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Honey Chiffon Slimes  ✨ dms open 🌟 reviews/trades closed 💫 email for business inquiries 🍯 restocked!


peach creampop crunch 🍑💥|| thick & glossy peach scented slime! it also has super cute foam beads -
qotd - what color are your eyes? 👀 mine are brown

squid ink🦑|| just made this black clear slime yesterday so it kind of looks purple on camera :/ it looks super cool once it clears up though -
qotd - what is the most exotic dish you have eaten? i’ve eaten alligator before 🐊

i love this slime so much || this is emerald🐉 available in my shop now, link in bio! -
i’m thinking of an amphibian🐸 the first person to guess correctly wins a shout out

guess the animal 🐙 (ps it’s not an octopus) -
it’s kind of sad that it’s really hard to tell what it is :’) also i ran out of black beads so i used tiny blueberry charms for its eyes 👀

matcha ice cream 🍵🍦|| super creamy & thick butter slime colored like matcha 🌱also scented like floral matcha. It is one of the best sellers in my shop and always available, link in bio! -
qotd - do you share a birthday with someone famous? if so, who?

orange creampop crunch🍊💥
this is a super thick & glossy white slime w/ red, orange, and yellow foam beads!! it makes great clicks and bubbles :)

white peach gummy 🌸|| super thick & stretchy translucent slime w/ cute pink glitters✨ also peach and rose scented🍑🌹 just listed this in my shop, link in bio!!
i’m so sorry for reposting this so many times :/
qotd - what is your favorite gummy flavor? 🍬i love peach or lychee gummies :)

happy lunar new year! 🌙🎊

comment name suggestions 🌸
qotd - what is your favorite day of the week?

happy valentine’s day! tag someone you love in the comments below💖

comment name suggestions 🍁 -
qotd - which shoe you put on first? i put my right shoe on first

emerald 🐉 || super thick & stretchy clear slime! this is a beautiful emerald green with green glitter flakes and unscented. link in bio to shop! -
qotd - what is your favorite winter olympic event to watch? mine is figure skating ⛸

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