπŸ™ˆ #nooneissafe #honeysplants
In other news, my hair is hetting longer. #finally Except it's at the really aggravating stage when I wear it down.πŸ˜‘ And I almost chopped bangs again but the preacher hid all the scissors on me so.. 😏 And this dress is another Walmart gem. It's stretchy and feels like you're wearing an oversized tshirt and I wear it ridiculously, ok..embarrassingly, too much. Around the house, in the garden, as a bathing suit cover up, while traveling....but then I just throw on wedges and a shrug/hoodie and tadaaaa... I go from picking peppers to date night ready in a snap. Even if my date night consisted of mostly grocery shopping. .
#wearingwhatweloveandlovingwhatwewear #bitohoneystyle
Here's the scoop:
Dress || @walmart
Hoodie || @evystreeofficial
Shoes || @marshalls
Necklace || @traderoutesllc
Cuff || @farmgirlpaints
Braclets || @ednagrayces
Watch || @youwoodorg

Date night with my man.
OR alternate caption...
Acting fancy with our Walmart bag salad and SAMs cheese while totally ignoring the 10,000 things that must get done before 9am tomorrow morning, while seriously considering finishing up the last 2 episodes of yesterday's Netflix binge before I get started on my to-do list. #procrastinationatitsfinest #ineedanintervention

When you haven't unpacked from your last trip and you about to leave on another. 😬#mysuitcaseisundertheresomewhere

Well I was holding out for New York but then Texas came a knockin. 😬#cashinginmyfunmoney #GrinnyHoneyLollie

After almost 29 years of marriage, we're still experiencing firsts together.
Behold... Our very first cantaloupe we've ever grown. Eeeep! πŸ’›#inthegardenwithhoneyandthepreacher

Nick shared this pic this morning teaching on biblical hospitality. I strongly encourage you to go read it. (@nickholden ) It's chockablock full of rich wisdom. Go read his & then come back here as I get transparent for a minute and add a few thoughts from a woman's heart....
Biblical hospitality is not always convenient. It doesn't always fit in our schedules and as busy women & overcommitted mommas we can often say no to some incredibly amazing God appointments... invitations to eternal moments, all because we couldn't work it into our "to-do list" all nice and tidy-like.
That almost happened to me with the Boyd family that you see here sitting around my table. They could not have been passing thru our way on their vacation at a more busier time for me. We had just got back home from an out of town trip, I had our last night of bible study where I served the ladies supper to celebrate, AND I was leaving on another trip the next morning which was the only day that they could come. The easy thing would have been to just chalk it up to bad timing & say it just can't work out. But we persevered to find a couple of hours to all gather around the table together. They actually parked their RV in our yard when they arrived late that night & then joined us for breakfast early the next morning before I pulled out on my trip.
I tell you this not to make you think I'm some kind of great person. I'm so not. For as many times as I make the right choice, there are twice as many times I blow it. I tell you this to say I struggle too but I'm learning to say yes to God when He "interrupts" my day. From the moment this dear family walked through my door I knew this was worth any effort to make it happen. And my goodness, when I pulled out my driveway a few hours later, my heart was beyond full. They blessed me so much.
That's what happens when we open up our hearts and our homes. When we choose to live our lives to bless others rather than impress them, God shows up and His grace shines through and our imperfections are overshadowed by His perfect love. .
Choose God's schedule y'all. His to-do list is so much better. #livingtoblessnottoimpress #honeyandthepreacher

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