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Quiffstagram?  ✨Follow me, & be my Internet friend😏 ✨2.9k Pussycats 😼. ✨5/5 don't know I exist. 1/3 Juan D Mafia™ We're just some motherfuckin' kids 🎈


Zayn bby omg

I love tumblr

I haven't been on this account in 6 months and I miss it so much I miss all of you I miss GIA I miss the boys I miss the fandom I miss updating you guys with pics and seeing what you post I miss it all so much so I'm back and I'm staying okay.. I seriously love Gia for starting this account and idek hi guys. -Shelby 😘😭

Guys I am currently co-owning @im_in_deniall with Hannah so if you would like to talk to me, follow us and stuff there 😊. I miss y'all 💔. - Gia

guys Gia left :( do you want me to keep this account and do my best to keep it how Gia had it or just delete it...let me know! -Shelby

Guys I lost like 50 followers I'm deleting bye

guys I haven't been on in like 17 years bc I got rlly busy all of a sudden but here enjoy his perfect smile -Shelby xx

Guys I've lost over 50 followers. I'm going to delete.

HOLY MOTHER OF AHHHHH WHAT IS THISSSSSSS. Too bad it's photoshop :(. He needs to do a shoot like this!!!! - Gia

;) - Gia

Hannah here. Just wanted to say I love you Gia & that I think you're sexy. - @im_in_deniall

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