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Rufus Spiller  Featherweight BJJ athlete from The Combat Academy Hereford under Dave Coles. UKBJJA Ranked. Masters Purple Belt.


State of the Art Gym

1x 5kg Sledgehammer
1x @onnit 20kg BattleBag Sandbag
1x 98kg Mitas EM-60 Earthmover Tyre
1x 20m hill


#bjjtraining #cardio #strengthandconditioning #bjj #bjjromania #bjjdeva #onnit #155bpm


Morning strength and conditioning session done. Quick shower and then off to @tcaromania for some BJJ. September is going to be a fun month with the Valahia Invitational, UK Masters and possibly the Romanian ADCC. Plenty of preparation to do. Plenty of fun to be had!

#bjj #bjjromania #bjjdeva #tcaromania #tca #thecombatacademy #bjjtraining #sweat

TCA and Mill Hill

Fun day up with Marius Crainic and Alex Mihut who train out of the Mill Hill affiliate Iguana Fight Club in Timisoara. Got some solid rolls in with Marius under the watchful eye of Alex and then felt the pressure of the IBJJF Gi and NoGi medalist himself.

Afterwards we got to chat about the upcoming Valahia Invitational and the Okami Cup in September.

I've got so much respect for the Mill Hill team under Nick Brooks so it's good to see them nurturing a team out here. Nice to represent @tcaromania at the same time.

#tca #tcaromania #thecombatacademy #tca #bjjtraining #bjjromania #bjjdeva

I've wanted a tyre for a while and my buddy @e1ra8 keeps smashing it with hers so I was pretty pleased when Adi hooked me up today. Good fun and a good solid workout in preparation for upcoming competitions in September and beyond.

5x 10m hill sprints
5x 20m hill sprints
5x 10m tyre flips
5x 10x sledgehammer slams

#bjjtraining #bjj #tyreflipping #sledgehammer #unconventionaltraining #strengthandconditioning

Keep Pushing

10x 5 minute rounds with 60 second rest @tcaromania then home to do hill sprints and sandbag squats. Ready? Getting there.

#bjj #bjjromania #bjjdeva #bjjtraining #keeppushing #tca #thecombatacademy #tcaromania

Farewell Gi

After two tough years this @kingzeurope Gi is being retired.
We have had some great times together, met some great people, rolled hard, had some highs, had some lows.
We have fought together in Australia, the U.K. and Romania. You've seen the world my friend and you've always had my back.

You went out in style yesterday keeping me covered and helping to win gold.
However you do now smell terrible and I was a little embarrassed of you later in the day. I realise that smell is part me and that in some ways we have had a kind of symbiotic relationship, where a little of me has become you and this has lead to your demise. I just can't wear you in public or private any more.
You never tore or bust a stitch. You retained your shape (although I suspect your sleeves might have gone past legal). You got a bit grey, but then we all have.
So it's time for you to go to Valhalla where all the good Gi's await the end of days and the final fight. 😥🔥 #bjj #bjjcompetition #bjjromania #bjjgi #bjjkimono #kingz #gi #valhalla #youstink

Deep In The Badlands

Woke up at 0400 this mornings and headed up to Sfantu Gheorghe for a competition under JJIF rules. Got a bye in the first round, won by rnc in the second and met my buddy @rogie_flores in the final... then my bye in the first round turned up and we had a fun extra fight which I won on points.

Full Disclosure:
- Fight 1: BJJ blue belt
- Fight 2: JJ brown belt
- Final: BJJ white belt

I'm still struggling with the whole 'forget the belt categories, just fight, thing'. I have to say props to Rogie for getting through two blue belts to get to the final. Freakin' legend!

All in all a fun day out... unfortunately we have to wait three hours for the medals which sucks because we want Kurtos Kalacs!

#bjjromania #bjj #bjjcompetition #rogieisalegend #thecombatacademy #tca #tcaromania #tcadeva

Have Fun!

I love meeting people at competitions and the BJJPro in Tecuci did not disappoint. Great competitors, coaches and referees.
I've been working on making sure I experience and enjoy my competition matches more. This picture shows my opponent doing just that, Aurelian Lungu throwing up the Shaka when he spotted Luiza filming.
Aurelian is one of the nicest guys and clearly truly loves BJJ. I loved his attitude to competing. We shared a win each in our two fights and both were tough but had plenty of action. I'm looking forward to seeing him again next time I compete!

#bjj #bjjcompetition #bjjdeva #bjjromania #tca #tcaromania #thecombatacademy #shaka

BJJ Pro Tecuci
Now that was a shift. I won my first match in Adult -70kg to a very close DQ for reaping. To be honest it could have gone either way so I have to be unhappy with my performance there. Then I fought the same guy again and won fair and square so happier with that.

Next up I fought Masters -76kg. I lost my fight to a Kimura. Let's not talk about that.

Then I fought the -76kg Open and fought three tough fights. I lost the first on judges decision, won the second on points (against my opponent from the Masters) and then lost the final on points.

Put a shift in today and had a lot of fun! Happy to represent @tcaromania and @the_combat_academy in Romania.

As ever thanks to my team and most importantly my wife Luiza for being team organiser and keeping me together!

#bjj #bjjdeva #tcaromania #tca #bjjcompetition #knackered

Life is a question. Where? When? How?

First @tcaromania competition trip. We have arrived in Tecuci for la Turneul National Belt League- Cupa Vipguard 2017. I'm looking forward to seeing the team on the mats tomorrow.

#bjj #bjjcompetition #bjjdeva #bjjromania #tca #tcaromania

Losing Sucks

I lost my first fight to the always impressive Leigh Remedios. It sucks to lose but on the flip side I spent 90 minutes rolling with one of my best friends and @the_combat_academy team legend @cavemanbaz in the warm up area at the end of the day. So all in all... the bad was cancelled out by the good.

Proud to represent @the_combat_academy and @tcaromania on the European stage.
#ibjjfeuropeanmasters #bjj #tcaromania #thecombatacademy #barcelona #losingsucks

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