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As Motley Crue would said: "She's got the looks that kill" The look in Catie's eyes is simply stunning in this screenshoot. One of the million custom videos we shot during Catie's quick visit to California. Still editing all of them! #hollyrope #bondage #CatieParker #damselindistress

Behind the scenes of our newest video "Inept secretary gets tied up as a punishment and gagged several times", starring Farrah Dee. Full video is 34 minutes long and Farrah gets gagged 8 TIMES with different gags!! Buy the video in Hollyrope.com

The cutest thing you'll see today: Lexi carrying her older sister Claire, who was tied and gagged in the closet, wearing an ice skater suit! Also, Khrystal is tied up there on the bed. Behind the scenes of a custom video we just delivered and the customer loved it, of course #bondage #Hollyrope #tiedandgagged #damselsindistress

Visit Hollyrope.com to find the best and finest bondage videos! Exclusive models you won't find in any other site!m. Check our store! #bondage #hollyrope

Improvising some dialogues with Catie Parker during the custom videos we did recently. When we're shooting sometimes I just come up with improvised lines I tell the models and they repeat them... in this video I made Catie laugh with my improvised dialogues :D #bondage #Hollyrope #gagged #customvideos #damselindistress #tiedup

Nicole as Baroness and Catie Parker as a blonde Wonder Woman.... custom video we did last week #bondage #hollyrope

Chrissy Marie learning the history of bondage, from the Greek mythology to  the strappado techniques... she just regrets asking for a practical demonstration! Video is now available in Hollyrope.com

New in Hollyrope.com, Chrissy Marie wants to learn the history of bondage, from the damsels in distress in the Greek mythology to the techniques used throughout different periods, like strappado... she brought her own ropes, and of course she'll en up tied up! IFull video is now available!

Catie Parker relaxes by the pool during her quick visit to sunny California and her return to Hollyrope after 2 years of retirement. Hollyrope always delivering the finest bondage with the most beautiful models! #damselindistress #bondage #hollyrope

Two iconic Hollyrope's models: Catie Parker and Chrissy Marie!! Definitely the golden age of Hollyrope! Visit our store to find the best of Catie and Chrissy!  Visit Hollyrope.com to find the best of Catie and Chrissy! #bondage #ChrissyMarie #CatieParker #Hollyrope

New in Hollyrope.com, Celebrating the return of Catie Parker, the obvious choice for this week  video release was one of the videos we did during "the good times". Also starring Chrissy Marie (one of the models that made Hollyrope great), this video is full of F/F bondage action! #bondage #hollyrope #damselsindistress

Catie Parker is back!! We're shooting custom videos this weekend and I'm amazed with the response of the fans!! All custom videos slots were sold out immediately after the announcement. We opened a couple of extra slots that were also sold out right away. I apologize we can't do more videos but the amount of videos we’re going to do in two days will be already insane. I truly appreciate the response of the fans though, I’m honestly impressed! #damselindistress #bondage #catieparker #hollyrope #customvideos

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