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The Manimal_MFrens  DPT in San Diego. The Manimal. Applied Functional Scientist. LIGHT vs dark side. TRUTHπŸ¦πŸ”¨β˜„οΈvs evidenced based practice. The epic movement revolution.


All the 100+ degree summer days in San Diego’s high desert 🌡. Looking forward to #skisup soon and some big sub below zero temps. Growing up I was obsessed with snowmobiling year around. Working at my grandfathers polaris dealership growing new sleds would start are bing in August. It was like Christmas πŸŽ„ uncrating those monsters. It’s still and will always be my jam. My hobby. Freedom. Creativity to explore and shredding power of the 🐎 horse power under the hood. I love the extreme. No people for miles, rough terrain and temps. #800etc #bombardier #renegade #backcountry #ontariosnowtrails #ofsc

#ninjatology late night undomesticated free play. The mancubs are not great sleepers. If no sleep is to be had, might as well be productive and escalate the genetic potential. Distance sprint repeats. Single leg hopping shuttles in stairs, bear crawl shuttles. #manimal #manimaltology

Biology. The study of life. No better way to put science πŸ”¬ in action than to stay out of a classroom and learn about cellular field nation. Had yoda back a few weeks ago (grandpa and dad) help harvest leaves 🍁 for Maverick’s leaf πŸƒ collection. Making education, science, and biology fun. Great to see the little climates that the trees 🌲 grow in and their living process. You can sail a sail boat 🚣 in a classroom. #leafcollection #michiganapples

An affinity for the extreme. My life perspective...our maker made this unrepeatable mold of a human called me. It’s up to me to hammer into the the throttle and see what I can squeeze out of it. Amping up my systems dynamic stability to withstand 26+ amongst altitude for competition in the next few weeks. Good Segway into some trail 50 milers. Loads of 3D single leg hopping progressions mixed with a good variety of unconventional activity. β€œQuick” test spin of 20 miles yesterday to assess limitations and ability to withstand brutality. Not a lot of time to get into altitude for prepping with time going to the mancubs🦁🦁🦁 at home. Efficiently maximizing my time. Right foot to the floor with some wicked rough and tough terrain featuring some nasty level changes. The heat was another nice element of self inflicted torture. A little positive self talk had me convinced it was a cool 😎 70 in San Diego’s high 🌡. The #vibramfivefingers were nails as usual. #sandiegoultrarunning

Post last race event had another human approach me. Other human: β€œDon’t your feet hurt?” Me: β€œNo, but my ass is on fire πŸ”₯ from catching my body through that wicked terrain.” Other human: weird look, half smile, confusion, walks away. Monster truck vs. ninja. Gnarly conventional shoe theory of supersized artificial stabilization. Drop and stack to the max, let’s crush and clobber the ground without any human control. Ninja...the body is the catcher of gravity, momentum, inertia, and ground reaction forces. Technology? No thanks. Jazzed up mechanoreceptors for creating authenticated articulation motion and osteokinematics...adapt, decelerate, and embrace on the go...unscripted. The ass is the body catcher. The foot/ankle complex is the ass catcher. You want to be the technology go #minimalfootwear #vibramfivefingers #sandiegotrails #ultratrail #ultratrailrun

Enjoying some good locomotive play time and β˜€οΈ over the weekend. Embracing the environmental extremes to further genetic potential. Reminds me of Glenn Frey’s #theheatison the desolateness amps up the soul. I love going where I’ve never been and finding out a bit more what I’m capable of doing. Let the earth 🌏 humble one. #vibramfivefingers

Second best option to dropping into an XWE squat position out amongst nature. Phenomenal #trajectoryangle of the @squattypotty is way more ridiculous than the heroic #sabermetrics of #mlb 's finest tater driving monsters.

πŸŒ™ 's out goons out! Happy Friday the 13th. #ninjatology play session of single Leg hoping Shuttles and bear crawl progressions throughout the stairs with push-up matrices. Great functional medicine. Great quiet time in and amongst some locomotion over to the park. Haven't visited this gem in a few years. Great former late night play area that hasn't been forgotten. #manimaltology #appliedfunctionalscience

#daddydaycare difference between the daddy 🐻 and mommy 🐻 is that the mommy 🐻 does not typically look at a situation like this super opportunistically. Mancubs 🐻 need encouragement and assistance figuring out their limitations and thresholds.

#mancub exploration out in the mountains foothills yesterday. Great determined little rascals locomoting up the hills.

