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Whew, you guys. I have been way too busy for way too long. So, here’s a cute shot of the bub in a place where I’d much rather be. And here’s to a nice big fat vacation next week! ... and, um, a podcast launch too. We’ll just pretend the vacation doesn’t include any work because it’s happy work, and that’s okay. 😉

The prettiest dinner just about to hit the oven.

Overdue for some rest & relaxation over here. What do you do to fit in self care in the middle of the mess? (I know we’re all there this time of year.)

In Providence, missing those little hands. (That @attaboybeer and @sweetfarmkraut, too.)

Oh hai! 👋🏻 I’m Laicie. I’m not sure I’ve ever done one of these, so I’m probably way overdue. But here goes... my husband @theheeley and I are food & lifestyle photographers in the DC area. We have two littles, Austin & Arlo, who are 11 & almost 2, plus a little old man 🐶 with the attitude of a 2-year-old. We spend most of our days chasing them all around... but, I’m also a defense expert & have worked in DC for a little over a decade. This year I launched @inkstickmedia — a foreign policy magazine for real people — and in January I’ll launch a new podcast with Public Radio International called Things That Go Boom! Look out for the trailer next week — and this week, listen to my interview with @heyjencooper on all of the foreign policy things. We had a ton of fun recording and she edited out all the dumb things I said, so you should definitely check it out. 😉 Thanks for hanging out with me here! I don’t say it enough, but I do love this little community.

Just booked our tickets to head back to LA in January, and I might be even more giddy about that part of the trip than the part before it. Okay, maybe not (it’s to HI) but I do love LA. Are we all this in love with the first place we lived outside our hometown? My heart hurts to see the devastation in CA this year.

Just the freakin’ prettiest (and most dangerous shopping) situation at @briefassembly this Wednesday. Thank you @matinestudio and @malloryshelterjewelry for having me! I loved having the chance to spend the evening with so many badass lady entrepreneurs and friends, old and new.

A few weeks ago I was in a conversation with a super smart colleague and mentioned DC’s creative community. They laughed. “Does DC have a creative community?” Just a few years ago, I might have asked the same. (In fact, it was our whole reason for creating @fieldandfoundry). But not now. This little community of ours doesn’t just exist, it’s thriving, and it’s been such a joy to watch it grow. If you’re not sure what I mean, you’re probably not reading these lovely ladies’ publication, @madewithlovejournal. But you should. #acreativedc

This shot of @theheeley and #cricketponta giving me allllll the 👶🏼🤒.

Basking in the @sweetrootvillage prettiness as I finally get around to editing my shots from the @madewithlovejournal brunch earlier this fall. I could stare at this table all day.

Happy Turkey Day, friends! Arlo celebrated by learning to say, “Oh, f***,” so I think it’s safe to say we’ve got this whole parent thing down.

Good morning from Luray, which is apparently pronounced “lou-ray?” I’m slowly incorporating this new knowledge into my vocabulary, but it’s hard, guys... I feel like one of those assholes who says “ore-gone.”

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