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kylie  i love noah schnapp and will byers with all my heart // he follows 💘

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NOAH i came back on here to tell you that :) you make me smile everyday and i love you so much ❤️ have an amazing 14th BIRTHDAY!!!! (also hi guys) please tag him! @noahschnapp #noahschnapp #noahschnappbirthday #strangerthings

please read !
(repost because like no one saw this)
i’m taking a little break from this account, not sure when i’ll be back. please don’t unfollow, and please tag noah so he knows. love u so much @noahschnapp ❤️

how tall are you noah •

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noah posted this and deleted it •

when is your guy’s spring break? •

@noahschnapp #noahschnapp


who’s ur fav actress (aside anyone from stranger things)

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i don’t like mondays

what’s your favorite day of the week (excluding friday, saturday, and sunday)

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what can i do to improve my account? pls comment :)

@noahschnapp @finnwolfhardofficial #noahschnapp #finnwolfhard creds @schnappmoon

happy friday woot woot !

via noahs insta story

who’s your favorite youtuber ?
• •
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happy international women’s day!!! •

#internationalwomensday #girlpower { creds to trin }

the dog is me when i saw this •

what’s your favorite animal •

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a friendly reminder- i love noah schnapp and won’t ever stop loving noah schnapp •

who’s ur favorite editing acc? tag them

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sadie sink is a gorgeous human being •

sadie or millie?

@sadiesink_ #sadiesink

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