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The Manimal  Dad. Home Grown Jedi. Manimal. Ultra-endurance athlete. Primal catalyst. Applied Functional Scientist. Functional medicine movement academy🦕🦖San Diego

First started wearing the five fingers back in 2006. In 2007 as S/C Coach for the @twins we became the first affiliated professional sports team @rocredwings in the United States to exclusively wear the @vibramfivefingers
The foot/ankle complex should really be deemed the “core”...the genesis of movement as we eccentrically decelerate and isometrically decelerate motion and the effects of gravity, momentum, inertia, and ground reaction forces 3-dimensionally. I’ve taken a lot of heat over the years with this minimal, create success from your environment approach. It’s dangerous to follow the protocols and mindless bias of evidenced based practice. A one size fits all approach that western medicine is founded and acts upon makes movement and function unsafe. We can’t have a conversation about pathology and the root of musculoskeletal and neuromuscular based pathology, the physiological effects of healing at the cellular level, customization amongst the rehabilitation, prevention, performance enhancement process without understanding the foot/ankle relative to an individual’s transformational zone function. We can’t optimize outcomes without understanding real and relative motion of the foot and ankle complex in relation to the entire kinetic chain.
May our techniques and strategies for healing and performance enhancement continue to based upon fundamental truth. May we continue to look to facilitating our deep wealth of mechanoreceptors and their ability to integrate 3D articulating relative motion throughout the entire kinetic chain as a strategy to close the gap on our genetic potential. May we eliminate pathology with an understanding on biomechanical truth. May we think, act, and feel differently then everyone else. #maverickphysicaltherapy #homegrownjedi #vibramfivefingers #appliedfunctionalscience #sandiegophysicaltherapy #movementtruth #functionalmedicinemovementacademy

Extremely thankful for my herd of 💪🏻 strong, relentless, and persistent little guys. Great gift and blessing to be their dad, teacher, and to learn from a fresh authentic perspective from their lenses. #ninjasofnature 🐸 🦁

Early morning play session of sinking the talons into the earth’s flesh. Keeping the #primaldadbod undomesticated.

Great morning mountain ⛰ excursion in prep for a trail 50K coming up in July. Humbling chaotic geographical terrain with plenty of rattle snakes 🐍, coyotes, amongst mountain lion 🦁 country. Looking forward to more opportunities in furthering my genetic potential sinking my talons into the earth’s crest aboard the #vibramfivefingers #sandiegoultrarunning #primal

Frens’ Orchards West coast. Peaches 🍑, nectarines, and apricots are in. The mancubs have had gleaned from their hands on farm based science and biology lessons in learning how to prepare the fruit trees throughout the seasons of the year in preparation for harvest. They are big fans of peaches and ice cream. #homegrown #sandiegofarming

First purchased the #trekascent in 2015 when they came out for my weekly back country play sessions. Conventionally speaking this timeframe would have equated to me purchasing 15 other pairs of shoes based on conventional mileage and wisdom due to a shoe’s artificial make up. For the past 3+ years I’ve continued to close the gap on my genetic potential Optimizing my function ability and healing physiology at the cellular level. The human body is phenomenal at adapting to the undomesticated environments which consume my play and exploration time while aboard minimal foot attire. It is the environment and that helps facilitate adaptive successes with my body being the organic shock absorber, cushion, support in the Neuromuscular form of functional stability, mobility, and Strength. The feet are the body’s eyes. Your body is your weapon. #LessIsMore @vibramfivefingers #ultramarathon

Developing a foundation of movement truth @home_grown_jedi style. @vibramfivefingers

Happy 1st existence day to our strong, undomesticated youngest of the herd Man Cub, Home Grown Jedi, and unrepeatable Manimal Gladiator Maguire! 🦍🦁a fierce relentless thirst and hunger for exploring already. Perfect for a Padawan transforming into a Jedi-knight!

All the 100+ degree summer days in San Diego’s high desert 🌵. Looking forward to #skisup soon and some big sub below zero temps. Growing up I was obsessed with snowmobiling year around. Working at my grandfathers polaris dealership growing new sleds would start are bing in August. It was like Christmas 🎄 uncrating those monsters. It’s still and will always be my jam. My hobby. Freedom. Creativity to explore and shredding power of the 🐎 horse power under the hood. I love the extreme. No people for miles, rough terrain and temps. #800etc #bombardier #renegade #backcountry #ontariosnowtrails #ofsc

#ninjatology late night undomesticated free play. The mancubs are not great sleepers. If no sleep is to be had, might as well be productive and escalate the genetic potential. Distance sprint repeats. Single leg hopping shuttles in stairs, bear crawl shuttles. #manimal #manimaltology

Biology. The study of life. No better way to put science 🔬 in action than to stay out of a classroom and learn about cellular field nation. Had yoda back a few weeks ago (grandpa and dad) help harvest leaves 🍁 for Maverick’s leaf 🍃 collection. Making education, science, and biology fun. Great to see the little climates that the trees 🌲 grow in and their living process. You can sail a sail boat 🚣 in a classroom. #leafcollection #michiganapples

An affinity for the extreme. My life perspective...our maker made this unrepeatable mold of a human called me. It’s up to me to hammer into the the throttle and see what I can squeeze out of it. Amping up my systems dynamic stability to withstand 26+ amongst altitude for competition in the next few weeks. Good Segway into some trail 50 milers. Loads of 3D single leg hopping progressions mixed with a good variety of unconventional activity. “Quick” test spin of 20 miles yesterday to assess limitations and ability to withstand brutality. Not a lot of time to get into altitude for prepping with time going to the mancubs🦁🦁🦁 at home. Efficiently maximizing my time. Right foot to the floor with some wicked rough and tough terrain featuring some nasty level changes. The heat was another nice element of self inflicted torture. A little positive self talk had me convinced it was a cool 😎 70 in San Diego’s high 🌵. The #vibramfivefingers were nails as usual. #sandiegoultrarunning

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