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Stephanie  Lover of Jesus, Nick's bride, momma to 3 daughters & 3 son-n-loves and Honey to 4 grandkids. I'm thankful for the grace upon grace God has shown me.

I’ll follow that man wherever he leads me. But I ain’t gonna lie, when he leads me to the beach my heart does a happy dance. 💘#nickieandstephanie #thirtyyearsandcounting

Thirty years ago today two teenage kids said I do. Three weeks later they became parents.
We didn’t know much. We didn’t have much. But we had love. And apparently, love IS really all you need. (And a sense of humor don’t hurt none.😉)
Not a whole lot has changed since then. We still don’t know a whole lot. We still don’t own a whole lot. But we’re filthy rich in the stuff that counts and we’re growing in grace everyday.
And when Jesus showed up about 9 years into marriage, He rocked our world in the best kind of way and amplified all the goodness times a million. To say I’m thankful for the life He’s given us seems so small compared to what’s whirling around in my heart today. But it’s the best I have to offer. Gratitude. So much gratitude for this man I love and our life together. #nickieandstephanie #thirtyyearsandcounting

Does anyone remember my beloved #honeyswallofmanycolors ?? (May it Rest In Peace) Well, on Thursday when we pulled up to the church, I look over at their parsonage and I see THIS WALL. 🤩 I knew then in my spirit we was gonna have us a grand time in the Lord. 🙌🏼😉 And to my delight I find out that it was my wall that had inspired this wall! 😭🙌🏼⚡️🌈
I ain’t gonna lie @maeleemathis ....this has got me itchin to bust out my chalk again. 😬 #NoWallisSafe #talesfromapreacherswife

Tonight after church. These are the preacher’s kids. They couldn’t wait to show Nick the big bug they had found. ☺️*swoon*

The 15 year old me never saw it coming that God was gonna give me such a Jesus loving_bible preaching_bug enthusiast_kid magnet_people lover_gentle_beyond patient_teacher at heart_kind of man. #justtonameafew
Yet here we are.
And I think I find something new I adore about him every single day. We often laugh at the way our bodies are turning on us lately (especially in the morning when we first get out of bed and I kind of hobble a bit before I actually walk), But this getting old together _middle age season is pretty amazing. It might just be my favorite. #nickieandstephanie #honeyandthepreacher #talesfromapreacherswife

Some of my favorite things about today so far:

1. Waking up with my head on his shoulder even though we were in a big king sized bed.
2. Listening to a testimony of Gods grace and faithfulness over lunch by a new friend in Christ.
3. Exploring “downtown” with my boyfriend.
4. Connecting with a sweet shop owner who is going down a similar road the Lord took me down too. And being able to share His hope and faithfulness with her. #thebodyofchristrocks
5. Texting my daughters who make me laugh. They’re my best friends and I adore getting to be their mom.
6. The fact that I’m about to get dressed to gather with folks and celebrate Jesus and what He’s done and what He still wants to do in all of us. 🙌🏼 #talesfromapreacherswife

On the road again riding shotgun with my favorite preacher. If y’all live anywhere near Gilbertown, Alabama come hang out with us. Nick will be preaching tonight through Sunday at Chappel Hill Baptist Church (7pm) and I’m gonna be sharing with the ladies on Saturday at noon. Would love to hug yer neck. 💛 #honeyandthepreacher

I’m proud to be “shouter” for the kids and families of @goshoutlove. My girls were healthy growing up. And my grandkids were born healthy too. Apart from all the day in and day out crazy, they have a “normal” childhood. Not all families can say that. For some, a normal day is filled with hospital visits and medical treatments and big words and diagnosis that you and I will probably never know how to even pronounce much less know what it means. So I am so humbled by the opportunity to go shout love for these families and help provide support in so many needed areas.
Nick and I enrolled as ongoing monthly “shouters” and on top of getting introduced to a new family that we can pray for, along with helping meet financial needs, we also get new tee each month designed just for these brave, amazing kids. This month’s lil guy @strengthforsamuel is SERIOUSLY adorable. #swipe to see what I’m talking about (you get a card each month with your tee telling about the Lil super hero. Perfect to slide in your bible as a bookmark to remember to pray each day.)
*This isn’t sponsored. Just sharing a unique and creative way to help others.We all can’t do everything. But we can all do something. Maybe this is your “something”. 👊🏼

He’s not supposed to be up there. And I really was about to fuss, but then...that face. 😬 So I did what every grandma worth a grain salt does in a situation like this... I grabbed my phone and started taking pics.😆 #franksinatramcmullen #extra
(And yes, for those who have asked, he is going to Hawaii with his parents but he’s letting them get all moved in a house first. He ain’t about that hotel life.)

#myviewfromthepew tonight gave me a front row seat to witness this sweet moment...
A proud grandpa showing off pics he took of his brand new grand baby boy that was born today. And the genuine joy and excitement of these two getting their first peek. #thebodyofchristrocks
“Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep.” Romans‬ ‭12:15‬ ‭

When your preacher comes back from hospital visiting with a lil happy from the pharmacy gift shop... just because. And your heart explodes. .
This little treasure will rank up there with another “just because” gift he gave me way back in 1986. A yellow pig pencil sharpener that he bought off a kid on the school bus. Because he knew I liked pigs and my favorite color was yellow. 💛 #yesistillhaveit #itsthelittlethings #nickieandstephanie

In case, like me, you sometimes need reminding. 🙌🏼. Hence, why this has stayed on my mirror for two years now. #truthtrumpsfeelings #gratitudeisthebestfilter #honeys💛house

#honeyshelpfulhints Hospitality edition:
When you really want to bless your houseguests make sure you have bottled fancy water in case they get thirsty in the middle of the night, poise pads for the highly probable laughing til they cry accidents that might occur during their stay and a bucket full of candy and other stuff with the word “enjoy” written real big.
Lydia saw the bucket later and was like, “Mom. Is that a French word or something?” Um. 😬 #oops Good thing I’m #livingtoblessnottoimpress 😜

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