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Day 20: Bedside
Mr HBTL and I met only 3 weeks before he went off for Officer Training at RAF Cranwell. We were fixed up on a blind date by our mums who’d recently become friends. After 4 years together, Mr HBTL was unexpectedly posted out to Cyprus and I wasn’t allowed to accompany him unless we were married. I was sitting my finals at the time so my mum and mother-in-law to be pretty much arranged our wedding for us. We were so young by today’s standards and had nothing for a home. My mum told me I needed a ‘trousseau’ and took me into Bury St Edmunds to buy a few things. We went into @lauraashleyuk where I picked out this yellow duvet set among other things. It’s 21 years old and looks as beautiful as it did the day I bought it. The blanket is special too. After my mum died she left us a sum of money. At the time we were in military quarters in Oxfordshire and didn’t own a house of our own. Knowing how much I wanted to be in Scotland we bought a beautiful harbour cottage in the Scottish coastal village of Cullen. (Google it, it’s gorgeous) Anyway this wool blanket from @toast was one of the first things I bought for the cottage. At night I’d snuggle under it and listen to the waves breaking on the beach. We sold the cottage when we bought the steading but for 3 years it was a place of remembrance and healing. It mended my broken heart and brought me one step closer to Scotland, the place I’d always wanted to be, the place my mother loved the most and where I feel closest to her. #myhousethismonth

Day 19: Animal magic
An unusual shot of Sizzles this morning but I couldn’t resist it. You’re all going to think I’m completely nuts but I just love the back of his head! The way his ears fall and the way his fur fans out around them. He was the last one left in his litter because according to the breeder, Sizzles had the least beautiful markings. It is true, he’s more of a Picasso than a Stubbs but we wouldn’t have him any other way. The little white stripe that you see on the back of his head veers off to the right and when he has a haircut there is a little spot in the middle of it that reappears. We love his freckles, speckles, splodges and spots. So here he is, where he always is on a weekend morning; on our bed, curled up against my leg whilst I drink my coffee. Happy Sunday everyone.
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I’d like to start by apologising to any of you who commented on the post I deleted this morning. I didn’t think I’d have time to respond to you all today as I’ve got a busy weekend ahead and so I thought it best to take it down. I noticed earlier that there were lots of comments I’d missed from posts as many as 3 weeks ago and so again I really would like to apologise if I haven’t replied to the things you’ve said or asked. So often comments fall off of my notifications feed so quickly and I miss them entirely. To me, reading, liking or replying to your messages is a key part of my instagram experience and I feel very guilty when I can’t respond fully. Anyway I’ve managed to get everything done, there is a chilli con carne in the simmering oven and now I have time for all of you. So...
Day 18: lighting.
I have lamps everywhere; on dressers, windowsills, kitchen surfaces, tables and bookcases. I rarely use ceiling lights because I find them too startling and intrusive. I love coming home in the late afternoon and seeing the lamp glowing softly through the window, especially more so in winter when I can see the smoke curling up from the chimney and the smell of woodsmoke lingers gently on the air.

Day 17: Crockery
I love crockery and over the years I’ve amassed quite a lot. I have everything from my Wedgewood dinner service that I inherited from my father to the random pieces of Woods Ware and vintage bone china that I’ve found on eBay or in charity shops. But for this photograph I just felt that I had to go back to the very beginning. Mr HBTL and I had returned to Britain after having lived abroad for two years and set about making our first proper home together. We were given an officer’s quarter (house) which on first sight looked ghastly but I soon worked my magic and we settled down into married life. I’d heard of Aston Pottery, my best friend had been given some pieces as a wedding present but I didn’t know much about it. When I realised it was only a few miles away, I dragged Mr HBTL there one Saturday afternoon and fell completely in love with it. Back in those days, whenever you were posted to a new place, you were given a ‘disturbance allowance’ this was a generous sum of money that was given to you to help you settle into your new quarter. We had no crockery at this point apart from a few pieces that my university friends had bought us when we were married. So Mr HBTL gave me the allowance and told me that I could buy enough Aston pottery for 8 place settings. This precious crockery has also travelled the length and breadth of the UK. I’ve lost a few pieces here and there but as we use it everyday, it’s only to be expected. And so whilst I adore all of my crockery, I think I’m the most sentimental about these pieces because they really are part of the fabric of our family’s story. #myhousethismonth #astonpottery #spongeware #pottery #crockery #madeinbritain #britishpottery

