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Laicie & Mark  Food β€’ Family β€’ Community Camera in one hand, kid in the other.


We spent our first full night away from this kid and he barely noticed... but he did throw me a bone and give me a big, long, sweet hug with a whole bunch of soft "mama" coos. To say it worked is an understatement. I'm still in a puddle on the floor. πŸ’”

We've gotten into a habit of stopping by @attaboybeer on the weekends with Arlo, and it's just about my favorite thing. I think he likes it too.

We've always tried to teach our boys that hard work, not talent, pays off, and I'm definitely testing the hypothesis now. If I'm honest, the days and nights are wearing on me... but I know it's all worth it for what I'm about to create.

Still looks like summer at the farm! (Never mind the weather or the apple pickers, they don't realize fall's just the opening act for that season we don't like...)

My mom tells this story: When I was a baby, she said so many times that she wished I would stay little, that I did. (Ha ha, mom. I get it, I'm short.) All jokes aside, this guy didn't stay little for more than a few days. But when I think of the day he outgrows my arms, I have to admit, it hurts my mommy heart.

Hi friends! A bit of an announcement. Some of you might know I spend my days working on national security + foreign policy in DC. It sounds good on paper, but if I'm really honest, I've always been a little bit bored by the job... not because the subject matter is boring (it's really, really not) but because the way we talk puts me to sleep. And occasionally makes me πŸ™„. Despite success in my field, I've spent a big chunk of the last decade questioning myself, wondering if the problem was me... I'm done with all that. On September 13, I'll launch a new site dedicated to translating wonky foreign policy issues for those of you out there just like me. @inkstickmedia will be written for people who like foreign policy, but would rather talk about it over a beer. It will be young, diverse, and maybe a little less full of itself -- all of the things its competitors are not -- and, I hope, it will make just a little bit of a difference in folks' understanding of, say, what's happening with North Korea right now, or why the Virginia State Police have a tank (and brought it to Charlottesville). As part of the project, I'm also working on a podcast with Public Radio International (PRI). If all of this sounds interesting, I hope you'll check @inkstickmedia out. At the very least, I promise not to make you πŸ™„. And, of course, if not, I'll still be here. πŸ˜‰

Sitting down to a dark + stormy at the end of a hard working, hard playing weekend... and counting down to Game of Thrones. // Alt caption: When you get to drink what you shoot. πŸ˜‹

The calm after the storm. Happy weekend, friends!

Alllll the Friday feels after a very long week. Wishing we were still relaxing by the pool at our favorite little spot in the Catskills. This girl could use another vacation. πŸ˜‰

Arlo, when he has chicken and we have french fries...

Home is where the sunflowers are. 🌻

Looking forward to spending the evening in (freakin' adorable) Corolla after far too many vacation hours in front of the old laptop... not only do I need to step away, badly, but I think the whole family might disown me if I don't come up for air. Just a few more weeks 'til launch! #inkstickmedia #humanforeignpolicy (Big stuff on the way...)

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