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James' Home Of Tone  UK Dealer for - @mcnellypickups, @millimetricinstruments, @muleresonatorguitars, @titanguitars, @jenningsguitarco, @elgtsco and more!

The @titanguitars KR1 is such a damn cool concept. Playability, versatility and quality rolled into one. Super comfy and wonderfully made neck, beautiful fretwork, lightweight body and killer tones courtesy of a triple @lollarpickups hot P90 set (on a 5 way switch for meatier Strat esq 2nd and 4th positions) and you’re left with a guitar that’s hard to put down. I’m such a big fan of these things, and really privileged to be stocking here in the UK. Sitting in the same ballpark as the big name factory built items, the KR1 is a great alternative for someone looking for great build quality, great components and a more unique style. #homeoftone #titanguitars #kauerguitars #guitarist #guitar #gutars #offsetguitar #offsetguitars #lollarpickups #emersoncustom #california

This weeks record of the week blog post is up!
Ambient music is something I really enjoy listening to. The soundscapes give your brain chance to clear, yet also chance to think, but I also find it quite inspiring and always intriguing how something so seemingly simple can be so hard to get 'right'. One record that most definitely has been beautifully done is Gareth Hardwick's Sunday Afternoon.
Read the full article over on the blog! #homeoftone #garethhardwick #music #recordoftheweek #vinyl #ambientmusic

A fresh young buck @muleresonatorguitars tricone arrived today for @pichouzuka, can’t wait to get it to him! My trusty brass single cone looking on proudly of it’s younger brother #homeoftone #muleresonator #resonatorguitar #resophonicguitar #guitarist #guitar #guitars #handmade #steel

Another amazing player to join the @muleresonatorguitars family is the mighty @joshsmithguitarzan! If this phone clip is anything to go by, what comes out of this pairing is going to be pretty magical. It’s an exciting time for all things Mule at the moment, some stunning builds making their way over to me for my customer’s (and my Dad too as he’s joined the Mule family haha!). Matt and the guys are doing a great job with all of my customer’s builds, so big thanks goes their way for having me be a part of this story #homeoftone #muleresonator #resophonicguitar #resonatorguitar #guitar #joshsmith

That patina be breakin’ hearts right now @muleresonatorguitars. The 13th Home of Tone Mule coming in strong 💪 #homeoftone #muleresonator #resophonicguitar #resonator #guitarist #guitar #luthier #guitars

Tim at @mcnellypickups has made this beautiful drop in Bronco bass pickup for my wife’s @squierguitar Bronco short scale bass, which along with a signature series harness now sounds superb! I’ve decided to list these on the website and can be ordered, as it’s a great drop in way of upgrading these nifty short scale budget friendly basses which are popular modding platforms. #homeoftone #mcnellypickups #bass #shortscalebass #squierbronco #broncobass #bassguitar

Totally unashamed inspiration for this photo was of course @lostincrystalcanyons, the master of vibe’y photos!
The iconic Sola Sound Tone-Bender Fuzz mkiii. This is a beautiful condition original example, great for a collector or fuzz enthusiast! Incredible sound, and who can doubt the 70s cool of that batman esq comic logo?! This exact, original Tone-Bender Fuzz is available here at James' Home of Tone. Get in touch for more info or check out the listing on the website and detailed photos inside and out. #homeoftone #tonebender #fuzz #fuzzpedal #fuzzpedals #vintageguitar #guitar #guitars #pedal #pedals #pedalboard #guitargear

Who checked out the ‘meet the makers’ interview with Nicolai of @schorrguitars over on the blog? It’s a great insight into his methods, ideas and instruments and I for one loved learning more about his work! Check it out via the link in my bio #homeoftone #schorrguitars #guitarmaker #luthier #guitarist #guitar #guitars #handmade #berlin

There's a new series of blog articles on the website, naming my record of the week! This week I've started things off with a firm family favourite, Khruangbin's 'Con Todo El Mundo'. Standout tracks for me are August 10, Shades of Man and in particular, Friday Morning. Of which' main guitar chord hook line paired with Laura Lees silky smooth bass is almost reminiscent (for me anyway) of Ice Cube's It was a good day (or perhaps the true music geek would say the original sample, Isley brothers' Footsteps in the Dark, but you get my thinking!). The time signature changes towards the tail end of the track too are so so cool too. The sound of summer? Perhaps so. Just an amazing record from start to finish, which feels like a fresh breath of air to what can be done with a three piece with lead guitar in particular. Really has made me fall back in love with how creative and fun lead guitar can be.

Check out the full article over on the blog now! #homeoftone #recordoftheweek #music

The @yellowcakepedals Furry Burrito is a versatile overdrive/wild fuzz pedal. Ranging from a nice, warm overdrive to a saturated fuzz/gain that produces that ‘Big-Muff’ like sustain which when coupled with a voltage trim knob to add signal break-up can create some wild signal starved sounds. Rounding out the configuration is a fat switch for bass, and filter knob to adjust treble. Hand wired in the USA, these are awesome pedals and carried in stock, in the UK, here at James' Home of Tone!
#homeoftone #yellowcakepedals #yellowcake #overdrive #fuzz #fuzzpedal #pedal #pedals #pedalboard #pedalboards #guitar #guitargear #guitars

The @yellowcakepedals Lida Machine can seem pretty daunting upon first glance, but don't let all of the controls fool you to think it'll be hard to get amazing sounds out of it. It's very intuitive and fun to use from the get go and has a wealth of warbly, vibey effects just waiting to be made.
What is it? Well, it's an analog Resonant Filter, also known as a 'VCF' (Voltage Control Filter) with two independently adjustable LFO's. One that is switchable on/off too. For synth guys, a CV-IN is also provided for adding any other Voltage Controlled synth modules.
Without doubt, the best way of explaining what this can do is to listen to it, and here's the best demo going from @knobs_demos ! There's a link to that on my website or check out his YouTube channel too.
I have these awesome pedals in stock, here in the UK ready for dispatch!
#homeoftone #yellowcakepedals #yellowcake #effects #pedal #pedals #pedalboard #pedalboards

So many cool @muleresonatorguitars builds ongoing, finishing up and about the start for my customer’s guitars at the moment. Even on 4th July I get an update from the lads at Mule, hero’s! This neck pictured is on the build for my pops! He wanted flames, he definitely got flames 🔥 #homeoftone #muleresonator #resophonicguitar #resonator #guitarist #guitarmaker #guitar #guitars #luthier #merica

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