Day 16: Accent wall
I’ve never had the confidence to paint a wall in a deep, luxurious colour. I’ve never felt brave enough to paper a wall with a bold botanical print. Yet I follow so many designers and printers on here. I particularly love the arts and crafts designers like William Morris. Maybe one day I’ll be brave enough to paper my bedroom in ‘Willow Boughs’ or ‘Birds and Pomegranate’ but until that day this is my accent or feature wall. I never get tired of looking at it and styling my seasonal finds around it. #stylingtheseasons #countryliving #myhousethismonth #featurewall #savouringtheseasons #cottagelife #cottagestyledecor #countryhome #embracingtheseasonsathome #interiorandhome #interiorandliving #interior_and_living #interiorstyling #countryinteriors #moderncountry #agatheredstyle #collectandstyle #gatherandcurate #mycuratedlife #homestead #darlingfinds #ardentfinds #foragedandfound #seasonalhomedecor #mylittlelife #delightfullyordinary #beautifulthings #countryhomesandinteriors #forgedbyfolk #thejourneythatislife

Loving my new @pookylights shade for the lamp base by the Aga. Just waiting now for the nights to draw in so it can cast it’s gorgeously warm glow over the kitchen in the evenings.

Day 15: Floral fascination
I like to have freshly cut flowers everywhere in the house, especially here on this kitchen surface where I prepare the evening meal. Normally I grow my own but this year, due the weather extremes and my being away so much, my poor garden has struggled. So once again it’s been Rosie @scottishcutflowers to the rescue because endlessly peeling veg isn’t quite so bad when you have a jug of pretty flowers to look at. #myhousethismonth #kitchendesign #kitcheninterior #kitcheninspo #farmhousestyle #countrykitchen #farmhousekitchen #farmhousedecor #countryliving #countryfarmhouse #interiorinspiration #interiorandliving #interior4inspo #myhome2inspire #countryliving #cutflowers #interior444 #simplepleasures #petitejoys #interior1234 #countryhomesandinteriors #moderncountry #relaxedcountry #homestead #interiorandhome #howihome #housebeautiful #apartmenttherapy #kinfolkhome

Day 14: On the floor
Slippers...wherever you go in this house there is always a pair of slippers somewhere on the floor. During the colder months, if the simmering oven is on, I’ll warm Mr HBTL’s and Eliza’s slippers by the Aga for when they get home. That’s love for you. 💕

Day 13: In the pink
As Audrey Hepburn once said’ ‘I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles’. #myhousethismonth

Day 12: Basket/Wicker
I have baskets everywhere. Mr HBTL is one of those infuriating men who throws everything down onto surfaces and clutters them up with piles of miscellaneous junk. He has multiple ‘man drawers’ around the house but still leaves everything out because clearly it’s too much effort to actually pull out a drawer and drop something in it. So baskets are my reprieve. He’ll happily throw keys, coins, pens, mints, glasses, business cards, lip salve, tissues, headphones and receipts in them. Basically, baskets have saved our marriage!! #myhousethismonth #basket #itsastill_life #still_life_gallery #flowersandotherstories #cutflowers #stylingtheseasons #petalsandprops #gatheringslikethese #moodforfloral #cherishandrelish_august #aquietstyle #amonthoflovely #mymonthofsundays #flowersmakemehappy #justbefloral #mysimplehome #thefloralseasons #pursuepretty #scottishcutflowers

Day 11: Time to unwind.
I must have been no more than about 13 years old when I first heard Vaughn Williams’ The Lark Ascending’. I was spending one of my many childhood summers with my grandparents in Scotland, my grandmother was washing up at the kitchen sink as it played on the radio. I remember the contented look she had on her face as she stared out towards the Grampian mountains from the window above. I’d never heard anything like it. So calming, soothing and yet transporting. My Aga is called ‘Audrey’ after her and it’s still where I go to unwind. I can easily pass away an hour with a stack of interior books on my lap and classical music on the radio as my world slowly realigns itself again. #myhousethismonth

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