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LA! Tonight we are taking over @danceyourselfclean for our single release party! I will DJ, Louie will play drums, and I’m gonna sing some songs too! Come party with us!



I wonder if I even look like you
My horoscope told me not to feel blue
What’s the point of all of these love songs?
You’ve replaced me now let me you too

I was in fifth grade where is your shame?
The Beastie Boys didn’t own their own airplane
Do you recognize your own daughter?
If your life much better without her?

I keep wishing you away
wishing you away
wishing you away
wishing you away-ay

Still I’m wishing you would stay
wishing you would stay
wishing you would stay
wishing you would stay-ay

I had had a dream that you were dead
And I woke up crying in my head
It made no sense cuz I don’t know you
But it felt like everything was true


Oh I’m still scared of all of you
And I don’t know what you might do
Won’t you let me meet my brother?
Do you like to hit my mother?

Toby said you denied me
Is your life just like a movie?
Won’t you let me meet my brother?
We can hide it from my mother


I wish that you would stay
I wish that you would stay
I wish that you would stay
I wish I wish I wish

WISHING YOU AWAY this Friday!!!!

We are so excited to say WE ARE RELEASING A NEW SONG ON FRIDAY!!!!


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Hi happy July! Usually on the first I look up my monthly horoscope by @astrologyzone but it’s not up yet so this is what it will probably say for all of us:
Wow! 2018 is nearly half way over! It has had a lot of challenges but they have been preparing you for the rest of the year. You’re going to flourish in July and you will see that everything happens for a reason! Most importantly you will grow closer to yourself this month. Take a trip away on your own or pamper yourself because you deserve it! This is your official horoscope and all your wishes will come true. Xox

It’s a tease!

Hi wow recently fell in love with the painter Alexandre Cabanel. There’s nothing like art to rebirth your soul. Xo

Fake money real boy

Hi it’s me this morning after I did a hair tutorial for @sugarbearhair with @jenelleno.5 n also what’s the difference between makeup and plastic surgery and Snapchat filters and photoshop? Please answer below thank u bye!

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