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Darjeeling is an absolutely darling tea to have towards the tail-end of the day, and Taylors of Harrogate Tea - Afternoon Darjeeling is one of our favourites. Available on Fresh supermarket on the honestbee app.

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Quality crackers are a must for teatime. The Fine Cheese Co Fine English - Bath Ovals are just what you need to complement your favourite cheeses. Available on Fresh supermarket on the honestbee app. What’s your favourite purchases? Tag us with the hashtag #honestbeeFinds

Monday’s finally coming to an end, and you know what that means – a sneaky after-work cocktail! Mix up a light and refreshing liquor (of your choice) with Fentimans Pink Grapefruit Tonic Water. Available on Fresh supermarket on the honestbee app. #honestbeeFinds?

A special shoutout to all our #QueenBEEs this #InternationalWomensDay! It’s a privilege to work with you, and we thank you for your dedication, strength and wisdom!

#InternationalWomensDay is a special day to appreciate, respect, support and motivate women all around the world. I’m glad that there is such an occasion to honour their achievements, as well as increase awareness of female empowerment. We should be poised and confident because each and every one of us have a special role in life and are the creator of our own identity.” Ng Pei See comes from a family of five. As the eldest and only daughter, she says she is very fortunate that her parents never subscribed to the traditional notion that sons are more valuable than daughters. She was thankful that she found the same belief in honestbee, where she feels that women are given the same opportunities as men to be trusted and valued.

And we’re thankful that #QueenBEEs like Pei See have chosen to work with us and continue to grow our diverse family.

“To me, #InternationalWomensDay is about recognising and appreciating the impressive work that my female colleagues and friends do every day. It also means anyone can take up a job, even though it is a male-dominated industry. Women can support each other by opening up and being there for one another. I support other women by understanding them, and giving them motivation and encouragement when they need it.” Elfira Fifiyana was raised in a family of shift-workers, so it seemed only natural for her to join honestbee as a delivery rider. Her job has provided her with greater independence and made her open to new challenges. She’s also found that work has made it easier for her to communicate, not just with customers, but also with her friends.
That openness is precisely why we treasure and celebrate all our #QueenBEEs like Elfira.

#InternationalWomensDay is when we stand united with no judgement and be grateful for who we are. The only person who can truly stand in your way is you. Fuel your own ambition and be yourself. You are unique and will always have a different perspective to bring to the table. Foster relationships, learn from others, and above all, help others on your journey.” Nur Elisha is an adventurous, generous, frank, witty and sometimes fierce order fulfillment coordinator for honestbee. As the youngest of three siblings, she’s also the self-professed princess in the family – but even so, she proudly boasts about how strong her bonds with her siblings and parents are.
As part of honestbee, Elisha has surrounded herself with good friends, colleagues and other #QueenBEEs who respect and encourage each other, truly embodying the spirit united womanhood.

“I am proud to be a woman, and am always inspired by – and want to inspire other women to do what their hearts desire. #InternationalWomensDay, to me, is when we celebrate and appreciate bold women who have created change. We should always be the kind of woman where our success is not made by trampling on other women.” Liew Chay Huey is the youngest in a family of five. As a shopper and warehouse bee, she is able to balance her schedule between doing more to chase her dreams, and her hobbies like reading and going for long runs.

It’s this kind of ambition that we appreciate in Chay Huey, and all our other independent and passionate #QueenBEEs, and is exactly why we want to take this week to celebrate them!

#InternationalWomensDay means a lot to me because women sacrifice a lot in their everyday lives. To build a good family foundation, I need to be a Super Mum. During my free time, I organise activities to keep my children happy, like baking and playing games together. Women need to listen to each other, and lend our shoulders and ears. If we can give good advice, we should. If we can’t, just be there. Sometimes, all a woman needs is care and concern.” Siti Aisyah is a mother of three, who works hard to create the best future that she can for her kids, while also helping her husband financially. As a rider for honestbee, she appreciates the opportunity to be a working mum with a job that allows her to balance her time with her family commitments.

And we certainly appreciate Aisyah – and the other strong, independent and caring women that work with us, which is why we want to celebrate all our #QueenBEEs this week.

Bananas and ice cream will always be a great combo. Throw in coffee though and we’re really talking! Learn how to make the Kohana Coffee & Banana Ice Cream yourself, then try it out and share with us your results! #honestbeeSG #recipevideo #coffee #banana #icecream

Creamy, chilled and just plain cool – find out how to make the delicious Kohana Coffee Avocado Smoothie, then try it for yourself and let us know how it went! #coffeeavacado #coffee #avacado #trendy #yummy #recipevideo #foodie #honestbeesg

Honey is already delicious, but throw in a bit of cinnamon and you’ve got a treat that goes well with your morning coffee or toast. Available on Fresh supermarket on the honestbee app.

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