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💒 w e l c o m e 💒  slime 💤 squishies🐰 reviews 💌📦

Pixie Fairy 🧚‍♀️😴
Ugh I’m so FJDHDHS happy bc I finally got see my man after SO LONG!!!! I’m having such a great time with him today 😭😭😭😭😭😭
I love this floam !! Look at the simple glitters ahhh all he slimes are simple and cute and mmf
(From @slimywatermelons )

Rock Star Sugar Scrub ⭐️🎸 ✨
The scent is so amazing !!! and it’s so crunchy, listen ^^
It tears a little in the beginning but that’s bc I overactivated it. It feels like an intense massage on my hands lol.
(From @taylorbrette_slime ) 💕

Baby Tart Rose 🌹 👼🏻
How is your day?
Cloud dough/cloud slime, smells like roses !! It’s supa smooth n soft. 💖
(From @slimywatermelons )
I’m sad n concerned about my future :/ I love u all :/ 💕

Strawbb Pocky Chip 🍓🍪
Soft, creamy buttery texture 🤤 Scented like strawberries (:
How’s y’alls day so far?
(From @slimywatermelons )

🍡 Goodie Gumdrops 🍡
Pom poms !! It’s so fun and pretty ✨🍡🍬
It’s lightly scented with something sweet. The texture is unique because of the different sized pom poms !
I didn’t activate this bc I didn’t want to ruin the clarity. It’s sticky bc I left the package sitting for a bit !
(From @slimeauroraofficial )

Clear As Water 💧
Clear slimes are always beautiful. I activated this afterwards and it cleared up again but ofc not as clear. This was a lil bit sticky BUT that’s bc of me letting the package sit for a while !
(From @myslimeobsession_ )

Lemon Poundcake 🍋✨🌈
Tbh I’m gonna diet again I need to cleanse my body from all this bad stuff ;•(
This slime becomes glossy so quick !! It’s soft and fluffs up a lot. It’s a little less stretchy but it’s still super cute and soft n silky.
Smells like lemons n fruit loops (:
(From @slimywatermelons )

...Mesmerized lol
Super clear and glam— look at all the sparkles and glitter. Check out the lil crunching I did in the vid.
This was sticky bc I didn’t tend to the slime in time !! Not @myslimeobsession_ ‘s fault. :•)
(From @myslimeobsession_ )

✨ Pomegranate Jelly Cube ✨
I’m not familiar with jelly cube slimes, so this was a little hard to maneuver 😜
But it’s super fun to play with and has a unique texture. It is pomegranate scented.
(From @slimeauroraofficial )

I got my ferret today and he’s such a dream. Already potty trained and a comedian.
Pastel Cotton Candy 🌨💓
Soft, silky, crunchy and scented like ... cotton candy yogurt goodness 😭😭😭
(From @martianmatterslime )

S’Mores Crunch 🍪🍫
This is SUPER creamy, soft and smooth !! And it smells like Oreos ? Maybe cookies and cream. 🤤

Marshmallow Crème ☁️☁️☁️💕 This has the most comforting scent ever. It’s like fresh laundry and soft cologne. The texture isn’t like most butters ... It’s got a slightly wet, v silky texture. This is my favorite butter slime ever 😭 (From @myslimeobsession_ )

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