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Ash Hollywood  This is the picture book of my life | Yogi | FitGirl | DogMom | StudentofLife | 💌 ashhollywood@live.com

Started at the bottom now we here 😝

Still missing my baby boy 😿

Lu getting to lick his last plates 😭

Today I get to say my last good byes to my dearest and best friend of over a decade.
We have spent so much time together I literally couldn’t imagine my life without him.
Lucifur has lived with me in over 4 states, driven half way across the country on several occasions, visited 4 national parks, and brought everyone joy hes come across.

He came into my life after my first husky was stolen from me and in that moment he stole my heart. He was so matted and un-loved that I spent hours in days brushing him out and feeding him treats until he trusted me.
Lu went to college with me, explored California and became famous with me, retired with me and went on to start a new career, and just now at the end of his life bought my second house with me. While I grew up, he grew old and loved with all his heart.
I’m going to miss him so much. Even the little things I use to hate like when he’d get demanding about his feeding time or being let in from outside. His loud panting at night. His groans every time he laid down. His habit of kicking people out of bed if they tried to lie next to me. The way you’d break my heart by unlocking the door and running away to go play in a field - scaring me half to death when I would spend hours driving around looking for you - and you’d be at the door waiting. But what I’ll miss the most is his aggressive morning snuggles where he’d jump on the bed and huff at me til I woke up and wiggle himself as tight as he could next to me.

I love you Bubba and I’m so happy you get to chase all the bunnies in heaven. Guard all your food bowls, and pee on all the things up there ❤️

I’ve been through many stages of my hair from short bob to long. Many of you had various opinions about just my hair journey alone. So this... will blow you away!

Im committed to my mother being a part of the same journey I’m in within my leadership program and her dropping into her destiny of greatness. So much so that I promised she would get to go by next week or I would shave my head as a symbol and daily reminder of my broken promise to her.

I am a woman of my word! And Jesus Christ do I love my hair.
My mom is $600 short of reserving her spot! Donate to her journey and receive a personal thank you from myself!


Or Venmo @theAshisMEOW

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Halloween vibes ❤️🖤💉👻 #halloween

Little red riding hood vibes

“Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.” Norman Vincent Peale

“Daydreaming is one of the key sources of poetry, a poem often starts as a daydream that finds its way into language and walking seems to bring a different sort of alertness, an associative kind of thinking, a drifting state of mind.” Edward Hirsch

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I miss this little man so much! 💕

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Do I have your attention now? Good 😁

This week is the last week to donate to my charity movement! Click on the link in my bio.
A meal is $10, would you like to feed hungry homeless youth?
Just $30 covers a few nights rent in most shelters - not only do you get to feel warm and fuzzy but they do too.
A doctors visit is just $60 and can sometimes cover multiple kids!

Every donation counts. It takes tribe to care for our youth. Leave no one behind! We are all one when it comes to the big picture, and our future is only as strong as our youth. I got to spend a day listening to their stories. I had goosebumps and tears streaming down my face. Through all their struggles they have so much love, wisdom and hope! Their perspective are priceless, their minds so bright, and their energy electric.
I was 20 when I got into the industry. I chose to because if I didn’t, I would have been homeless because of my financial circumstances. Not many know this about me, and it’s why I’m truly passionate about helping these kids who are not much younger than i was when I struggled. Personally, I don’t want them to take the same path I did. This is why I am using my platform to reach out to 155,000 people and asking them to help.
Like them, I was in dangerous and soul wrenching situations, and kept fighting for what I believed in most - myself. I was blessed to have a tribe of all of you supporting me and keeping my spirits high. Now I pass the baton to them to help their dreams and visions become a reality. Thank you to all who have donated! I love you all! 💕💕💕 Photo: #jobyrawlins
Model: #ashhollywood

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