#theestablishment Throw back to undergrad graduation. Single arm push-up on stage. Throw back to undergrad graduation. #grandvalleystateuniversity #movementscience #classof2003 Owning the establishment and being the resistance against the establishment that tried to steer my soul down the wrong path. The only thing that I would do differently next time would be a #loincloth and #vibramfivefingers #scientifictruth vs #evidencedbasedpractice I found a very curious friend and mentor at Grandvalley state university @intentionallyhuman that challenged me to play outside the sandbox of conventionalism and shared with me the good news of the #grayinstitute and #appliedfunctionalscience One of the most relentless brilliant minds I've ever ran across in the movement world. My late grandfather was a Polaris dealer of 50+ years. He was a phenomenal differential diagnostician on small engines. I first learned of the word the establishment from him when I was in middle school. The establishment was the higher ups in Polaris that loved to sail a sailboat from the classroom, It was also The college graduate with a degree that thought they had answered everything. I've always had a great appreciation for his differential diagnosis skills and I've loved trying to transfer that over to my life with the human body and using my own skills to customize work.

If you have a tail, four legs and scales around these GPS coordinates there's a little barefoot Homosapien that is relentless with his movement strategies. Not a matter of if, but when you will be caught. 🦎 #lizard #sandiegolizard

So silly that adults gets awards for paying money to run races. The rock on the right...I hand select a rock at the summit of every event. If you're not in the top 3, no emblem on a silky necklace. I like the strategy of competing against your best self, trusting the process. The "reward" is individually defined and based on personal goals. #trophykids are raised by #trophyadults competition teaches you quickly about the truth. Participate for a purpose, for trajecting your genetic potential, not for a silly emblem. #vibramfivefingers #nomoretrophykids

#raptorridge #escondido #sandiegotrails #vibramfivefingers #trekascent Race 🏁 day. Good day to sink the talons into some undomesticated earth. No GPS, no watch, no earphones, no conventional shoes. Pacing is relative to the terrain. Always trying to find a more authenticated understanding of my limitations and thresholds. Practice and time are the best ingredients. Love ripping, having fun, and focusing attention on the process.🦁 πŸ‘πŸƒ

The mancub harvesting #butternutsquash for spaghetti sauce.

Conditioning growing up was more the less play and exploration time. Locomotion from farm to farm and through the farm running in around and through apple trees, woods, hillsides, and vegetable fields. Undomesticatedness is a much more authentic and genuinely truthful way of understanding our limitations and thresholds. We live in a fitness and wellness industry today that establishes that "cardio" needs to be performed on machinery and equipment with earphones in to distract us from the uninteresting torture that we're trying to pound through. Unfortunately The consequences for such actions are ones in which we lose complete awareness of our limitations and thresholds, overall productivity, efficiency and consistency in the way that we move, adapt, and evolve. Consciously and subconsciously we need to be well aware of everything that is around us and enable our body the best opportunity in understanding itself. #lessismore #appliedfunctionalscienceconditioning #vibramfivefingers

Teaching the little hunter and gatherer how to drive a tractor on #internationaltractor . Spent a lot of hours on this bad boy back in early college years working the land. The mancub 🐻🦁is learning the art of controlling horse 🐴 powerπŸ‘πŸπŸŽ

Mancub🐻Maverick harvesting #pumpkins and handcrafting with his talons. Loads of dragging, rolling, pushing, and squatting wrangling these cub bear sized monsters. #puremichigan #micihiganproduce

#butternutsquash harvesting the remnants from the harvest fields. #dinner #spaghettisauce #fieldtotable #puremichigan

#puremichigan #pumpkins and #ghords grandpa planted some serious acreage just for the grandkids πŸ‘ŠπŸπŸšœπŸšœπŸšœ

#puremichigan Haven't been back to the homeland for the harvest season in a good 8-9 years. There's a distinct smell amongst the harvest season out in the country. 🍎🍏🍎🍏🍎🍏🚜🚜🚜🚜🚜🚜

#puremichigan The homeland. Harvest season. Nothing like it.

Always an interesting battle of who to root for, but ultimately pretty simple. Let's my time #detroittigers fan. Employee of the #mntwins for 6 years. Questionable that any organization actually does a decent job of developing their players anymore. The Tigers are far from the Tigers of my childhood....Trammell, Whitaker, Gibson, Morris, Parish, Nokes, Henneman, and Fryman. Not a fan of selling the farm for bad short term success solutions gone rotten. #twinsterritory all the way, no brainer. Industrious humans. Willing to get in the trenches and more trusting of the development process. Much more structured with their strategies. Spending is the easy way out. Head to head match ups always goes to the #mntwins

🍎 🍎 hunting and picking πŸ‘πŸ˜€

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