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Stepheon Holotype Stewart  Learn, Enjoy, Innovate, Teach, Repeat. Smooglenation!!! All glory to GOD! https://youtu.be/r6IK_VJT9uE





meeting of righteous smoodydootation pt 2. Good morning y'all


All glory to GOD for the opportunity to showcase this gift with Step X Step. thank you all and huge thanks to @danielsonphotos for filming and directing. I appreciate abd look forward to your vision even more bro!! #allglorytoGOD #stepxstep #danielsonphoto #holominded #animatedmindz #nightwork #xpressvibe #waving

full video in description

style making add processing! Don't be afraid top study yourself. Don't be afraid to be ugly while you mold your form. Sit down and take time to find purpose. And then pursue it.
#allglorytoGOD #laralexanderson #tekkenpoppin #jinkazama #holominded #animatedmindz #popping #fitnesstracker #exploremovement #xpressvibe

Good morning throw back Pt 1 Meeting of righteous Smoodydootation

please excuse the language but this is me learning jookin. Eons study and work needed and not a finished product but I invite you all on the journey. Shout out to @montrellb for constant education of the art
Also shout out to @gnerd901 for constant inspiration

@ryanthemind_ for such character examples and expansions

And my aquatic quintessence brother @_koolhandluke for more inspiration of newness

Single dabble scribble scrabble blibble babble Bump!!!

When no one picks up the phone. Had a nice convo with the rain clouds the other day. Really enlightening!!
#allglorytoGOD #tropicalstorm #wetbutter #holominded #lonelyconversations

Thinking about paths to pave and this is what Starts to come to mind. #mentally sitting down and thinking.

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