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HONEY & BE  ⋆ LAUNCHING SOON: a product for glowing skin ⋆ Your daily reminder for self love Honey: treat yourself sweet Be: take a pause to practice self care

Poolside masking 🌺🌹🍉 We're currently loving these pinky pie beauty boosts!
HINT 4: our product (tool 😉) pairs extremely well with your favorite masks and serums!
We start with the Hibiscus Cleansing Grains by @brownandcoconut as an exfoliating mask.
To follow up, we like to pair this exfoliation with the Watermelon Sleeping mask by @glowrecipe for a soft, plumping glow.
After this mask duo, we spritz on some of the @herbivorebotanicals Rose Hibiscus Coconut water face mist for a boost of hydration and a dewy finish.
The @diormakeup lip glow is the finishing touch for maximum hydration! ✨
We would love to hear what your current favorite face ritual is 🙌🏻 Let us know in the comments 💕

Always listen to your body & mind and learn to TRUST what it is telling you ✨ You are more powerful than you think✨ Often times, our bodies give us hints when they need attention... these hints aren't always loud so we have to learn to listen closely, with love and patience. It is so easy to ignore what your mind & body is telling you and let work and seemingly more important obligations get in the way of taking care of yourself. Absolutely NOTHING should compromise taking care of yourself. There is only ONE beautiful you and you are the ONLY one who knows what you truly need. Never feel guilty or apologize for taking time to get well and stay well. If you needed an invitation for self care today... here it is ♥️ take care of whatever you need, your body, your mind, your creative health and your soul. #treatyourselfsweet

hope all you ☀️ SUNSHINE CITRUS HONEY BABES ☀️ are having a fabulous & inspiring weekend!! ✨ regardless of where you are in the world or what you are doing, take a moment right now, for yourself (before you keep scrolling, you can do it... you CAN!) lift your head to the sky and PAUSE 🍊 pause for just a moment, inhale only things that lift you up, think of everything that makes your soul turn to sunshine and LET GO of all the rest. you are amazing, keep shining & doing your beautiful honey pie thing! 💛

DESERT DREAMS 🌵 The desert has always been a special place for us! There is just something truly magical about desert air! I mean, can you think of anything better than the warm breeze, WIDE open space & creamsicle sunsets? 🍊☀️ FUN FACT: we came up with Honey & Be's first product in Palm Springs, CA... at nearly 2 o’clock in the morning (ha) the idea literally seemed to fly in through the open windows and charge us up with all kinds of good energy 🌟 Once an idea comes to you, remember that it picked YOU to bring it to life for a reason. Don’t let your ideas go, treat them sweet & honor them!

✨ SNEAK PEAK ✨ with a purchase of our product, you will receive a secret link to download an inspirational PDF... including details on how to use our product and very special DIY recipes that maximize your experience with our product & allow you to treat yourself sweet! We can’t wait to share this Citrus Honey Glow face mask with you, it’s one of our favorites! 🍋🍊 Any ideas on what our product is yet?
HINT 2: it can be easily incorporated into any skincare routine!
We love making DIY face masks with real ingredients because they are simple to make, affordable, customizable, and packed with delicious fresh ingredients from nature. Such a fun thing to do with friends on a pampering evening 🙌🏻 stay tuned for more updates on our product launch ✨

Do you have any fun DIY skin care recipes? Let us know in the comments! 😍

Wherever you are, just know you are EXACTLY where you need to be. Never doubt that! When life gives you lemons, squeeze the heck out of them for creative juices! 🍋 We are the co-founders of Honey & Be and this photo holds a special place in our hearts! It was taken at the @createcultivate event in Los Angeles. This event is when Honey & Be truly took off. We had been dreaming up ideas for almost a year (!!) and knew that we wanted to create something positive for the world with messaging around self love and a healthy mindset. It was actually on a crazy road trip across the entire country that we committed to pushing each other and our ideas further. @createcultivate was such a powerful and inspirational event... it was what we needed to propel our ideas into action!
We are getting SO close to our 🌟 product launch 🌟stay tuned and thank you so much for the support so far!

HEY, HONEY! we're counting down the days until we can share our first product with you! We will be dropping some hints to get you excited 🌟
HINT 1: this product will feel cool & luxurious on your skin ✨ when we developed this product, our goal was to not only create a beneficial product for your skin but also a product that could serve as a physical reminder to make time for self care. An invitation to treat yourself sweet... because you deserve it 🍊 stay tuned for more hints 🐝
TAG a friend who deserves to treat themselves! spread the sweetness and tell them why they're so amazing 🍯

REMINDER ✨ you never have to justify making the time for yourself. take yourself to the shore. buy yourself some flowers. walk barefoot in the sand. admire the sun melting into the sea at sunset 🍊 go chase whatever it is that inspires you, and never apologize for that 💫

ZEST up your morning oats! 🍊 steel cut oats are packed with protein, vitamins, & fiber to help give you lasting energy. we love topping our creamy oats with fresh citrus, coconut flakes, honey, and orange zest! 🌟use your breakfast time to be present in experiencing flavors, nourishing your body, and taking a sweet moment for yourself🌟
what do you love doing in the morning to start your day? ☀️

Be brave to become who are meant to be. The relationship you have with yourself is the strongest relationship you will ever have, fall in love with who you are 🦋
Here is a reminder to have tremendous gratitude for yourself and the people in your life that propel you higher. The most important people in your life should be the ones that see the purest part of who you have become.

we have been testing many skincare products & this jet lag mask by @summerfridays is our current favorite! the extreme hydration is perfect for all your glowy skin dreams ✨ whether you need an all over radiance, an undereye refresh or an overnight skin replenish, you must give this mask a try!💦this product is only the good stuff too (cruelty free, fragrance free & paraben free + more!)

Have you been needing an excuse for a fresh start? a reason to make a change in your life? regardless of whether you need a big change or a little change, the time is now! 🌸 SPRING 🌸 is here and like with every new season comes the opportunity for newness and growth.
You DESERVE to feel the energy of hope, the refresh of new beginnings and most of all the sweetness of self love that comes when you allow yourself to experience change.

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