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• Ashley Briana Castro •  Mystical wifey • Magical mami • Intuitive guide • Transformational coach • Paradigm shifter • Birthing a new earth through unity and love 🌈❤️🌏

Life is good 💜🌿 #watchinglunagrow

Solstice // Wedding Anniversary 🌞❤️🌞 Highlights from the last 6 years include: the union of two humans who spark passion in each other like no other, moving from the city to the mountains, tending land and chickens and our sweet pup, outgrowing our early twenties, breaking out of the 9-5 paradigm and establishing ourselves as entrepreneurs, three surprise miracle pregnancies, two ecstatic free home births (+ one in the works), uncovering all our triggers, fighting like no other, having epic breakthroughs and discovering our true selves through one another, getting married, almost getting divorced 100 times, deciding never to, committing to unconditional love, cultivating beautiful community, friendships and new relationships with our blood family, and on and on the magic and birth and life and death and rebirth continues. Por vida @miyoguru! Happy three year wedding anniversary. I love you! ✨❤️✨ Photo by my sis @coridunton 📷 #aocastro

A year ago I made a “coming out” post here on social media 🌈 and it felt appropriate today to give an update! ☺️ Although I only officially came out to the public as bisexual and ethically non-monogamous a year ago, this has really been a journey of getting to know myself for more than two decades. And it really hasn’t been easy! The amount of guilt, shame, embarrassment and confusion I have had to sort out around my sexual nature has been one of the biggest tasks of my life; and the layers continue to unfold! 🌀 Heteronormativity was all I grew up with. I didn’t know a gay or lesbian couple until I was 19. Growing up with strong religious roots, it wasn’t only that I didn’t have exposure to other lifestyles, it was completely punishable by eternal damnation to go outside anything other than male-female relationships. 👫 It wasn’t until I was married and already with our first baby that I was introduced to an entire sub-culture of individuals functioning healthily within conscious, ethical non-monogamy. Wow, wow! My mind was blown. And I could really no longer ignore my sexual nature and desires to explore this world and to remove those influences and voices of damnation that don’t belong to me. So here we are! Exploring, learning, healing, reweaving a new story around our sacred sexuality everyday. It takes lots of patience, communication, gentleness, and a really good therapist 😆 but if you feel the call in your soul and you decide to search that out, it is so worth the journey. ❤️ Although it may sound like this is all coming out with grace and ease, it has taken an extreme amount of bravery to speak publicly about this topic that is so demonized and taboo. But Oscar and I both feel so passionate about transparency and bringing to the light what has been hidden in the dark, so we all may become more illuminated in the truth of who we are. We are both looking forward to sharing more of our process and journey with you all! 🦄🦋🍭 Infinite gratitude for having such an amazing and supportive man by my side! I love you @miyoguru. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

Buddha bowls are life! 🥗 We have a variation of this meal multiple times a week. It’s easy and delicious! This one from last week is roasted curry sweet potatoes, herbed zucchini and crispy kale, black beans, avocado and vegan ranch served on a bed of crisp romaine. 😋 See my stories for more food fun! 🌻 #eatinthehive #sacrednourishment

So excited to watch this man become a papa again! So excited to watch these girls welcome a new sibling, they are already filled to the brim with excitement and nurturance for this new soul, kissing my tummy constantly and expressing so much love. So excited to be in the labyrinth of pregnancy and birth again, and for the honor of growing, retrieving and welcoming this new being. Planning another free birth. Feeling all the feels. Loving you all and for all the love you’re sending us, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! Here we grow. 🌱👶🌱

Hi sweet Instagram world... We’re back!!! @miyoguru And with a new sweet member on the way. ☺️💫 I greatly and deeply enjoyed my break, and am filled with gratitude to be renewed and back in this space! Love and big hugs from our little growing hive. 🤗❤️🌿🐝🌀

