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Catherine Elizabeth  MS, PhD, Cat momma 🐈 🎥 Full Ab Workout!🔥👇🏽

Upper body and core sculpt with a side of fat burning, who's in?? 😅💪🏽🔥🔥 Give these lower impact moves a go to sculpt a strong lean upper body and challenge your core at the same time. Be sure to watch the full clip to see low impact and more beginner accessible modifications ☺️ Tag a friend to try this with and let me know how you do in the comment below! 👯‍♀️ In other news the jet lag fog is slowly lifting so thank you for your wonderful recommendations 🙏🏽 Happy sculpting and here’s to it ALMOST being Friday loves! 👊🏽💛 #wegotthis #hbsculptarms #hbsculptabs
💪🏽Beginners: 30 seconds per move, more advanced, 45 seconds. Be sure to hit each side!
💪🏽Complete 3-4 rounds, limiting rest between moves and rounds
***note that all plank moves can be further modified by performing them with hands/forearms on an elevated surface. The higher the platform, the easier these will be 😅***
1️⃣elevated burpee
2️⃣modified side plank + oblique crunch
👉🏽to modify, perform your crunch with just the arm as the leg stays planted
3️⃣forearm plank knee tuck to extension
👉🏽for more challenge, perform this with the bottom leg extended (full plank) rather than resting the knee on the floor
4️⃣modified side plank hip lifts
5️⃣plank oblique tuck to three legged dog
6️⃣modified side plank hold and pulse
👉🏽hold the top of your side plank, and lift the hips one inch higher in controlled pulses. Keep those abs engaged the whole time! Lifting the top leg will make this more challenging, but only do so if you can maintain that connection to your abdominals

Happy Humpday loves! 🤗 Give these booty sculpting moves a go to set those cheeks a flamin 🍑🔥🔥 I performed these as the activation phase of my leg workout, but they are also wonderful as a stand alone glute isolation sculpt. Don't be fooled by the fact that they are body weight and banded only -- they killed me more than the weighted phase of my workout! 😱😭 Choose a band that challenges you, with an option to double up as I show (my bands are from @thexbands). Oh, and don't mind my seemingly maniacal smiling halfway through, it's just how I exhale through my teeth when a move feels really intense 👹🤡😂 Happy sculpting! 🍑👊🏽💛
🍑Flow through each move with little rest in between. For activation, complete 1-2 rounds, for a stand alone glute isolation sculpt, complete 4 rounds with 1-2 minutes rest in between rounds.
1️⃣squat hold + abduction pulses (10 reps X 3, briefly coming out of your squat between sets)
👉🏽This is intense! you may wish to let your butt fall to the floor to come out of the pose rather than standing directly up
2️⃣hydrant pulses (60 seconds)
👉🏽stay in the top half of the move, so you keep constant tension on the muscle. Alternate sides every 10 reps until you reach 1 minute of work
3️⃣squat pulses (30 seconds)
4️⃣reverse tabletop abductor (12x)
👉🏽with hips lifted, allow glutes to relax and the tension in the bands to draw knees together. Then drive into your heels and use glutes to press the knees open as the hips lower. Hold this open knee stance at the bottom of the rep for several seconds before releasing.
5️⃣reverse tabletop abductor pulses (same clip as prior, 20x)
👉🏽with knees pressed open, take small pulses pressing open further as you lower your seat one inch closer towards the floor
🍑Perform moves 6&7 on the same side, then switch sides and repeat
6️⃣clamshell (15x)
7️⃣internal rotation leg lifts (12x)
👉🏽Laying on your side, form an "L" shape with your torso and the top leg. Pivot your thigh so that your toes point towards the floor, and heel towards ceiling. Take controlled lifts from here
8️⃣wide stance bridge pulses (20x)
9️⃣squat walks (60s)

Thigh scorcher anyone??! Give these moves a go to sculpt those long lean leggies 💪🏽🔥🔥 They combine my favorite, most effective mix for thigh sculpting: full range of motion reps, barre inspired pulses, and heart rate elevating cardio. Tag a friend to get your thigh burn on with and let me know how you do! 👯‍♀️👊🏽💛#hbsculptthighs
In other news jet lag is hitting me HARD since we've gotten back from Malaysia -- If you have any tips for combatting jet lag and post travel blues, I’d love to hear em! ✈️
🔹Complete moves 1-3 in a row with the same leg leading, then switch sides and repeat
1️⃣eccentric stationary lunge (12x)
👉🏽perform the lowering phase of your lunge in slow motion, then explosively press to extended legs
👉🏽optional: add a weight that challenges you without compromising form
2️⃣low lunge pulses 30x
👉🏽for more challenge, lift the front heel halfway through as shown
3️⃣exploding lunge (30s)
👉🏽see modified version for low impact variation
👉🏽switch sides and repeat with opposite leg leading
😅REST 60 seconds
🔹Complete moves 4-6 in a row with the same heel/leg lifting, then switch sides and repeat
4️⃣eccentric plie with single heel raise (12x)
👉🏽perform the lowering phase of your plie in slow motion, then explosively press to extended legs
👉🏽optional: add a weight that challenges you without compromising form
5️⃣single heel raise plie pulses (30x)
6️⃣squat to side leg left (30s)
👉🏽switch sides and repeat with the opposite heel lifted in moves 4&5, and opposite leg lifting in move 6
😅REST 60 seconds and repeat the whole series 1-2X

