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HONEY & BE  Honey⋆be sweet Be⋆pause We believe in self care & sweetness. Consider this your invitation to #treatyourselfsweet Shop the Honey Facial Rollers ➝

How sweet is it that your best days haven’t even happened yet? 🍊The most exciting part is that you are in complete control of your best days that are yet to come 💓thank you to @lalahdelia for the loveliest reminder ✨

One of our favorite self care TIPS 🌟Do something sweet for yourself EVERY morning! The most intentional self care happens when you feel in control of your day and that starts with a mindful morning. Here is a throwback to our recent trip to Paris together 🍋 ✨ Something that we tried to do on this trip to practice self care was take the time to get ready each morning. Some days this meant dressing up, others it meant doing an extra step or two in our skincare routine or even just drinking a tall glass of water. We have both previously experienced too many days that felt like they escaped us after having stressful mornings, and we realized a common theme: our best, happiest and most productive days always seemed to happen when we focused on our mindset in the morning while we got ready. Don’t ignore what you need in the morning! Here is your invitation to spice up your morning routine with whatever self care feels right 💕

Where is your happy place? ✨that place that no one can take away from you, that place where you are the most authentic version of yourself? That place where you don’t need anything to feel happy…. That place where you know what you can expect, whether that’s peacefulness, adventure, sunshine, comfort, nature, or anything you want it to be 💕It can be so easy to let life get in the way of visiting your happy place, but if you try and make it a priority, you will gain inspiration, clarity, and be able to give your best self to the world and those who you love. Here is your invitation to go to your happy place and this time, pause and notice everything while you are there <3 Notice the sounds, the smells, how the air feels on your skin, the thoughts you have. Breathe in all of the little moments that make you light up 🌟Let us know your happy place in the comments!

Thank you to our sweet growing community! It’s been a little while since we’ve talked about Honey & Be and what our company name truly means and how it was inspired🍊Honey stands for sweetness: be sweet to yourself. Be stands for taking a pause: pause from your day, shift your mindset and practice a moment of intentional self care ✨We hope to inspire self care and spark meaningful conversations that help you feel like your best self. Our products, the Honey facial rollers are intended to encourage more intentional self care moments. The citrus pattern on the box is a visual reminder for being sweet to yourself. How did you practice self care today?

Create intentional moments of self care that help you feel like your best self- anytime, anywhere 🌸These moments can be anything from going to a workout class, to listening to an inspiring song or cooking a meal you love! We encourage you to break your usual routine and try to notice how you feel when you do things for yourself 💕One of the ways we love to practice small acts of self care is to bring our Honey Jade & Rose Quartz Rollers on the go! Using them on the go to treat our skin with a little extra love helps us feel like our best self! Take a pause right now and think about one thing you can to do practice self care. The more self care you can add into your daily routine, the sweeter life will become ✨ How do you like to create little moments of self care? Share your tips in the comments!

How did you practice self care today? Let us know in the comments or send us a message! We would love to know what you are doing daily to take care of your heart, mind and body! It is so easy to forget about self care or what it means. Self care can be much more than a long bath or a cup of tea (although those things are lovely too!) It can be going for a peaceful drive, organizing your space, trying a new routine or discovering a new place. We love to work in new coffee shops and bakeries. To us, this is a form of self care. We feel inspired, energized and alive when working in a new environment. Or latest discovery is @morninglavenderoc, they make a yummy iced matcha with oat milk!

We can find so much beauty in our differences 💫One of our favorite things about the Honey & Be Jade Roller is that once you open up your box, the jade becomes uniquely yours. No two rollers are the same due to the unique variation in the jade stone! Pick up your Honey Jade Roller at the link in our bio for a unique self care treat 💚Consider this your invitation to take a step back and acknowledge what makes you the amazing person that you are. We encourage you to write down a list of some things that you love about yourself… What makes you uniquely you? What is something that you know people can count on you for? Celebrate what makes you the beautiful person that you are, and own it! 🌟What is something unique about you? Tell us in the comments, we would love to hear!

Live each day with INTENTION 🌟 We always bring along a few pretty stones with us each day as a reminder to slow down and carry our intentions for the day with us. Stones can be such a powerful reminder for whatever you need if you take the time to pick the right ones for you and use them when you need them! One of our new favorite ways to use our stones is to place our Honey & Be Facial Rollers next to some stones so they can charge up with all of the amazing energy ✨Here is your invitation to set some intentions for your day and bring a little something along with you so you always remember exactly what you want! Slow down, take a deep breath, and just know that you are in complete control of your life today 💓How are you going to make today the best day it can be? Let us know in the comments! 🌸

Summer is in full swing! What are you doing to stay cool? 🍊 it is so important to protect your skin from the sun everyday. Sometimes the hardest part of wearing an SPF is not knowing which one to try! Here are two of our favorites for your face and neck. They do not give you that greasy feeling, are lightweight and smell yummy & so refreshing. If you are going to be somewhere like the beach, or in direct sun for a while, be sure to bring your SPF to reapply! TIP: Hitting up the beach? Don’t forget your Honey Jade Roller as well! The stone is naturally cool and will feel dreamy and cool on your warm skin ☀️

Morning must haves ✨ we have been loving the energizing morning combo of sipping on a dreamy matcha latte + jade rolling! There is nothing better than feeling energized from the inside out. The caffeine in matcha is released slowly which gives you lasting energy throughout your day. Jade rolling promotes blood circulation and wakes up your skin for a glowy morning boost 🌟Shop our Honey Rollers at the link in our bio!
Our go to simple matcha recipe 🍵
1 tsp matcha powder
1 tbs warm water (not boiling)
2 cups oat milk, warmed up
Whisk the matcha powder and warm water together in a wide mug until combined into a paste. Add in the warm oat milk and mix with an electric whisk for the frothiest latte 💓

#Treatyourselfsweet with the prettiest pink skincare tool 🌸The Honey Rose Quartz Roller is the perfect way to introduce delicate facial massage into your routine! Facial massage helps boost circulation in the face and help with lymphatic drainage to give you a radiant glow. Use the Honey Rose Quartz Roller with all of your favorite serums, oils, moisturizers for a dreamy skincare routine that you will look forward to. Now for our favorite part, the pause ✨The Honey Rose Quartz Roller turns your everyday skincare routine into a mindful self care practice. Set your intention and slow down for a few minutes to put some love into your skin. Pause and notice how the rose quartz stone feels on your skin and indulge, you deserve it! Shop at the link in our bio, and let us know what you think! 💓

Our Honey rollers take on sweet Versailles! ✨ During our recent time in Paris we took our rollers everywhere. They are so easy to travel with and allow you to pause wherever you are and treat yourself sweet ♥️ We sometimes even roll the larger stone across our shoulders to release tension while driving. While our beautiful jade roller provides a deeper facial massage, the rose quartz one offers a more delicate facial massage! Why are they both important? Well, a deeper facial massage supports lymphatic drainage which is important for a healthy & natural glow! A delicate facial massage releases tension slower and relaxes muscles. The jade stone brings you balance and rose quartz stone provokes self love! Together they create a perfect pair! 🍒

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