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Ashley Briana Castro  🌈Joyful lover 🌸Free birthing mother ⚡️Paradigm shifter 🦋Soulpreneur 🔥@miyoguru 🌱#superfoodscommunity


Healing is messy. 🍃 It isn't linear. It's a spiral, a dance. A constant swirling through the cycles of birth, life, death, and rebirth. We go up, we go down. You arrive only to set off on another journey, deeper into the soul. It never stops. I used to desire freedom from suffering. Now I'm learning to suffer better. To surf the waves rather than allow them to tumble me to the bottom of the ocean. It's emotional mastery. It's 100% responsibility. It's breathing consciously. It's falling in love with everything around me. Yes, even the suffering. Even the death and the mess. I say yes. I welcome all experiences as my teacher. And give gratitude for the flowers and winds and trees and people that hold and ground me. There is so much beauty asking to be discovered through the pain. Buried gold waiting to be unearthed. Keep digging. You'll find it. 🌻🌻🌻 #beautyinsuffering #elderfarm

I love being naked. I love reclaiming the power of my physical body. I love redefining and exploring sensuality and sexuality as healing art forms. I love connecting with others who feel the same. I love being with a man who honors this process equally as I do and how we grow because of that. More and more I see that planetary healing is community healing is personal healing. Starting with our little family and spreading out from there. Sometimes it's messy and it's not always easy to explore the depths of love ~ our bodies, intimacy, relationships, etc., but it's the only way I know. Expanding deeper into the infinite source that holds us all. ✨💓✨ #nakedaswecame #blacksbeach

For as long as I can remember, I've dreamed of a life of freedom. One in which I get to make all the decisions. Where I go, what I do, when I do it, who I'm with, and most importantly, how I use the gifts and talents I've been given.
Over the past 15 years, I've worked so many jobs and have spread myself so thin through the pursuing of different passions. As adventurous and fun as life has been because of this constant quest for freedom, I've also found myself living a life lacking in stability, which has ultimately left me feeling overwhelmed and in stress. In 2014, when we found out we were pregnant with our second daughter, we knew we needed a big shift.
Two years later our miracle arrived in the form of Sarah Rhinelander @blissmother. She introduced us to a company so unique, so unlike anything I had experienced before, it actually cured my allergy to corporations, haha! But seriously, I am SO GRATEFUL for this company. Being given the opportunity to pursue something that aligns with our personal values of planetary healing & revolution, AND that matches our family's desires for freedom, while also providing the stability we're seeking, is an absolute dream come true!!!
While we're still working hard every day to establish our dreams and root ourselves into this new reality, we are so blessed that this is what a weekday in our life looks like now!
This is the essence of what Purium means to our families, working from home, nourishing, playing, exploring, eating, laughing, BEING together. I don't know whether to smile or cry from the joy, so I'm doing both! And mostly just sending out SO MUCH GRATITUDE to all of the people who make this dream a reality and all of the people yet to join our community. We are here and holding space for you! May all beings be free. May all beings find peace. Mahalo ke akua!
Thank you @tophography_ and @namastetiff for co-creating this magic with @miyoguru and me and being such a special part of our lives. (Full better quality film via link in profile ☺️❤️) We love you guys! Together we rise. ✨🌊✨ #puriuminthehive #puriumfilmfest

Homemade fruit popsicles and the sweetest friends to share them with ~ so grateful for this life! 🍉 Enjoying a special midweek family sleepover party and filming for a little project with @namastetiff and @tophography_. Hope everyone is making it a magical start to the week! With love from this sticky, cute crew. ☺️💓

✨ Feeling it ✨ 𓋪FULL MOON𓋪 coming into bloom July 8th/9th in Capricorn brings core issues to the forefront of our consciousness. This is a time to strengthen personal boundaries and time to honor our feelings as we carefully navigate the delicate shores of our relationships. Time to send our roots deeper into Mother Earth and call upon our unseen allies, angels, and great Spirit within and around us to help us walk with grace and strength through what could be some tricky territory. 𓍶 Chad Woodward shares, "It’s likely to feel edgy and awkward for many of us... may correlate with very strong feelings, perceptions, paranoia, and possibly an eruption of anger in those not fully conscious of what they’re experiencing ... be mindful of not only how you’re responding to this complex dynamic, but also other people around you... this is a powerful lunation because it can bring about tremendous insight regarding realities that you’ve likely been incredibly unconscious of." 𓍶 Dipali Desai says, "Capricorn invites each individual towards greater responsibility of their emotional world and habits or tendencies… Family/Ancestral patterns show up pretty strongly now too... As much as you are doing your personal healing and work, there are some bigger patterns happening which may need to be cleared and a greater understanding about how they play out in your life now… With great care, patience and strength, a lot may shift now." Full Download ➳ mysticmamma.com ART by #MYSTICMAMMA 𓌕