I don't know how to relax. This is the realization I had yesterday after the theme of "relaxation" was presented for #the12daysofyou. Maybe it's living in a male dominated society for so long where the energy most celebrated is go go go, do more, be more, achieve more. Or maybe it's that the silence and stillness allows space for the things I need to address to surface, and it's easier to suppress with action and distraction. Either way, relaxing actually makes me anxious. Even when I do relaxing things, like bath time, my brain never fully rests and often I just get out and get to something because trying to relax just feels, hard to do! I'm taking this as a big red flag and it's something I absolutely do not want to pass on to my children. Since my work is all online and I already spend so much time on the phone with that, I've decided it's time for me to take a break from this platform. Not sure for how long, just that it's what my soul is asking for in this moment. I love you all so much and will absolutely miss being in this space with you! I'm so grateful for everything that's been experienced and shared here over the past four years, there's really no words for it. ❤️🙌🏼❤️ If you want to stay connected, please feel free to reach out through Facebook. Blessed times everyone! Love, love and more love, Ashley 🐝 #reducetherush

Fighting fire with fire makes the whole world burn. Do we really want to replace this institution with our own? I'm all about dismantling the patriarchy and allowing the divine feminine to rise. But I am not about swinging the pendulum to the other side. I don't want a matriarchy. And I'm scared for this planet if we keep pushing that message, to be completely transparent. So many messages I'm reading out there about women's empowerment are so interwoven with blatantly shaming and disempowering our men. Blaming them, rather than seeing how much they themselves have been wounded by the patriarchy, are acting from that wound, and are also in need of a major rebirth and healing. Yes. Let's empower women. Yes. Let's educate our men. Yes. Let's allow our voices to be heard and our bodies to be reclaimed. But please, let's not take over. Let's not do to them what they've done to us. The future is fair. The future is equality. The future is LOVE. 💓🌈💙🌈💓🌈💙🌈💓🌈💙🌈💓 #thefutureisfair #smashthepatriarchy #butlovethemen #godandgoddessrisetogether

Day 2. Getting grounded with my girls and some crystal friends today. Minerals from the earth have such a way of connecting me to the present moment, soothing even what I don't know needs to be soothed. They are such an integral part of every day for us. If you're new to crystals, Love is in the Earth, The Book of Stones, or the Crystal bible are all great places to start with for learning more. 💓🌈💠🌈💓 #the12daysofyou #loveisintheearth #groundingrocks #selfhealing

🌺 D E T O X 🌺

After a few weeks of deep diving into the shadow realm (aka facing my junk 😂), I am feeling so ready for some extra self love! You would think that self care would be an automatic human function but I'm continually surprised at how much effort it seems to take and what a true discipline it can be. I started #the12daysofyou with the intention of creating a container for self care accountability and it is already turning into so much more! Our theme for the day is detox and I'm so inspired by the 60+ people who have committed to detoxing one thing out of their lives that's dragging them down. I'm personally taking a break from cannabis and coffee and am feeling tired but good! 😌 Also planning a little social media detox and just generally checking in with myself and bringing awareness to what might my soul might be asking me to let go of. Whether it's negative self talk, sugar, caffeine, or apathy ~ I invite all of you to join me in a mini day detox! If you're interested in joining our self care container, everything is running through the link in my profile. 🤗 Here's to loving ourselves more deeply every day. I love you! 🌻🌹🌷🌹🌻 #sacrednourishment #radicalselflove
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Going through a big season of transformation and growth right now. Allowing my heart to soften like these petals and humbling to receive the messages I need. Humbling even more to integrate and apply the learning. Life is beautiful and messy and sweet. But at least we have roses, and chocolate, and community, right? ☺️ I'm starting the month of December off with a concentrated effort of self love and care. It feels necessary now more than ever that we learn to love ourselves radically in order to love others the same way. I'm super grateful for the sweet new Sacred Nourishment community forming through Facebook and welcome anyone to join us who is also looking to expand their self care tool kit and practices. It's a little more intimate and personal over there in Facebook land. 😊 Feel free to join us through the link in my profile. Sending big love out to everyone who is also going through heart softening, humbling times! I see you and I love. Sending roses and chocolate and hugs! 💛🌹🍫🌹💛 #communitylove #rosemedicine #sacrednourishment #radicalselflove

Watching them grow is the greatest gift! 🌻🌻 Luna is drawing so much, every day it's a new creation and I am amazed at her imagination and artistic inclination. She keeps asking about school and we are starting some homeschooling this year ~ excited for that adventure! Gaia is growing into the sweetest little love with also the strongest most independent spirit. They are the embodiment of my mission here on earth ~ to bring more love, more passion, more curiosity and inquisitiveness to everything we do. Having them so close in age was such a challenge for the first two years. Now it's the greatest gift! Almost ready for another one. Almost. ☺️ #lunagaialove

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