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Holly's Hollands Rabbitry  My name is Holly. Holland Lops are my hobby and passion. #hollandlopsofinstagram #hollandlops

Can't get over how much I love my dude Tucker πŸ’“πŸ’“

So happy to be back home with my babies!! Here's my man Dwight πŸ’—

It's the weekend!!! I did not get another video like I wanted to but I'll get 2 up the week after next. No videos or posts next week because I'll be a camp counselor at Lakeside Bible Camp Jr High camp!! I'm super excited.
Have a great weekend everybody!

I have a new order of booklets on hand! Written by me, $20 including shipping when ordered through PayPal πŸ˜€ DM if you have questions about ordering!
An order of 11 goes out today! I have so many fantastic reviews. This booklet includes all my best tips on owning a pet rabbit, and if purchased through me, as breeders you can sell them to your bunny buyers too!

Bred 4 very willing does tonight! Having babies that don't survive tends to make does very fertile because they know they need to have babies, like now!
Buttercup x Otis
Zuzu x Howie
Rory x Otis
Mimi x Shiloh
All due Aug 30th!
Still have several more does to breed: Butterfly, Pickle, Cinderella and Cleo. I want to breed Butterfly & Cinderella to Howie, Cleo to Shiloh and Pickle to Tucker. Shiloh and Howie were too tuckered out for more does, and I'm waiting to see if Pickle might be pregnant and deliver late (babies will be DOA). I'm giving her more time just in case.
Thank you so much for all the love on my previous posts. I've never had such a dry spell like this, so it is quite discouraging to have no little babies right now. But I have hope! Pray with me for successful August and September litters!

So frustrated. Cinderella had 2 dead babies and it looks like neither Butterfly or Pickle took, unless they deliver dead babies after their due date like some other does did 😭😭
No idea what has caused this complete lapse in babies. Last summer was hotter than this and I still had regular live litters 😭 oh well. 8 does to be bred this week.

No babies yet. The girls have beautiful nests though πŸ’“

Tinkerbell 😍

Unfortunately Zuzu had 3 DOA babies and the only survivor is a peanut 😭 I was thinking something like this could happen because of her age. I'll give her one more shot, but she might be retired after that.
I doubt Rory is pregnant. But only time will tell.
Looks like this week I have Buttercup, Cleo, Rory, Mimi, and Zuzu to breed.
Butterfly, Cinderella, and Pickle are due next week.

Yes Rory's ears are crazy but Howie's crown is so much better πŸ˜‚ really hoping she's pregnant and does a great job as a first time mom!

Herd Update coming soon! Rory and Zuzu are due tomorrow!

So the girls today are 2 days overdue. Cleo is not pregnant, which is what I was expecting, but sadly Buttercup had 1 huge DOA (dead on arrival). I'll be rebreeding her, Cleo and Mimi early next week.

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