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Leah  Wife and Mumma. 💜 cooking, especially baking and eating. Featuring lots of food pics, Biscuit the dog and Miss G 💜 Sydney. Twitter @TheHomeEmpress

Sunday sessions from Label Baguette. My favourites were the brioche and the waffles.

How good is a comforting bowl of porridge? So good! Especially with homemade berry and apple compote and organic maple syrup.

Fresh baked chocolate raspberry and pear bread. #homeempressbaking

Such a fun lunch! Waffle bowl, choc chip cream, Turkish fairy floss, berries and chocolate sauce. You would think this was super sweet, but it wasn’t. It was just right! And a delicious soy hot chocolate.

Isn’t she pretty?

My fear is this world is so selfish with their own desires. Most tend to forget about others in their wake. Chris Gilbert writes: to think about the smaller picture and not to get overwhelmed thinking about he bigger picture. I agree, but struggle to not get anxious and upset and want to help all the dang time. Sometimes I wonder if we have completely lost the plot, and where the fuck the moral compass is, let alone where it lies and how to blur it?! Simple and small steps to live in a healthier and happier world. Living simply, smiling at each other, helping each other. Today my daughter and I had lunch outside. We had proper plates, cutlery and cups. I couldn’t give any fucks that people were thinking we cray (secretly I was hoping they though we were awesome) anyways. We sat opposite a woman who had her lunch, and without even a thought left it all in the communal lunch table and walked away. My daughter said rather loudly “you forgot your rubbish” 😬 she turned, looked at us, but STILL FUCKING WALKED AWAY. So my daughter asked me to pick it up (cause she didn’t have her gloves 🤗🤣) and we put it in the bin. Simple steps people. Nothing drastic if you’re scared of change. I’d be much more scared of my 7 year old though. She’s a force 😂💜😍

Really bad photos. But really great food @infernogrillmaroubra love the chunky chips!

When friends bring you baked goods. Clearly I’m working on my summer body 😂👍🏻

My daughter surprises me all the time. But her caring and concern for the environment is so amazing. She’s only 7 yet always wants to help clean up whenever we go for a walk. She insists on taking a rubbish bag, gloves and some tweezers, we use for rubbish pick up, every time we go for a walk. She even gets upset when we’re out and offered a straw for drinks. She outright refuses, telling a waitress the other day, “no thank you, but don’t you know how bad they are for the environment? They will kill the earth!” She’s going to change the world this kid. 🤗❤️🌈😍

Such a gorgeous day out in Sydney with friends at @theteacosy I love this spot in the rocks, it’s a bit quiet and cosy.

Forgot how delicious fresh roast honey and cinnamon nuts are! Burning my mouth wanting to eat them all now!

More crystal making! So much seeing how they will turn out. So shiny!

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