Happy Sunday loves! We are back home with Cubby & Monkey after an amazing trip — I’m embracing the jet leg with some lazy couch cuddles but that shouldn’t stop you from getting your sweat on! Give this little core sculpt a go to set those abs on fire 💪🏽🔥🔥 Perform this as a standalone workout, or add a round or 2 to the end of your workout (something like my last full body post would pair nicely 👌🏽). Tag a friend to try this with and keep you accountable! Happy sculpting and have a great end to the weekend loves 👊🏽🌺
👉🏽30 seconds per exercise, and per side. Minimize rest between moves 👉🏽Complete up to 3 rounds, resting 1-2 minute between rounds.
1️⃣V tuck to lift
3️⃣plank knee tuck to three legged dog
4️⃣3 point plank knee tuck
5️⃣traveling V tuck to extension
6️⃣tricep pushup to downdog
7️⃣side plank lifts
8️⃣single leg table top bridge + ab tuck
9️⃣single leg V rocker
🔟forearm plank shifts
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Sandy hair don't care! 🌊☀️☀️ Whether you're at the beach or chilling in your living room, give these moves a go! This full body burner will sculpt from head to toe while being relatively low impact (see notes for how to modify these moves to make them more beginner friendly and fully low impact). Tag your bestie below to try this with today, or save it for later 💪🏽🔥😅 Happy sculpting loves! 👊🏽💛#hbsculptfullbody #hbsculptlowimpact
☀️Perform each move for 30 seconds (30 seconds per side as needed)
☀️Complete 3-4 rounds, minimize rest between moves and rounds
1️⃣tabletop glute bridge
2️⃣pulsing curtsy lunge
3️⃣pushup to side plank reach
👉🏽to modify, perform your pushup with knees on the floor. Elbows should bend behind you during your pushup
4️⃣pulsing squat jump
👉🏽to modify, omit the jump, instead lift to straight legs and optionally raise your heels at the top of the move
5️⃣spiderman child’s pose
👉🏽to modify, allows knees to touch the ground during your child’s pose instead of hovering them
6️⃣downdog pushups
7️⃣lunge pumps
8️⃣side shuffle tabletop
👉🏽to modify, walk your feet to table top and to hands instead of jumping them
9️⃣lateral plank walk
🔟tricep dip pulses
👉🏽to modify, keep both feet on the floor. to further modify take your dips with your seat resting on the ground
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Hello loves!! Brad and I are so incredibly grateful to have been able to call this breathtaking villa at @ambongpoolvillas our home for the past few nights! 😍🙌🏽I’ve been a bit MIA while soaking up every moment of our time here, but will update my story with a recap of our past few days on this beautiful island 🌴🐒🌺 Anddd I have a sandy sculpt coming your way tomorrow homebodies, so get ready to get your sweat on! 💪🏽🌊😅#homebodyhoneymooning

Here’s to our love being as enduring as my shorts tan 😂🌺🥂#homebodyhoneymooning

Honeymoon HIIT! 🌺💪🏽💦 12 minutes is all you need for this sweaty sculpt to torch fat and get your workout DONE for the day ✅ These are my go to workouts when I’m on vacation because they are so quick and effective and leave me burning calories well after I’m done 🔥🔥
FULL FOLLOW ALONG workout is up on IGTV so check it out to sculpt with me in all my panting sweaty glory 😅 (The mobile upload limit is 10 minutes so be sure to watch part 2 for the end of the workout). Modifications are provided for every move, making it suitable for beginners as well as more advanced babes 🙌🏽 Happy sculpting!! #hbsculptHIIT
💦I completed these tabata style, 20 seconds of work and 10s rest per move. The key is to give each of those 20 second intervals your all. Remember you can do anything for 20 seconds! 👊🏽
💦Complete each move 4X, then move to the next.
1️⃣chair pose hops
2️⃣in-out squat burbees
👉🏽to modify, walk feet to your hands and to plank as shown in Move 5. Replace in-out squat with 2 squat pulses
😅REST (30 seconds - not shown in video)
3️⃣floor tap star jumps
4️⃣cross toe tap mountain climbers
😅REST (30 seconds)
5️⃣burpee 👉🏽can you spot the monkey watching me in the modified version?!
6️⃣ski abs
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Not a workout or cat pic, just a very happy homebody in paradise 🤗🌺🌺🌺#honeymooning

