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maggie  ✨ dms open 🌟 reviews/trades open 💫 email for business inquiries 🍯 shop below!

favorite slime scent?
lavender butter || is you purchase this, it comes as a duo with blue butter and purple butter (shown in vid) that mix to a SUPER gorgeous pale lavender!!! IM SO HYPED FOR SLIME CON. Also sorry for so many posts in one day lol

comment your favorite emoji!! mine is🤩🤩
matcha latte 🍵 || a bestseller!!! Will be sold at slime con. I’m so so excited to meet you all at slime con!

comment the last movie you watched and what you thought about it! i just watched the mountain between us⛰ i rlly enjoyed the movie :)
flower fizz🌷💥|| together the light pink fuzz butter and creamy white butter slime both scented like warm sugar mix to a fun, textured, blush butter slime! this will be sold at slime con and comes with a cute bee charm🐝
inspo: @popularslime

cinnamon milk 🥛🐄 || selling this at slimecon!!! it was one of my best sellers and favorites from last fall. scented like warm cinnamon milk

your 2nd most used emoji is your current mood! mine is 🤩
matcha latte 🍵|| this slime will be sold at slime con!! it is a super sizzly and spreadable butter slime w/ a light green tea scent! it has a very accurate matcha color and will come with a little matcha candy🍬 i’m super excited for slime con (rlly excited to meet you guys!!) and more slimes will be coming out soon ;)

mixing whale shark gloss and rosemallow creme || is anyone going to slime con this Saturday????

Whale shark gloss 🐳🦈 || comes with a whale shark charm!! what should I scent this??

your battery percentage + your age is the age you will retire! mine is 76 -
rosemallow cream 🌹thank you @squishpopslime and everyone else for name inspo || this has a super nice marshmallowy texture and will be sold at slimecon. It has some air bubbles in it right now bc it was freshly made!!! -
thumbnail inspo: @softrockslimes

create your own slime by following these instructions :) the last thing you ate is the scent of the slime, the color of your shirt is the color of the slime, and if you are born between January-June you are a glossy slime and if you are born between July-December you are a butter slime! what slime did you make?
mine is a red glossy slime scented like waffles -
whale shark gloss 🐋🦈 || im going to be selling this at slime con!!! The base is super thick and glossy.

your 7th most used emoji is your reaction to this video! here’s mine: 🐫
I’m not sure what to name this slime yet but it has a marshmallow fluff texture and is scented rose & vanilla🌹 comment some name suggestions!! hope you all have great day :)

here’s the caption everyone can use if they’d like :)
Hey everyone! @slimecon2018 will be adding later admission tickets at 1PM PST! Later Gator ticket holders will enter the event at 2PM instead of 11AM. This is your LAST CHANCE to grab tickets as they will not be adding anymore tickets after this! Get them in @slimecon2018’s bio at 1PM!

count the number of times i poke the slime!!
blueberry slime 🔵|| sorry the beginning is off centered :/ hope you enjoy this video and have a totally tubular thursday 🤩🤩

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