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Adam Lukasik  Eat your pheasant, Drink your wine. Your days are numbered, bourgeois swine.

Drop a few teeth: The easy way to give your girl some longer legs.

What is all this green shit? This area is supposed to be a dusty shade of golden brown. Also, WTF is mud, and why does it stick to everything? I was born into a drought-stricken wasteland. Nothing in my life has prepared me for all this water falling on my outdoor activities. Go home winter, you are drunk!

When your best measurement of intake valve lash is, "less than .05mm, but not too much cause it runs once it warms up" #drz #nowhooliestoday

Mudslut_irl #Braap #drz

The halftime show America needs right now just not the one it wants apparently. @billybragg #helpsavetheyouthofamerica #therespowerinaunion

Surf glamping. #getinthevan

So I had fun on tuesday, didn't really even stop long enough to take a picture. Here's how much snow was on the road. #getinthevan

#AFI is perfectly cromulent end of the world music.

Fear not comrades, bad governance will fuel the fires of revolution that burn in our hearts, and indeed the heart of every Californian working person living under American occupation. #trumpforgallows2017

Oh yeah, she's back on the road, and off... whatever....