Hello loves! 🤗 Jet lag was kicking my butt at 3 AM this morning, so it seemed like the perfect time to edit this thigh and booty sculpt for you loves 🔥🔥Give it a go or save it for later! All you need is a challenging resistance band looped around legs, either on thighs or just below your knees 💪🏽💪🏽
We've had the best time while staying with family in Kuala Lumpur. Today Brad and I arrived in Langkawi where we'll stay for the next 6 days. We've been pretty active and trying to make the most of our time since arriving in Malaysia, but I'm looking forward to being beach bums for a few days and really soaking up the honeymoon spirit 😍 😴🌸Happy sculpting!👊🏽
#hbsculptglutes #hbsculptthighs
🔹Activation circuit 👉🏽Complete 3 rounds. Limit rest between rounds
1️⃣banded squat pulses (15x)
press knees OUT against your band with every pulse
2️⃣seated abduction pulses (20x)
3️⃣standing turnout abduction pulses (15x each leg)
🔹Main circuit
👉🏽Complete 4 rounds.
👉🏽Rest 1-2 minutes between rounds
1️⃣Pulsing split squat (10x each leg)
2️⃣Squat walks (4x across room and back)
3️⃣Slow mo squat jumps (30 seconds -- slow your descent with as much control as possible, then explode up)
4️⃣Tempo squat jumps (30s -- shown in same clip as prior. No rest in between these variations!)
5️⃣Knee tuck single leg bridge (15x each side)
I feel my glutes firing more with this heel raise variation, but keep the heel planted if that works better for you.
6️⃣Kickbacks (20x each side)

Quick fat burning HIIT! 🔥🔥🔥 Hello from Malaysia loves! 🤗 It's been an amazing first two days here in Kuala Lumpur spending time with family. I often get asked if I still workout on vacation, and the answer is yes! I personally feel best when I get a sweat in, and it also helps me get over the jet lag caused by the 12 hour time difference 😱However I don't stress about sticking to a schedule and instead mold my workouts around my vacation. Today we went for a swim followed by this super quick HIIT workout (took me just over 13 minutes), then went on an amazing walking food tour where we tasted some incredible dishes (see my story!) and ate ourselves into a nice little food coma 🤤Give this workout a go, keeping in mind that while it's very plyometrics focused, moves can be modified as shown or noted to make them low impact. Happy Labor Day to my babes back home, and happy sculpting! 👊🏽💛 #hbsculptHIIT
👉🏽I completed these tabata style, 20 seconds of work and 10s rest per move. Complete each move 4X, then move to the next.
👉🏽No further rests until indicated!! This workout is fast and effective but you’ve gotta work for it. Note that if you find yourself struggling through round 3 or 4, take the modified version, don’t stop! It’s only 20 seconds and you can do ANYTHING for 20 seconds
👉🏽Planks are completed for one round only after move 2 & 4. They can be replaced with simply resting for beginners
1️⃣plie squat hop + side leg kick
👉🏽modify squat hop by lifting heels as you straighten the legs instead (as shown in other moves)
👉🏽alternate your “kicking” leg each round
2️⃣floor tap squat jump
😅PLANK or REST (30 seconds - not shown in video)
3️⃣switch lunge jumps
👉🏽if modifying, alternate the front leg each round
4️⃣platform burpee
👉🏽to modify, walk feet to plank and forward, and raise heels as the legs extend from your squat rather than jumping off floor
😅PLANK or REST (30 seconds)
5️⃣toe tap mountain climbers
👉🏽to modify, step the feet forward and back rather than running
6️⃣star squat jumps

Ab blaster! 🔥🔥 Greetings from Hong Kong loves 🤗 We’re waiting to board our flight to Malaysia and I figured it was the perfect opportunity to post this core sculpt which challenges those abs from all angles. Complete as a stand along sculpt or pair with a workout to raise your heart rate like the full body sculpt in my last post. Have a wonderful Saturday and happy sculpting! #hbsculptabs 👊🏽🇲🇾✈️
🔥Complete up to 4 rounds
🔥Beginners: 30 seconds per exercise, more advanced: 45 seconds
🔥Minimize rest between moves, but rest 1-2 minutes between rounds
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