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Lou Hondo  WBFF Muscle Model Pro Currently becoming A Certified Life Coach🧠 Sponsored Athlete @CWFIT #TEAMCWFIT USMC Purple Heart Combat Wounded Veteran

An amazing last day we had yesterday in #DisneyWorld going to #Epcot and having dinner in #Morocco with some Moroccan beer and then walking around to all the different countries.
Ate a Donut ice cream Sundae which was absolutely delicious 🍩 🍨
#Disney is one of my favorite places to be. You can never be to old for Disney🙌🏾🇺🇸
Left this morning and back in Seminole Florida to enjoy the rest of this vacation 🙃
#Florida #Vacation #Travel #Christmas #DisneyHolidays #ChristmasInDisney #December #Mickey #SantaHat

The happiest place on earth 🌏
I have been saying all year that no matter what I was coming to DisneyWorld to finally see the Christmas lights🙌🏾
#Finally #BucketList #BigKidAtHeart
#MagicKingdom #ChristmasLights #MickeysChristmas #Holidays #Disney #GreatestPlaceOnEarth #Finally

Pandora here we come!!
#Disney #AnimalKingdom #Avatar

Taco’s and Margarita’s in Florida with this badass Marine who I haven’t seen in years.
Great way to start off the vacation.
#Florida #SemperFi #2/6

Alright, so i’ve posted in the past how I take Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) every single morning with a mix of organic powdered greens, lemon and water. I’ve done this pretty religiously for about 2 years. The benefits of ACV are endless but mainly helps me with gut issues, bloating, etc.
I travel a lot and it’s difficult to stay consistent with things like this because i’m not going to fly and bring/buy ACV everywhere I go. But last week I was on Amazon and came across these pills of ACV and it caught my attention as an easy way to stay consistent when i’m on the go a lot and traveling. I have just tried it today for the first time but no matter what I always say that things in it’s purest form is always the best.
I will still use the ACV liquid daily but have the pills for when I travel or too busy to make my blend every morning.
Always remember that you cannot try to substitute everything. If you want the best results when it comes to food or anything else, consuming things naturally is the best no matter what. If you find yourself consuming majority of your daily food intake with supplements, protein shakes, power bars, etc. and wondering why you may not be seeing the best results it’s because you need to consume more actual foods to fill your macros daily.
And for those who cannot stand the taste of ACV and cannot stomach it, you should look into these pills and see how you like them.
#ACV #Supplements #Nutrients #AppleCiderVinegar #Fitness #Health #Wbff #WbffPro #TakeCareOfYourBody #GutHealth #Gym #SemperFi #Hondo

Gambit and I decided to go twinning with matching flannel for our Christmas tree 🎄🐶
#Twinning #Family #Christmas #Gambit #HesAGoodBoy #PitbullsOfInstagram #Models #ChristmasCardWorthy #Boxer #Pitbull #Holiday #TisTheSeason #Marvel #Pets

I cannot believe it has already been 1 year since I flew to Peru by myself and hiked the Inca Trail for 4 days living outside and on this day last year I arrived at Machu Picchu. This experience was by far one of my greatest adventures and the people I met were incredible. It is definitely time that I do something crazy like this again...
#SouthAmerica #IncaTrek #Peru #MachuPicchu #IncaTrail #Travel #SoloTravel #Journey #World #DoSomethingCrazy #Hiking #Hike #International #Osprey #Adventure #Life

#Warning #Rant
You know I see veterans all the time talking about “back in the day” reminiscing about old times and one of the biggest things I see is they feel like the best years of their lives have past.
That could not be more wrong.
If you’re the type who wants to beat yourself up and think that your greatest times are behind you than you may want to take a good look in the mirror and search your soul to find that person you once were.
Your mentality towards life is what’s going to make or break you.
For some reason I see post’s online and veterans bitching about how tough things are and how if they were still in they’d be this badass person yet majority of you who talk that way never even enjoyed the time while you were in. Many of you bitched just as much about how you couldn’t wait to get out and how you’re going to do great things.
Well what happened?
I’ll tell you what happened, you have the same mindset you had while you were in except in the military you had team leaders and squad leaders like myself who had to be on your asses everyday to make sure you got shit done.
Well in the real world there’s no one here to do that for you but yourself.
You can bitch and moan about your circumstances but in the end it’s up to you to make shit happen. Life is not fair but how you face it is what’s going to build your character.
We’ve all lost close friends, but what i see is everyone looking at things as if life’s over and you complain about your circumstances and the things we went thru as if it’s the end of the world.
Many of you look at everything as if you were cursed and damned with shit when majority of the time many of you are just looking for attention.(Sorry not Sorry)
The truth is, each and every one of you were blessed and lucky. You’re still alive, you were shown at a young age just how fragile life is and how quickly we can be taken from this earth. How you react towards everything is going to determine where you go in life.
There are Pro’s and Con’s to everything that happens to us. Sometimes we are blinded by the bad in the current circumstances that we do not see the good just yet, but it’s there.
#Veterans #Military #YouHaveThePower

Just look at that face🐶
Yet the tree farm where we go to cut down our tree isn’t allowing dog’s this year 😑
They were so excited during the ride but now have to turn around and head home😕
Anyone know of tree farms in CT where you cut your own tree and allows family fur balls🐶🐶 #Family #DogsOfInstagram #ChristmasTree #HolidaySeason #Rogue #ThatSmile

Wana really feel your #quads burning after a full leg day workout?

Try doing sets of these at the end for #Finisher.

You should never be done with your workout until you’re drenched in sweat 💧
Good pre thanksgiving Leg day💪🏽🇺🇸 Thanks @vkingkong for filming and joining in on some of the action.

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