Is this even real?!?!?! 🙉🙊🙈 #watchinglunagrow #4goingon14

🍋 Homemade All Purpose Cleaner 🍋
Lemons soaked in vinegar for six months. (Definitely don't need to do it that long, I just wanted it super strong) Strained and diluted with equal parts water. Added a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil and... Voila! 💦 No chemicals in our home. 🙌🏼🌿🙌🏼 #homemadecleaner #toxicfreehome

Sweet Gaia Lee ~ her presence is soothing as honey, cleansing as sage. She's a bubble of joy and sweetness, wrapped in the roundest package of soft baby skin and little lip kisses for days. Gaia Lee, our earth healing love, through and through. ✨💜✨ Photo magic by tia @coridunton

"In 2005, Mancuso and a group of international scientists established The Society for Plant Neurobiology to study sophisticated behavior in plants—much to the jeers of many of their colleagues. By 2010, Mancuso had enough data to give a TED (a nonprofit established to spread new ideas) talk on plant intelligence. In it, he notes that plants are much more sophisticated in sensing what’s around them than animals. Every plant root tip has a tiny region that functions as the locus of electrical signals—the same signals found in human neurons. In essence, every single root apex in a plant’s system can detect and monitor concurrently and continuously at least 15 different chemical and physical parameters. For a plant, a centralized neurological control center (such as a human brain) doesn’t make much sense because a predator—a grazing deer or lawn mower—could easily chop it off. So instead, this decentralized intelligence scattered throughout the roots works as a very effective survival strategy; a plant can persist when even 90 percent of its root tips are clipped... Not only do plants engage in neuron-like activity and movement, they make mathematical computations, see us and, like animals that act altruistically, show kindness toward their relatives. They are able to recognize themselves and communicate with animals and other plants via alluring airborne fragrances and a diverse repertoire of chemical compounds exuded through their roots." Fascinating article on the sentient nature of plants. My heart feels this deeply! 🌿❤️🌿 Read the whole thing here: http://goodnature.nathab.com/research-shows-plants-are-sentient-will-we-act-accordingly/ Me pictured here in my natural habitat ☺️ 📸:@miyoguru

Sisters forever! #LunaGaiaLove

No words. Just sentimental tears and belly laughter and the deepest gratitude in my soul. For we became FAMILY four years ago. How does it get any better than this? 💜💜💜💜 #lifetimesuponlifetimesoflove

I never wanted to give birth. I was so terrified of pain and hospitals and it all just sounded kinda, awful. By the age of 16 I had sworn off birth and had decided to adopt instead. When I was in my early twenties I met a midwife at a Fourth of July party. Life changing! I didn't even know what a midwife was. But I was so fascinated as she told me stories of woman touching their babies' heads as they were crowning, birthing their babies in bath tubs and the joy and strength that was part of that journey. It blew my whole world open. How had I never heard of this?! I spent the next year and a half hearing all these amazing stories from my midwife friend who worked at a birth center here in San Diego. By the time we found out we were pregnant I had no doubt that birthing at a birth center was the way to go. Then as we learned more about the intimacy and potential for birth to be an ecstatic, even orgasmic, experience we knew that birthing at home, unassisted, was the way to go. A few months later we welcomed our beautiful #lunacove into the world. 28 hours after her waters broke, she was welcomed into her papa's hands. I'll never forget that moment, standing in our bathroom, Oscar and I holding our new co-created miracle and looking into each other's eyes with such wonder and awe. A whole new world was born. Celebrating this day and this sweet moon child; four years later and our love just grows. Happy birth day Luna Cove, we love you so!!!! ❤️🌕❤️ #unassistedbirth #freebirth #lotusbirth

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