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James' Home Of Tone  UK Dist. for McNelly Pickups. UK Dealer for Prisma Guitars, Mule Resophonic, Walsh Guitars, Titan Guitars, The Gts.co, Jackson Audio, Lehle & more 🇬🇧


Really excited to hear some people play these awesome @titanguitars 'Custom Shop KR1' guitars at @theguitarshowuk this weekend.
So much fun, lightweight, great necks and custom order Lollar pickups fitted on both the current in stock models. Be sure to pay me a visit!

I'll have a great selection of @mcnellypickups for you to come and try out for yourself at @theguitarshowuk.
Perhaps Jazzmasters are your thing, then the 46/58 pickup set is well worth your attention. Come and check them out, a good excuse to hang and talk jazzmasters I figure! Also a very good oppertunity to try @elgtsco's famed JM50 strings!

These open gold @mcnellypickups Stagger Swaggers are off to live in a @knaggsguitars 💪

Dan's Prisma/pop punk inspired Epiphone SL project is flying towards the finish line now. Only the setup and nut slots to do and it's good to go. Pretty wild project overall, but on my part, shaping the Bakelite pickguard took some serious patience. That stuff is insanely hard and brittle in equal measure, but seeing that cool finish feels worth it over going with regular plastic. Opted for a pair of @mcnellypickups +10% wind Stagger Swaggers, super clear and dynamic but pack that bit more punch, which I'll be recording a demo of too seeing as I haven't featured those before. Final photos on the coming week inbetween @theguitarshowuk prep!

So who's coming to hang out and play some @prismaguitars, @titanguitars, @muleresonatorguitars, Haynes Guitars, a whole bunch of @mcnellypickups, guitars fitted with @elgtsco strings, through some @jacksonaudio, @yellowcakepedals and @lehleswitcher pedals next weekend at @theguitarshowuk then? Only one place to do so! Our stand! Can't wait for geetar hangs, be sure to come and say hello

Sorry dude, I'm gonna get all fan boy on ya @prismaguitars. It's so good to see Nick's craft get noticed by more than just the guitar world, from Discovery's 'How it's made' film released recently hitting well over 12 million views on FB alone, to this stunningly filmed feature by Prada...yup, Prada?! Seeing a talented guitar maker's work out there to that many new people is pretty inspiring. It certainly is for me. Honestly, it's a dream come true to have these instruments in my shop, after playing the first note on one and holding one in my hands after fan boy'ing over them for years, all this media interest in what Nick is doing suddenly makes an awful lot of sense.
Repost @pradajournal ・・・
Here is an inner landscape made of new birth, regeneration and the power of creation. Be inspired by Nick Pourfard and his @prismaguitars, our Second Award Ambassador in this journey that is taking us to the final award ceremony of Prada Journal.

This is becoming a popular way of freshening up the electronics up on a Tele. This particular one is a 4 way pre-wired harness all fitted onto new chrome hardware. Cheers, Jake!

It was a bittersweet day seeing this @prismaguitars Syndicate head to it's forever home. Aside from my own sentimental reasons as to why this guitar meant a lot to me/the shop, my wife Emma completely fell for it so I had to snap a parting photo before it went out! She made the mistake of nicknaming it..always a bad move haha! It's gone to an awesome forever home though and I'm real happy for he owner, this thing had the magic.

Finally making a start on some harness stock for @theguitarshowuk in a couple of weeks time! I'll be taking a range of specs and models, but of course any orders for specific specs can be taken on the day too ✌️ see you there!

Can't wait to set up shop for the weekend at this year's @theguitarshowuk alongside my main man @riftamps again.
I'll be bringing my own PR18 as always, alongside the range Chris will have available. I also hear that he's releasing a brand new model/design at the show too so my excitement levels are growing about seeing/hearing that one!

Certainly not a bad photo to receive on a Saturday afternoon.
A stunning pairing of instruments from @romerobanjos & @muleresonatorguitars. Number 359 the latest of our Mule builds looking pretty happy in it's new home with Geoff, alongside it's soulmate Romero.

This was a really fun set to help out with. Don has a early 70s Japanese 335 style guitar which meant a lot to him, but sadly from years of use and tweaks was looking/sounding pretty sorry for itself. I made a harness for it initially, but after chatting it was decided a set of pickups would go in at the same time.
After investigation, photos and measurements back and forth, it turns out the original pickup sizes and mounting was a very unique size indeed, and custom was the only way to go. Don was after some classic P90 sounds, so full measurements were taken and this awesome looking custom sized P90 set was born courtesy of the genius that is Tim @mcnellypickups. These will fit the original pickup mounting rings, and help give this well loved guitar a new lease of life.
Doesn't matter what the guitar is, if you get enjoyment from it, that's what matters most. It's great to see the enthusiasm for bringing a much loved guitar back to action by it's owner! Thanks to Tim for making them a reality!

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